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UK Parents blacking out MSM news to their HR's

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BBC News - Newtown shootings: Obama seeks 'complex' gun reform

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Declaration of Independence - Text Transcript

When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it,

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Sandy Hook School Shooting Robbie Parker Actor Exposed Smiling Laughing then Fake Crying - [VIDEO]

Dr. Xavier Amador

Dr. Amador is an internationally

sought-after speaker, clinical

psychologist, professor at

Columbia University Teachers

College in New York City, the

Founder and Director of the

LEAP Institute and author of

eight books including the national

best seller "I'm Not Sick, I Don't

Need Help!"

Dr. Amador's expertise has made him a regular contributor to the Today Show and a featured guest on ABC Good Morning America, Prime Time Live, CBS This Morning, NBC Nightly News, 60 Minutes, CNN, Dateline, ABC's World News Tonight, Fox News, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today and many others.

Dr. Amador has been a consultant to numerous companies and government agencies including the National Institute of Health.

His forensic cases include the Unabomber, PFC Lynndie England, Elizabeth Smart Kidnapping, and Zacarias Moussaoui trials. Dr. Amador has over 25 years experience working with adults, families, and couples. He lives in New York.


Previously, Dr. Amador was a professor in the Department of Psychiatry at Columbia University, College of Physicians & Surgeons; on the Board of Directors of the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI); Director of Research at NAMI; and the Director of Psychology at the New York State Psychiatric Institute.

In addition to his books Dr. Amador has published over 100 peer-reviewed scientific papers, and many other publications that have been translated into more than 20 languages.

Dr. Amador was co-chair of the last text revision of the Schizophrenia and related disorders section of the DSM IV-TR (often referred to as the "Psychiatrists' Bible").

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Firm pulls 3D gun-parts print plans

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Source: BBC News - Technology

Thu, 20 Dec 2012 13:00

20 December 2012Last updated at06:56 ET3D printing firm MakerBot has pulled a collection of blueprints for gun parts from its website in the wake of last week's Sandy Hook mass school shooting.

Users were notified by lawyers that the software models for parts were deleted from design-sharing site Thingiverse.

MakerBot attorney Richard McCarthy said "recent events served as the impetus to take immediate action".

The move came as US President Barack Obama set a January deadline for proposals to deal with gun violence.

There have been calls for gun law reform after 26 children and teachers died at Sandy Hook School in Newtown, Connecticut.

MakerBot cited its terms of service that users agree not to use the website "to collect, upload, transmit, display, or distribute any user content that... promotes illegal activities or contributes to the creation of weapons, illegal materials or is otherwise objectionable".

'Creative focus'The company said that it had the right to review and take appropriate action against Thingiverse users if they breached its terms of use - the only hitch being that until a day ago, anyone could download files for key gun components, including the latest lower receiver for an AR15 semi-automatic rifle.

Continue reading the main storyCongress passed a law banning plastic guns for two decades, when they were just a movie fantasy''

End QuoteSteve IsraelUS congressmanMr McCarthy, who represents the company, said: "We reiterate or emphasize the site's focus on creative empowerment for products that have a positive impact."

New York-based MakerBot has a 22% market share of all 3D printers, and is better known for its printable objects of everything ranging from toys, 3D portraits, tools and even Jedi lightsabers. Each Replicator 2 Desktop 3D Printer costs about $2,200 (1,350).

The fresh debate over gun control in the US could increase scrutiny over the 3D-printed gun market. One US congressman last week urged a renewal of the 1988 Undetectable Firearms Act which bans firearms capable of slipping through airport metal detectors. The law expires in December 2013.

The call by Congressman Steve Israel was made in reaction to a test-firing of a "Wiki Weapon" by members of a group aiming to create the world's first 3D-printed gun.

"Congress passed a law banning plastic guns for two decades, when they were just a movie fantasy," said Mr Israel.

"With the advent of 3D printers these guns are suddenly a real possibility, but the law Congress passed is set to expire next year," he added.

'Internet routes'Reacting to MakerBot's crackdown, Cody Wilson, founder of Defense Distributed which is behind the "Wiki Weapon" project, reportedly said that he planned to create a new site for "hosting 'fugitive' 3D-printable gun files in the next few hours".

"The internet routes around censorship," he said. "The project becomes more vital."

His company website says: "This project might change the way we think about gun control and consumption. How do governments behave if they must one day operate on the assumption that any and every citizen has near instant access to a firearm through the internet?"

Making 3D printed guns a reality still has a long way to go, the first being as Defense Distributed states: "These guns will be almost completely plastic, so melting and failing in your hand will be a concern."

Victims of last Friday's massacre were being laid to rest as Mr Obama appointed Vice-President Joe Biden to lead a task force to produce concrete proposals on the reform of gun laws within a month.


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Thu, 20 Dec 2012 12:44

Marsha Lanza has revealed that Nancy Lanza had fairly recently traveled to nine cities in three countries.One of Nancy's friends said that Nancy trusted Adam and thought it was OK to leave him home alone. The controversial Tom Heneghan has alleged that Nancy Lanza, the mother Adam Lanza, "was a CIA P2 analyst working for the Defense Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and also for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)."The Shining Light: Tom Heneghan - Psyops, Black Ops and Rip Offs

Soros and friends at the Omni Mount Washington Resort.The Sandy Hook shootings took place on 14 December 2012.On 11 December 2012 Nancy Lanza checked into the Omni Mount Washington Resort, Bretton Woods in New Hampshire, and checked out on 13 December 2012.The friend said that when she spoke with Nancy during her getaway she was in 'good spirits'.According to Headline News, Nancy Lanza often took mini-breaks to Bretton Woods.It's worth repeating: One of Nancy's friends said that Nancy trusted Adam and thought it was OK to leave him home alone. It is thought that Nancy wanted to find a place for Adam to go to college."It is possible since no bodies have been seen, not even children to their parents, the children are not dead, but kidnapped and taken away (into sex slavery?)."Fake parents interviewed. Real parents under guard so they can't talk. They are only to see closed caskets."

The Shining Light: Tom Heneghan - Psyops, Black Ops and Rip Offs

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Thu, 20 Dec 2012 12:44

http://www.myspace.com/tom_heneghan_intel/blogPsyops, Black Ops and RipOffsPart 1 of 3by Tom HeneghanInternational Intelligence ExpertsourceUNITED States of America -It can now be reported that Nancy Champion Lanza, the mother of the alleged Connecticut shooter, Adam Lanza, was a CIA P2 analyist working for the Defense Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and also for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).DARPA specializes in the use of simulated video internet games for the purpose of mind control and staging psyops.

Reference: DARPA is also linked to the monitoring and illegal misuse of the internet website Facebook (social chat box) in sending out graphic and subliminal messaging, not only for mind control, but command and control in order to stage their black ops on U.S. soil.sourceDARPA, the DHS, and CIA P2 clearly have the goal to destroy the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights and bring about total Nazification of the United States of America.The latest CIA P2, E-Systems Connecticut staged psyop was designed to scare the American People and create the underlying foundation for a "Martial Law" declaration in America before Christmas.

Item: Nazi gangster elements that occupy and rule a defacto American state are directly threatened by the forthcoming worldwide financial turmoil that can easily decapitate the worldwide banking ponzi scheme.

Psyops, Black Ops and RipOffsPart 2 of 3by Tom HeneghanInternational Intelligence ExpertWe can also divulge that the foot dragging and delaying tactics by Obama Administration officials concerning finalizing the bilateral tax agreement between the IMF, Austrian banks and the U.S. Treasury that would return $1.5 TRILLION back to the American Taxpayers and finally complete the total implementation of the Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols may soon isolate the United States as an open sore against the whole world.Despite the delaying tactics of the Obama Administration, the IMF and its President Christine Lagarde continues to order massive redemption and repatriation of collateralized assets aka precious and industrial metals as complete Protocol implementation is still imminent.

P.S. Updates on Benghazi-Gate

We can now reveal that the attack on the U.S. CIA outpost (not a consulate) in Benghazi, Libya that lead to the assassination of U.S. diplomat and Ambassador Christopher Stevens, was intelligence agency blowback.

We can also report that the U.S. State Department, CIA P2, and the government of Turkey had approved a scheme (a psyop) to have Ambassador Stevens kidnapped by alleged Al Qaeda forces (the bought and paid for CIA data base) at the outpost in Benghazi, Libya and then held for ransom as part of a pre-scripted prisoner exchange for alleged Muslim cleric who was being held in Turkey on charges of terrorism.

Note: The Muslim cleric was not being tried by the Turkish government because he knew too much about the role of the American-Turkish Council in the George W. BushFRAUD engineered 9/11 Nazi "Skull and Bones" Reichstag fire attack on the United States.

Reference: The writings and revelations of CIA whistleblower and American Patriot Sibel Edmonds.

It is important to remember that the night of the failed psyop in Benghazi, Libya massive volatility took place in the trading of both precious metals and energy futures markets.

We can now divulge that billions of dollars were exchanged the night of the Benghazi attack between U.S., Turkish, Saudi and Iranian representatives with the funds and proceeds laundered into the German Deutsche Bank, UBS Switzerland, U.S. Citibank and the Royal Bank of Scotland.

European INTERPOL, the IMF and the U.S. Provost Marshal are now in possession of computerized records generated by PROMIS software that fingers the aforementioned gangsters in this massive money laundry.

Item: We now know why the U.S. State Department refused to send armed security to the CIA outpost in Benghazi, Libya.

It is now clear that Ambassador Christopher Stevens own State Department wanted him kidnapped.

Stevens was quickly assassinated when he got a heads up from his own intelligence in the CIA, along with French intelligence, about this kidnapping ransom scheme involving the Muslim cleric.

However, Stevens did not die in vain since he was able to tip off the IMF, European INTERPOL and the U.S. Provost Marshal on what was occurring.

Stay tuned, more serious blowback is on the way.

Psyops, Black Ops and Rip OffsPart 3 of 3By Tom HeneghanInternational Intelligence ExpertP.P.S. We can now report that Deutsche Bank, UBS Switzerland, HSBC Hong Kong and the Royal Bank of Scotland are about to face new IMF charges regarding the illegal manipulation of the London LIBOR rate.New evidence links these crooked banks to rigging the LIBOR rate with the assistance of the U.S. Federal Reserve in keeping the Japanese yen at an artificially high rate of exchange versus the U.S. dollar for a period of two (2) years.

Question: When are these crooked banks going to face real justice?

They make billions of dollars in illegal trades and then pay minuscule fines to corrupt financial regulators that they control.

That, folks, is a ponzi scheme.

One other question: Is the London LIBOR rate still being manipulated and has the Australian dollar replaced the Japanese yen as the new pimp currency?

One should ask the new Canadian born president of the Bank of England.

P.P.P.S. Stay tuned for future intelligence briefings that will have an update on the continuing four-prong ponzi scheme involving the illegally liquidated MF Global and PFG Best customer segregated accounts tied to the commodity exchange, the CME Group.

We can also reveal that bank holding company, Jeffries Inc., conspired with corrupt U.S. financial regulators to illegally liquidate and loot customer segregated funds.

Jeffries Inc. is now selling out to a corrupt New York bond and insurance company, another bank holding company, Leucadia National Corporation; listen to this, folks, simultaneously paying out cash bonuses to their banking employees using none other than the illegally liquidated and looted customer segregated funds of MF Global and PFG Best.

How dare you, you conspiratorial tyrants and kings and notable queens.

Reference: This latest money laundry and embezzlement scheme is now being directed and orchestrated to cover the ass of the aforementioned crooked financial entities, including the regulators, by an even more corrupt bankruptcy court in Chicago.

Direct message to the these crooked banks and financial regulators and the crooked Chicago bankruptcy court:

It is a violation of the commodity exchange act to allow bank holding companies or any kind of bank to act as a counter party to the commodity exchanges that hold insured customer segregated accounts.

Direct message to our government elite:

In the age when the corrupt, crooked Federal Reserve bails out these derivative-riddled banking institutions with derivative roll over programs like QE3 and QE4, when is the government of this country and its financial regulators going to return, with complete indemnification, the illegally liquidated customer segregated accounts that were at MF Global and PFG Best?

Finally, at this hour, who is in the hospital and who isn't, who is having fainting (feigning) spells and who isn't?

Again, folks, stay tuned for our next intelligence briefing, including a general hospital update.

Jimstonefreelance.com - The new root of truth.

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Thu, 20 Dec 2012 12:43

So please send all messages to James@jimstonefreelance.com and hope they make it through the censors.This is maxed out, send a direct mail.The most important document ever produced by this web site is here: Nuclear Sabotage at Fukushima

To read the Fukushima report in German, Click here

Connecticut updates12/19/2012Since the children really are missing, and few (if any) died in what is obviously a wag the dog, It is extremely likely that the children were stolen and sold on the slave market. They had to go somewhere, and the people who most likely perpetrated this wag run the biggest slave trade center in the world. It just fits. If you are not aware of the sex slave trade and that little tribe, you should get informed on that topic.This is my best guess at why a separate "Sheriff" was sent to guard every single parent of every child afterwards. The Sheriffs are not likely to be real sheriffs, they are more likely paid goon actors, and with such child slaves selling for well over $200,000 a pop, it's worth it to pay people to pose as sheriffs to give the first alert about any suspicions from parents. IT JUST FITS. IF THE SHOOTER IS DEAD, WHY ARE THE "SHERIFFS" NEEDED to guard every set of parents? How could they spare THAT MANY SHERIFFS, 20 sets of parents x 8 hour shift = 60 sheriffs needed. SHERIFFS, AN ELECTED POSITION, AS IN, ONLY A FEW EXIST, NOT DEPUTIES.HA, THAT WOULD EXPLAIN WHY NONE OF THE PARENTS HAVE BEEN ALLOWED TO SEE ANY BODIES. UP AND COMING - CLOSED (AND LOCKED) CASKET "FUNERALS" and UN IDENTIFIABLE CANS OF ASHES. The disgusting "every single one was a head shot" B.S. would make that a rational possibility - head shot = closed casket or creamation, X 20. No body ever actually seen.

It's a safe bet that any overly anxious parents will "commit suicide" or be vanished in silence.

I cannot track the following amazing list of inconsistencies to it's source, it's plastered all over the web. Take a look at this, which "Big Fan" dropped in my mailbox. Lots of other good stuff landed in my box and is posted after this list.

"Newtown Massacre'...the MAJOR DISCREPANCIES LIST

by Clare Kuehn

1) As yet, we have not seen any concrete evidence that any child died.

2) As yet, parents have not been allowed to see their children. (Photoshopped pictures do not count.)

3) As of now, I have seen only one unambiguous statement from a grieving parent (Robbie Parker).

4) According to the official story, Adam Lanza was found with his older brother''s ID, and it was not stolen. However, older brother Ryan'''who officials say is very cooperative'''claims not to have even seen his brother since 2010. Where would Adam get this ID? And why does such use not qualify as a theft?

5) According to the official story, Adam Lanza was wearing a black outfit with a mask and bulletproof vest. Why would he want to hide his identity, and why would he wear a bulletproof vest, if he planned to kill himself?

6) The medical examiner asserts that all wounds were caused by a rifle or other long weapon, and police/FBI say that the school was littered with .223 (rifle) casings. But Adam Lanza was found dead in the school with only handguns'''a rifle was found in the trunk of his car. But then he could not possibly have been firing the rifle, and could not have committed the murders. Who did?

7) According to the official story, the killing was tightly confined to two classrooms. But then why were so many children told to close their eyes while leaving the building?

8 ) Joanne Didonato, the principal''s secretary, called in sick on Friday'''something she rarely does. So presumably, she must have been awfully ill. Yet she then felt well enough to give an interview. ''Of all days,'¸ she said, emphasizing the strange coincidence.

9) The hospital went into lockdown and cleared four trauma rooms, but received only three patients, two of them dead children(according to the official story) and one mildly wounded adult.

10) Why were there such persistent reports that Mrs. Lanza was a kindergarten teacher, and that she died at the school, when the new official story is that she was not connected to the school and was killed at home?

11) What happened to the report that Adam Lanza''s girlfriend and another friend were missing in New Jersey?

12) What happened to the woodsman in a black jacket and camo pants who was arrested and handcuffed outside the school? He actually shouted to parents, ''It wasn''t me.'¸ Who was he and what was he doing there?

13) What happened to the dark van or SUV that the police surrounded in the parking lot, or the maroon sedan with a blown-out back window they were on the lookout for?

14) The official story is that Nancy Lanza was a gun collector who obeyed the law. But since 20-year-olds are not permitted to buy guns or ammo or carry guns in Connecticut, why would she give her ''autistic'¸ son access to both guns and ammo?

15) Why were parents told on Friday that ''if you haven''t been reunited with your child by now it''s already over'¸? Does anyone imagine that real parents of real children would simply say, ''Okay, the show''s over, let''s go home now'¸?

16) Would real parents of real children really be satisfied with (possibly photoshopped) pictures of their children? Wouldn''t they demand to see their children one last time firsthand?17) According to the official story, 28 people died but only 1 was wounded. The dead included 20 small, squirmy children'''difficult targets even for professionals. How could Adam Lanza achieve such amazingly deadly accuracy, in such a short length of time?

18 ) A child asserts that he/she heard someone say, ''Put your hands up,'¸ followed by the reply, ''Don''t shoot.'¸ This indicates that the police took a suspect into custody inside the school. But if that was Adam Lanza, how did he kill himself after that point?

19) Another child asserts that he/she saw a man pinned down to the ground with handcuffs on. Again, this indicates that the police took a suspect into custody. If that was Adam Lanza, how did he then kill himself?

20) When Ryan Lanza was falsely identified as the shooter, who deleted his Facebook profile and created many others in his name?

21) Is it reasonable for a geeky 20-year-old to carry two pistols and hundreds of rounds of ammunition while wearing a bulletproof vest and a mask?

22) Why did the police say on Friday that they were going to leave the bodies rotting in the school until Sunday, then Saturday morning announce that they had spirited the bodies away in the middle of the night? Perhaps to ensure that the transport, if any, would go unrecorded on photos or video?

23) Why won''t police tell us where they found the Henry repeating rifle, the Enfield rifle, and the shotgun?

24) Did the school have one or more security cameras? What do they show?

25) Why did a police officer specifically mention, on radio, that ''they''re coming at me through this wood,'¸ followed by a fellow officer saying, ''This is it'¸?

26) One officer in the school said, ''We''ve got one suspect down.'¸ Who was that? Down in this situation generally means in custody (on the ground and cuffed), not dead.

27) Why didn''t Adam''s uncle see anything out of the ordinary in Adam when the two saw each other in June?

28 ) Why is Adam Lanza reported to be a loner when a teenager said oxymoronically), ''[Lanza and his friends] always gathered alone in a corner in school'¸?

29) Why did police assign an individual state trooper to every grieving family, whether the family wants such ''protection'¸ or not?

30) Why are Ryan Lanza and his roommates still in custody, and why are the police pretending that it''s for their own benefit?

31) Is it a coincidence that Nancy Lanza''s brother is Kingston Police Officer James Champion, who lives next door to the former Lanza home?

32) Since the alleged shooter''s father is VP of GE Capital, and (like ''Batman shooter'¸ James Holmes''s father) was scheduled to testify at the Senate Hearings on the LIBOR scandal, is there a LIBOR connection to this event?"

Name withheld, for his safety:


I live about 30 minutes from newtown, ct and was thinking about heading up there to see things for myself. Any suggestions or things you think i should check out or look into? You have a good mind for these things, so let me know if you have anything specific i should look at.

My response:

With that many bullets there should be shot out windows. No shot out windows equals no school shooting. Get a super powerful flashlight and make sure there are no police and look in the windows if none are shot out anywhere if possible, just before sunrise when you still cannot see very well outside, at 5:30 AM, or maybe 6 AM, shortly before the staff is supposed to arrive. This will alleviate suspicion and conceal you at a time when no one will suspect a crook. If you can't look in all the classrooms from the outside, then -

Block the door locks on ONE door at the school during the day (when I was a kid, we would tape them and that would stop them from latching right, and this will vary from school to school.) Get in there at night and look for a shot up classroom. Be prepared, have superb flashlights, etc and get in and out in a minute thirty. That's my only suggestion, other than that you will hit a wall of lies. And if you get caught, well, I don't think "they" will understand. But I'd try it if I was there. If there are any questions by people other than the police, just tell them you were assigned as an investigator. Be polite and say nothing more, not by who, when or anything, just that you were assigned.

Tyrannynews.com did a shadow analysis, and sent it to my mailbox.This is real good. It took me a while to understand what is going on with what he sent (how to interpret the images). The first image is of a cop at the scene at 10 AM. The second image shows a satellite rendering of a real picture of the site, with a "you punch in the time and date, and it will show you where the shadow is supposed to be at that time feature", and he selected 10 AM, so the second picture shows you where the shadow should have been if the picture of the cop was as stated. The rest of the links just show other variations of the time, and there are a few mistakes (missing time) on some of them, but you will understand if you click through them all. I don't have time to build the links, so copy paste."Jim, great stuff you do. We'll all be cheering soon. Here is a shadow analysis I just did. Step through it (1 - 7 images) as it's self-explanitory. You only get to see the 2 times of day in the last 2 images. I chose 10:00 AM for the time of the photo and used both Google Earth and SketchUp. The photo is a still from the beginning of that video where a cop meanders toward 2 shooters heading into the woods, north of the school.

Yeah, I think the shadows say this scene happened either later on the 14th or maybe the day prior. It sure as hell wasn't 10:00AM!

Have at it!








Rainer sent the following bombshell:

"A source employed in the school in question is being told to not talk to anyone about what they know.

They sent the live feed to a news reporter at the neighbor where the kid lived. The reporter states, "The neighbors said that around 9:15am they saw police surrounding the 'kids' house and taping off the neighborhood and telling everyone to evacuate". Did you catch that? 9:15am!

The shootings were reported around 10-10:30am. The police DID NOT supposedly learn the identity of the shooter until between 11-11:30am. YET, they are surrounding and taping off the neighborhood of the 'kid' at 9:15am well before the shootings took place. They were at the house before the shootings took place."


My response: They were careful with Aurora, Looks like sloppy work here.

"Sandy Hook Research ..... Teachers listed as Victims NOT on School Website as Faculty. Screen shots/proof- Cameras are IN Newtown Schools - Document "


Stacey sent this to the Jimstonefreelance box:

Hello James,

I came across your site-great stuff and I couldn't agree more. I wanted to bring up some key notes that maybe you could shine some light on for me or just discuss with me.

In the beginning (at least as soon I read about it which was that same afternoon but pacific time) they had identified the bodies of the "shooter" and his mother before the body identifying process even STARTED! Right away they knew their names, occupations, "health issues", marital status and residency.

Another point-The fact that they screwed up the "shooters" name with his alleged "brother". Ok, you look in all the articles regarding Ryan Lanza's statements, he says that he has not had contact with his brother Adam in 2 years (since 2012) so HOW THE HELL did "Adam" get a hold of Ryans ID? HMM? Good point, right?

I know I am not the only one asking 21+ questions about this day and the events that took place. Those aerial photos of the elementary school were all different. Why ARENT they releasing any sort of photos from inside the school? There is proof they has a video surveillance system set up, where that footage? Why are the shooters always dressed in military like apparel? Even the guy or 2 they chased down in the forest nearby were wearing military-like clothing which we quickly stopped hearing about.

Let me say one thing, I am REALLY good at finding things'...its just a random skill I have. I have searched everyday everywhere online for Adam Lanza, Nancy, Ryan and Peter'....NO social media pages for any (except a supposed LinkedIn profile of Peter), and yet the main photo and others of Nancy Lanza were found via Facebook'....if she WAS on Facebook then HOW and WHO removed her page? I cannot find anyone of them not even the alleged SISTER "in law" Marsha Lanza.

James Holmes birthday - December 13, the day before the school shootings. Are you familiar with the Illuminati and their symbolism in numeracy? CONNECTICUT=11 letters. The day it happened 12-14-12 = 11!

I believed you mentioned some of the children victims were allegedly actors? I'm trying to find any sort of articles on this and I cannot.

Thanks for reading hope to hear back,


My response:

I guess the front page will have to do -

I am not certain about how it works, but numerology is part of the equation. I don't really get into it, but I know they do so I will mention it.

As far as the child actors, it was a parent acting.


Here is a good one

Peter wrote: "The thing that I find to be the most questionable about the Connecticut "incident" is that the School District has no website. It has a URL (http://www.newtown.k12.ct.us/ ) but no web page for the schools...or district information...email...calendar...how to pay for school meals et c."

My response:

Remember, there are only a few in this tribe, and their resources are too thin to cover the details. Either that or they are so sure we will just flip over with every new lie that they do not care to.

Janine wrote:

"I myself raised the issue with the lack of pictures of the recent CT "shooting" and I was saying that the children may not be dead at all (it is possible, they maybe now in MK Ultra programs alive). Yet I get called "sick" and having "digusting" ideas.

This whole thing stinks to high hell and if they are to attack again, they seem to like the number 3, look for place names on the Batman map. I did some research myself on the Dunblane shooting (similar set up) and Lockerbie and it is quite linked.

I would love to get hold of a US/UK map so we can do points from Lockerbie (which gave me the creeps when I went throught there one time on the train), Dunblane and SH. If I am to be right, ANYTHING planned by the "ellite" (no words can convey these "things") there should be a triangle or some other sort of geometric shape to the 3 points."

My response:

They definitely use symbolism and the bat man map could easily be made to serve such a purpose, we know for sure now that it served for at least one.

Forum member Glitch wrote:

Glitch from the forums: There was also a hole in their story, where they couldn't get the death of the guy's supposed mom/ supposed substitute teacher right. Some propaganda fronts were saying she died in the school, some places are saying that he killed her at home, and then went and shot up the school. The motivations are also wrong, I highly doubt that he is going to kill his mom at home before he goes and shoots up the school, it doesn't make sense, and it ties back into them not getting their stories straight. If he had killed her at home, it would have been confirmed so, but it's not. You also have the case of the identity being messed up with his brother. They won't release the name of the guy to the public until they know without a doubt what his name is. It's too easy to grab someone else's ID and frame them.

My response:

Many people had their eyes opened by the flaws in the bat man shooting, and they kept them open for this one and we can be thankful for that. It is going to take a higher skill level for them to fool us now, now that people are onto the wag the school shooting (unless the victims happen to be an ethnic minority). Thanks for that comment.

Forum member DonQuijote sent the following:


My comment - Probably an Israeli missile and subsequent propaganda campaign. Same perps.

Donna sent me something so telling I almost hurt myself with the initial burst of chuckling:

"Another thing has come to mind and I present my hypothesis to you:

IF the news feeds (even so called live) were a Wag The Dog situation, then the weather and sun direction at the time would be an indicator of when the event really occurred...

Have you noticed on all the pictures and videos how long the shadows are?

If this happened at 9 am as is claimed and the cops were there right away, why does it seem as though it is either very early in the morning or very late in the afternoon?

I have been looking through clips of weather for that day, and it just struck me as irrefutable ~ you can't control the sun and weather...

An idea anyway for what it is worth... Best regards, D"

My response:

What a great observation. If this was real, the shadows would have indeed been different. This was probably the 7AM late for coffee show.

Forum member Maybe sent me this youtube video,which clearly shows the fakery here, this wag has plenty of holes. Here we see the father of one of the victims laughing and joking before going on camera. He says ARE WE READY YET, chuckles with a stupid smile and steps up to the mic, this says it all.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=urrRcgB581w

Debra sent the following:

Have you read the latest about Israeli death squads being involved in the Sandy school shooting.

The article was written by Gordon Duff which I'm extremely leery of these days since he's just admitted to lying about much of what he writes. But what he says here appears to make a lot of sense.

I would really like to have your take on the information though.

I publish the blog Pragmatic Witness and have used several of your articles in the past.


My comment -

Duff is not 100 percent bad, and Press TV is still for the most part reliable. I myself said the mossad most likely was involved, and I have a possible scenario.

How about this - Why not scare the kids there really good, so they all go home and tell a story? Why not have a few turds go in an empty classroom, discharge a few clips worth of training rounds from an M16 to scare the kiddies real good, that is, of course, if anything was staged at all? The actor in that youtube video says it is entirely fake, but then again, blanks wont get you bullet holes and blood on the floor for the photo ops that never happened. You can wag fake tears, but you cannot wag a bullet hole in a class room, so therefore no photos.

AND a final mail from Iwonka K,

I just thought (to let) you know something.

I turned off TV 4 years ago ( I know it is just propaganda ) and I am looking for an alternative source of information.

A while ago I came across your website, and was impressed with amount of information.

Since your time on internet is limited you may not have recent info.

I don't need to send you any links. I just type "the US - Federal Reserve expiring contract" and a lot of info comes in.

I wish you the best.

My comment - yes, this is a bombshell topic. We are about to have an opportunity to be freed from financial tyranny. Nice to have a shooting and other B.S. to distract us at this time, is it not?

thanks for writing.

Jim Stone, 17 December 2012Through the comments readers sent in, and a little work of my own, the Connecticut shooting has been sewn up in a body bag. It's been shot dead, worse than the Sikh temple shooting, Bengasi, or Aurora, please take the time to go through what is here, it is EXTREMELY important, it's all new, up until the headline THE END. I did not need to do a huge investigation of this to totally wipe it clean, as if God sent me a gift. The best stuff is toward the end, farther down the page but it's all good, including the stuff at the beginning.I am not able to be online much right now, but these news tips came in through the contact form, and I am posting them, with comments."Jim, it's Paul from your forum. This school shooting has pro attack written all over it. The ratio of dead to wounded is way off. 27 or 28 killed and media is not reporting how many others injured. Infowars commenters say from 8-12, but I can't verify those numbers.

Presstv has a report up at the following link about 22kids being stabbed at a school in China. WTF, on the same day as the CT shooting with a similar number of casualties? I don't know the connection, but something is wrong here".

My response:

I have absolutely no doubt this was a professional hit by either the Mossad or some other agency. Wanna know why? Read the next comment!

"Punk had 2 9mm's.....ABC reported .223 shell casings at scene, but Bushmaster was in mom's car.

If true, there was more than one shooter."

My response:

You bet there was more than one shooter, and that is how the main "shooter", THE PATSY ended up dead. .223 is the standard U.S. military round, and the same goes for the IDF. IDF? How about It's Damn Fishy.

Here is another good one, from Paul"That is NOT the work of a crazed 20yo spraying bullets around for a few minutes like the media depicts, that is a series of precision killshots that would take time. The kill/injured ratio is way off.I also found out that the social media buzz got started minutes afterwards by a bunch of twitter people whose accounts were only days old. They started calling for gun control and abolishing the 2nd ammendment instantly through an initial network of newly set up accounts. Search for calloutjoe's wordpress blog to see examples of how this is done.

This is without a doubt a planned event."

My comment:

Paul came up with a clue, for anyone who does not realize this yet - Any time you get new twitter accounts rattling off for a gun ban, the entire thing is a setup. The reason why is because people tend to be proud of who they are on places like twitter, and they will keep their current accounts and blab and brag about how great they are because they hate guns. No one genuine would have shown up new on twitter with a new account over this.

I did not check yet, but I'd bet that every one of those kids also now has a facebook page in their honor, another key indicator of a government hit job.

And by the way, the prez made me puke when I saw the fakery, I have been sick for days now over it!

Take a look at this one!"Im not sure if you know this, but the name of the school the 12/14 shooting happened in is Sandy Hook. When I saw the name I knew the shooting just had to be orchestrated. Seems too coincedental to me that a school with nearly the same name as a haarp'd up storm would have the worst mass shooting in American history."My comment:

Really good connection here, just like a "holmes" shot up the theater, and the Sikh temple shooter lived on Holmes Avenue. The elite do play games like this, it's the same as the number games, 3/11, 4/11, 9/11. And this time, it was Sandy the hurricane, and a "Sandy Hook", Yep, they want us to take the bait, get "hooked" by their B.S. false flag, and give up the last thing we have providing a barrier between us and the fema camps, our guns. And if you think "they" are not capable of this kind of behavior, remember, "they" killed over 40 million in the Ukraine and millions elsewhere, most recently in Iraq. If they can drone strike a wedding, they can shoot up kindergarten just as easily.

And now, it's time to spring THE BIG ONE, AND HANG THEM.First, I will start with this comment."I am searching but I can't find pictures from inside the school building... the actual scenes... This makes me think of the Aurora shooting. Of course I am an amateur and therefore this fact may not be important at all."


I was given the excuse that with the Aurora shooting and the Sikh temple shooting, that pictures were not released because they would interfere with court cases. BUT WITH A DEAD SHOOTER, THERE WILL BE NO COURT CASE. So tell me, ELITE SCAMMERS, FALSE FLAGGERS, DOG WAGGERS, WHERE ARE THE PICTURES?

You had no troubles airing the beheadings during the Iraq war, or the abu ghraib photos, and you have no troubles doing special effects of people being shot to pieces in PG-13 movies, so WHY NO PICTURES OF A SHOT UP SCHOOL, Think we can't handle it? Or is the problem that there really was no shooting at all, and therefore you have no photos to show for it? Is this really all a load of B.S.?

A dead shooter means you won't have a court case, where a girl will come forward with a story of the police shooting her and ordering her to say Holmes did it, to avoid getting arrested for something else. Could not have a blunder like THAT again, could you? Obviously you will not, with no court case! Takes a while to learn how to put the polish on a scam I guess. And THAT is what I waited to say. Too much time has passed now, they can't say the pictures are forthcoming.

Here is a nice slam dunk, sent in by K.J.

"I found different aerial pictures from different buildings but all stating it's the same school in Newtown Connecticut...

Here's one:


And here's another:

http://rt.com/usa/news/shooting-reported-connecticut-school-085/full/ (at bottom of page)

Finally there's this:

A former school board official in Newtown called into question earlier reports that Nancy Lanza had been connected to Sandy Hook Elementary School, possibly as part of the teaching staff.

''No one has heard of her,'¸ said Lillian Bittman, who served on the local school board until 2011. ''Teachers don''t know her.'¸


" My comment - Ha ha ha ha ha! That is exactly the type of thing I look for, it's as damning as Jessica Ghawi's tweets! Good job!

Whoah, TAKE A LOOK AT THIS, IT'S A BOMBSHELL.I just found out in the Youtube comments that a map of the region which had the Sandy Hook elementary school was used in the bat man movie that was playing in Aurora during that other "shooting" so I googled it. This region, which contains the Sandy Hook elementary school was used as a map to represent a portion of the city of Gotham during a setup of one of the bad guy's dirty deeds in that movie. It's true.You cannot find the accurate link to this in the Youtube comments, you have to google it. It is linked below.

This is the be all end all bombshell. TAKE A LOOK AT THIS LINK! THEY HAVE BEEN NAILED.A reader with a popular radio program sent me this:"I am troubled by some of these shootings -- how come we never hear about the lives of all the victims weeks after? Already I am hearing rumors of photos of the school shooting victims seen as actors, and that the father of the alleged shooter was scheduled to testify aginst the Cabal the way James Holmes' father was...if any of this is true, how the hell do they get away with it?"

My comment -

They don't get away with it. They get caught every time. But the problem is "they" own the media and our government, so they can lie to the public while skirting accountability from law enforcement. Our system has failed. It is not rounding up the real criminals. And when a system fails to that extent, the public has to take action independently and round these people up. That is what the word "revolution" really means, to revolve out of corruption by force. This won't change, there will be no accountability for these criminals until people force it. When the same people who are hurting you are the ones writing the laws, revolution is the only choice or you absolutely will be destroyed by them. And that is precisely why these criminals are pushing for a gun ban, to reduce the amount of force the law abiding people can exert. Wait too long, and they will succeed in destroying us.

Final topic in messages sent:

"Would you consider leaving the forum up in a read-only mode with no postings allowed? I have not read all of the info on it yet and that info is too valuable to be lost."

My comment - The forum is supposed to still be up in read only mode, and the moderators can still post and do everything. They are aware of the dangers. I suspended the forum because I know for certain that with over a thousand log ins a day and only 7 comments, that it is hijacked pure and simple. I can't let my readers get funneled into some damn intelligence agency owned server. I won't allow it. So it's better to just suspend the forum rather than see people walk into a trap I have no control over.

The endI will post more when I get it. Thanks for keeping me up to date, and making it easy to find that gotham map. Damming it is, yes yes indeed.< With theThe forum is getting over 25,000 pageviews daily, and well over 1,500 logins daily from registered users. Why then only 7 comments a day? I think I have an answer. And that answer is what early on, before the forum got hijacked, a forum member called the "holonet". The Holonet is a reality.The HolonetImagine everything on the web you see, the people you speak to, the comments you leave, the comments you see, all being what a spook wants you to see. With over 25,000 page views a day and only 8 comments now on average per day, that is exactly what has to be happening to the forum. One would expect with 5000 page views from registered users who could comment, for there to be at least 500 comments a day. That's only rational, you read 10 pages and leave a comment on ONE of them. Perhaps you will start a new discussion. And people are, but they are not showing up on the server. At least not my server.

There is something fishy going on. And it's a spooky sort of fishy. Logic and math would have it that something is not adding up, and I know exactly HOW I could get that many pageviews yet see virtually zero comments actually show up. There is a way this could happen, and it is that when people hit my forum, their hit registers on my server, and then gets redirected to an NSA or other spook server, where a separate version of my forum is running for each individual user. This type of intercept is childs play and it is not my imagination because I can go in the event log and watch the activity of the registered users scroll by. This activity matches the recorded stats on both my server and external stat providers.

This all started after my first round of booting shills, and got worse with each de-shilling. And it was not the shills leaving a lot of comments, I'd boot a shill, unannounced, and BAM, all comments from all users would fall off. Not plausible. Forums are allowed by the "elite" to live provided the admins allow them to be adequately shilled. That is NOT going to be allowed to happen on anything I own.

So now, it's a login to my forum and then off to the spook server you go. And since it's all handled on the DNS server, everything still looks good in the browser.

There, on the spook server, the comments an individual leaves gets stored, out of the public eye and never to be read by anyone real, and anyone else who hits the forum gets redirected to a different node on the same spook server, to leave their comments and only they can see their comment, but to the rest of the world, it's just inaccessible bits somewhere. Phony comments left by spooks will be inserted to maintain believability in each visitor's own little holonet.

But it's worse than thatMy web site no doubt gets the cream of the crop readership as far as what a tyranny would want to destroy. So on their own separate forum node, hosted at spook central, people are likely to be chatting with spooks, who are trying to divert them into saying things that will trip an alarm and get them vanished, all completely invisible to me and everyone else. And I refuse to be used as a tool of destruction. Heck, there are probably comments being left on my own behalf with certain targeted people, encouraging them to get too close to the edge of a black hole that will suck them in and get them FEMA'd and it's all invisible to me, off my server, happening somewhere out in the ether.It is for this reason that I am shutting down the forum. Over a million (requested) pageviews a month, and only 250 comments a month? Come on now, how stupid do "they" think I am?

I have to be sensible and responsible about this, and protect my readership. I don't want to see you get whacked, I don't want my web site being used as a tool to round up people. So the forum is closed to comments, and if you are able to comment it is not happening anywhere local.

It was good while it lasted. And now it is time to get even.

In the years prior to the Fukushima report, I had conducted a major investigation of the "elite", one which I never got around to posting the results of.And now that it is once again unsafe for me to be online, rather than cover current events, I am just going to do offline writings based upon the results of this investigation, which spanned a time frame starting in 1991 all the way through to the Fukushima disaster, which is when I stopped and focused on writing articles about current events. NO MORE. Now is the time to gut "them" with the details of years of digging deep.Since I am just basically logging on for a few minutes to post what I am writing offline, I am going to call this the "hit and run" series of articles. And I am starting out with FALSE FLAGS.

Jim Stone's HIT AND RUN series.The first installment of the "hit and run" series is going to cover "false flags". A false flag does not need to be based on weather, the environment, or arab terror. False flags are everywhere, and can be defined as anything that pretends to be something, when in fact it is something else. The types of false flags covered? Here are a few I got the goods on TOTALLY over the last few years, and I will be posting these as I write them offline.

A few of the top false flags would include domestic violence, vaccines, public education, antidepressants, "child protective services", civil "courts" with no jury, "white guilt", "virus protection", "microsoft security" and countless other crimes being committed against us which either have no basis in reality, or are being fronted as something good that is actually being used to destroy us.

I hate to do things this way, and if something crops up that really needs to be skewered (like ANOTHER gas explosion) I will certainly post what I think.

I found the original video I linked to on a backup hard drive, please download this video and re-post it to Youtube. They keep removing it. This is vital info, history MUST be kept accurate. This video proves exactly why in Sendai, a major city at the official USGS recorded epicenter according to their records and not the press release, had zero buildings collapsed and zero leaning from an earthquake over "30 times as powerful as any in Japanese history."I know only that it happened in Connecticut, 27 people are dead, kindergarteners were targeted, and the shooter is dead. Just perfect, as the Mossad would have it. Can't question a dead shooter, can you? And now with no shooter there will be no court case, no people coming forward calling B.S., nothing. The shooter is "dead". Perhaps there never was one, perhaps there was. But one thing is certain, the communists use children as victims frequently in their propaganda ploys, and no one other than a patsy shot up that school, if, as in Aurora, it even happened at all.I need people to:

Find out if that school even exists,

Find out if the patsy ever even existed,

I need people to dig this for me, because I am not being allowed to dig at all.


Jim Stone, 12,12,12. (last chance at a date like THAT in our lifetimes).I don't have much time to post this, but I need to give you a little background on Natural gas, and how important it is for America's viability as a world power.

Natural gas is the easiest energy resource there is, and there is a LOT of it. So much we can't exhaust it at our current rate of usage. In the good old days, they used to just vent it as a waste product of oil production, until we finally got the technology to easily distribute it. Now that we have, natural gas heats our homes, dries our clothes, RUNS OUR INDUSTRY, generates an enormous portion of our electricity, and forms the number one most used energy resource America has.

Steel mills rely heavily on natural gas, because it can be burned to melt steel and is enormously important in allowing perfect chemistry in many of the steel alloys. Using coal to make steel limits the variety of what you can make, with coal only it's "Made in China". All the really good steel alloys use natural gas fired q-bop or electric arc furnaces, which often get their electricity from natural gas fired power plants.

Japan had it's false flag with nuclear power, and if you frequent this web site, you know that. Japan's only other real option at this time is coal fired power, because they don't have locally available natural gas reserves on their volcanic island, outside of nuclear Japan is 100 percent energy dependent on outside help, and you can forget the failure called wind power as anything usable in an advanced industrial society. When the "elite" got Japan to turn it's back on nuclear, they forced Japan to become totally dependent on the outside world to fuel their electricity production - a noose around their necks.

America needs natural gas to survive as an advanced society. Nuclear never really took off in America, instead America drew it's energy needs from coal, oil, and natural gas. Oil is far too expensive to use for large scale electricity production, and coal fired plants have to suffer enormous penalties for emissions. Natural gas is the only thing that burns extremely clean without a lot of emission control investment, and it's cheap as well. Absent natural gas, American homes will need to be heated with coal or oil (electricity will not be possible, we can't produce that much), and THAT will get the government into your homes for regular inspections because both are extremely difficult to get a perfectly clean burn with, something we take for granted with natural gas.

To enslave America's energy future, natural gas has to go. To outdate the natural gas fired q-bops in the steel industry, natural gas has to go there as well, and it's a safe bet that banning natural gas will bankrupt a lot of industry. Ditto for the natural gas fired power plants. Nice indeed for those who we all know want to third world America, without natural gas that is exactly where we are going.

People do not realize how important natural gas really is, but think about it - your hot water heater, your stove, your furnace, your electricity, your steel industry, and many other things run on Natural Gas. And anyone who wanted to destroy this country would want natural gas gone. The best way to do this is to make people afraid of it, interesting it is that this pipeline explosion in Kanawha county happened within walking distance of the interstate, just right for the Israeli Mossad. Gotta have the hit be convenient. No big explosion with this one, just enough to cut the pipes. And the lack of any smell beforehand pretty much proves it - this flame happened at the moment the leak started. How does that happen? well, it helps to have an ignition source handy right when the leak starts, and those are not provided often by nature. Little suspicious, don't you think?

I know what I think.

I think that we should NEVER forget that soon after 9/11, the Israeli Mossad got busted trying to blow up the Mexican congress.A thoughtful message to the Rockefellers and all associated filthJim Stone, 12/10/12PermalinkIt is tourist time in Mexico, and one by one the American couples are arriving. After having spent some time in Mexico, I have seen countless Latino couples in normally functioning relationships and they are always happy. They are equals as couples, and the woman has as much respect for the man as the man has for the woman. There are certain circumstances where it is obvious when psychology is normal, and in Mexico you can observe the normal psychology of healthy male/female relationships.This is not what you see in the American couples. Once tourist season started, they began arriving and I had forgotten what American couples really looked like and was absolutely stunned by what hateful freak shows the American women are. And I mean FREAK SHOWS. I was stunned the first time I saw it this tourist season, thinking that it was just a dysfunctional female who had beaten her man to emotional death and put him on a spiked leash. The man followed behind the woman in an obviously inferior role, seemingly apologetic for every step he made and every breath he took. I have seen quite a few of these couples now, and the men always walk subserviently behind the woman, or walk cautiously beside the women, with the same expression you see on the faces of dogs who have abusive owners.

This is not a joke. I think Americans, after having the Rockefeller inflicted "feminism" thrown on them without restraint and no backlash from the public, have forgotten what it is to be in a loving relationship. The women who come down here, when put in contrast with the Latino women, walk around looking like stone cold calculators summing up every equation to max all benefits of everything in their environments in favor of themselves. And they are calculatedly polite around strangers and absolute monsters with their men. And worse, they don't even realize it, it is obvious they and their men believe such behavior is normal.

This did not happen by accident. This was by plan. You see,

The Rockefellers and other similar ilk had a relative slave mecca established in America. They got their federal reserve into place, which enslaved all Americans under a mountain of debt, and with America being a jewel of the world there was a lot of wealth to steal and few would notice. This was not enough to feed their greed, so they instituted a phony and unlawful "income tax" and stole even more. Left unchecked in their crimes they instituted many other taxes, all feeding them, and eventually their war machine, which they used to enslave much of the world. Once they enslaved much of the world, left totally unchecked in their crimes, they took the final step - to destroy the American family for the sake of additional profit.

I would like to tell you a little truth of psychology I learned while I was in the vending business.

Once you get a thief out on the route, you have to address the issue immediately or the thief will escalate the theft beyond all rational reason. Left unchecked, a thief will keep taking more and more, until the amount taken defies all logic and even exceeds any benefit that can be derived from taking; the thief will escalate until all is lost. This behavior is especially noticeable with the meth toking crack heads who can see no limits, and as a result inevitably consume their environments until everything they have influence over is reduced to a value of zero. And at that, over an addiction to a synthetic drug, which delivers a high which has absolutely no root or value at all yet blinds the addict to this reality.

To the Rockefeller family and all your ilk, You are the crack heads of the ruling "elite", and to feed your addiction to yourselves you have looted America the same way a little crack head, your peer, will destroy a $5,000 vending machine with a crow bar to gain the benefit of $50 in change. You crowbarred America to an extent that exceeded any benefit which can be derived from taking, and America has failed to address the issue of YOU for far too long. And at that, you did it over an addiction to a synthetic high, that of feeding your egos which have absolutely no root or value at all, who the hell are you anyway? For what reason do you really think you are worth more than those you have destroyed? Obviously you see no limits, your egos really are that blinding and as a result, as crack heads, you are totally out of touch with reality.

What gave you the urge to even think of invading the minds of our women just because your think tanks figured out it could be done, and calculated an additional profit to be derived from it by putting the women to work and taxing them? Why then gut this society by brainwashing their children, now stuck in your schools, to behave in a way that feeds your egos even more? What was the motivation behind tricking the women into treating the men like absolute objects, good enough to screw but NEVER to touch the heart? I'd like to ask the women out there how much better things are now that you hate and spit on men. How has that made you happy? Why are a majority of you now on antidepressants to get over the hurt the Rockefeller agenda caused you? Why have you allowed their agenda to get you to defy the natural order and accept a life of lonliness and misery to the point at which you need to blow your brains out with a synthetic reality via Cymbalta or many of the other drug crimes against you?

Obviously the Rockefellers and their cronies are the true psychopaths of this world, not knowing any limits and even proceeding to cash out the lives of their host society, like mindless parasites that consume everything until all is lost. Let me ask them something - Was it really worth it to destroy this country for the sake of profit? Was there anything wrong with your wealth before you invaded our homes with your feminist propaganda via the television, our schools with your feminist propaganda via obviously unskilled planted professors of "English", "liberal arts" and "women's studies", professors with no educational skills at all, only the ability to mind wipe and brainwash?

What the hell was wrong with the parasitic role you had to begin with? Would it not have been better to try to ensure your host's viability by leaving the family unit alone, and then just tax the men for trillions, allowing them to return home to a normal environment so they could return to work in good condition for it? I guess not so in the minds of crack heads, who inevitably reduce the value of their environment to zero. You have reached that point with America. There is a certain point to which you can take, and then you must stop before all is lost, a point a crack head will always be oblivious to.

Any American man still capable of rational thought after all your mind bashing against him would blow your brains out the moment he had a clear shot; indeed you have screwed things over so badly you cannot allow yourselves to be seen and identified by the general public. Instead you dream of one day taking the final plunge into deep holes in the ground as you take that final shot at feeding your addictions to yourselves by killing the host which supported you in one last dash for self aggrandizement. Where the hell will you go after you do that? Not only are you delusional; like any parasite you are stupid about it to boot.

I got something nasty rammed in via the cell modem (a 35 megabyte file given top priority, so it came in in 15 seconds over a slow cellular connection even though I clicked on NOTHING, lucky I saw it) and after that my machine did about 50,000 registry updates and 80 new software "updates", and then it ran like garbage. So it was a hack (computers don't just suck stuff in without clicking anything and without even being on a web site when updates are disabled unless someone rams it in). Afterward it infected several SD cards and the only way I managed to clear it off the SD cards was to put them in a digital camera and have THAT format them. A full factory restore did nothing, whatever it is bugged the recover partition. The little nasty then was able to bridge the gap between Microsoft and Linux, and now the Linux machine is writing a 32K file to every SD card put in it. So it's a mess, and I don't exactly feel safe online. The Linux machine is running OK, the Microsoft machine went from being bright and snappy to being a geriatric tortoise, even after a full reinstall.I am fairly certain we can thank Microsoft for their "work they did to help the Linux community" with regard to that 32K file, I can't get even a programming editor to open it in Linux. That is the first time that ever happened, I have always been able to hunt down hand capture and open viruses in programming editors to corrupt their code and save them (they won't run after that, and it works great for killing them because they usually write self recovery routines into the system to re-infect, and if they crash because a file is corrupted, that gets circumvented.) So I manually kill viruses and it usually takes a few hours. You have REALLY got to know all the legitimate active executable names to find the one that does not fit to do a manual kill, let me tell ya!. The fact that this one remains elusive even in Linux means it's not from any hacker, it's probably a high level job compliments of a dark hole somewhere. I cannot perceive any effect on the Linux system from it, so I am guessing it just writes recover code to the SD cards and waits for a Microsoft OS. It could be coming from the Bios.

So if you are wondering why I have not been around much lately, this is why. I am not going online extensively until there is NO 32K file getting copied to anywhere.

One positive fruit from this however is that I combed through all the backups, and I found the dithering video that was part of the mind control via electronic manipulation article. Many people wanted that article put back up, but I thought I lost the supporting video. I have it, but it's in uncompressed form and I can't post a 700 meg file. But the good news is that article is going back up as soon as I get that compressed down. The article resulted in them backing off on the dithering approach to a mind control beam, my computer stopped doing it shortly after posting, and I contacted other people and asked, and their monitors stopped doing it as well after that article. Subsequently, the backup computer I bought later did not do it, even fresh out of the box. So it was a major victory for this web site and when I get that video back in a form that can be posted, the mind control via electronic manipulation article is going front and center again.

There are idiosyncracies prevalent in all LCD monitors which will always make any type of mind control attempt with them observable, and I am not going to give too many hints because I want a pocket full of firecrackers to keep the elitist criminals at bay.

Oh, another thing, I have confirmed that Kosher does not necessarily mean safe. I have confirmed that the Jewish community is being every bit as attacked with GMO foods as we are, via the genetically modified corn. I don't know about the other GMO products, but the corn is definitely nailing them. I will explain how I proved this later, but let it suffice to say that they have a leadership they practically worship which has as much disdain for them as they have for any of us, and the greater Jewish community is totally oblivious to it. Their "leadership" via the Gates, the Rothchilds and other similar ilk knows damn well that the Jewish people are the same as the rest of us, and I believe that they will eventually be targeted just the same. Let me explain something -

One of the great methods of destroying a people is to take their patriotic music, and patriotic symbols, and wave the symbols and play the music from the same location that has been tasked with their destruction. Such has been done to destroy America in the name of "patriotism" and flag waving and anthem singing - and one glaring example is the "patriot" act. Lots of gullible sheeple are all for it, and the Jewish community is not without it's sheeple. They have fallen for their destruction over a bowl of chicken soup and matzo balls.

Wolves are wolves no matter what den they come from, and the nastiest of them rise to the top. In the end, the main body of the Jewish people will be eaten like the rest of us, and this GMO corn is proof. At least they don't consume fluoride, a fact easily explained by the need to keep them alert and emotional while they knock out the biggest obstacles to world dominance on behalf of the wolves, so they can be taken out easily later when they finish the bulk of the dirty work. And if my saying this upsets them, all I can say is the truth hurts, and they are eating it.

I am OK right now, I am dealing with security related issues and cannot get online for long periods of time safely. But I am OK, so if anyone is worried about me because I am not posting as usual, I am fine. I am not giving out any details that could be used against me, but I have been through hell lately.

I am standing my groundI am completely standing my ground on the Springfield bombing. It was a 10,000 pounder no ifs or buts. The nightclub was three floors and 69,000 square feet on the ground floor, despite how it looks on Google Earth. There are numerous shoddy news reports quoting the people on scene as saying they ducked before the blast, a really crappy old looking rusty pipe with a purported drill hole in it, etc. It is all a lie, they blew up the house in Indianapolis without checking the residence first to even see if it had gas service, which it did not, so they could not peddle the lie with that one. But they are peddling it with this one, and I strongly suggest people not let them get away with it. There is tons of proof just in ONE photo I posted below, - let me explain.You can easily prove that the night club was destroyed by an extremely large single explosive weighing in at about 10,000 pounds just by looking at the bricks in the photo I have posted in the next article down. What proof is there? Well, there is not a speck of concrete mortar on MANY of them. Whatever blew that place to smithereens stripped the concrete mortar clean off many of the bricks. Brick material, which is a sintered ceramic, is extremely hard and far more durable than concrete. So the bricks survived at the same time many of them were blasted completely clean of concrete. No gas based explosion can do that, it has to be a nitrate or nuclear explosion to clean the bricks because only those two types of common explosives will create the supersonic compression wave needed to strike the concrete off like a hammer. Gas based explosions are subsonic and do not impact hard enough. The blast energy was way too high, orders of magnitude too high for it to have been gas. Put your thinking caps on and do not be bamboozled by the official line for even a minute, is it not amazing that we had TWO of the most epic explosions so soon after Obama got so-called re elected?

Never forget that Obama signed an executive order allowing him to kill any American he wanted without trial. Of course they will try to false flag the reasons rather than admit when he kills out loud. Do not expect those murdered to be reported by the press as among the dead. They need cover for these actions, and therefore natural gas now needs to replicate bombings and drone strikes, utter bullshit, but a plot that will succeed with the newly graduated product of our public schools because the children are not only not taught how to think anymore, but they are taught in a way which shuts down any ability to think if they naturally had it.

Knowledge is more than power, it is also security and a shot at victory. Do not let them get away with this, call them on every single one of these bombings, we have been using natural gas for over three centuries now and we have never seen anything like what has happened in the short time since Obamas placement in power for a second term, and I beg to question why it is now, in this short time frame, that we are getting these otherworldly blasts NOW, at THIS TIME.

With people finishing up what they were doing and preparing to leave, ducking before the blast, an executive order that gives the Obamanation a license to kill, a lying press, kids stripped of an ability to think, two epic blasts no distance in time apart, and Natural gas employees showing up at the scene with no call to do so recorded at the gas company, it is obvious what happened there. They either had a foreknowledge that a smart bomb was on the way and invented a natural gas story to cover it or they planted the explosives themselves and set them off, invented a natural gas story to cover it, and got a LOT more than they expected. Ducking before the blast? Come on now, how would they know they should?

Another thought - these explosions are so powerful that they will eliminate any body parts. If it stripped the bricks clean of concrete, what is that going to do to a soft body? THAT is most likely why they are using so much overkill power with these blasts, they want the evidence of any deaths removed from the scene, bet on it!

I managed to pull that censored newscast out of my cache and I have it. I will post the audio which speaks of them mentioning that they were packing up to leave after finding nothing wrong, but never thinking to mention they never got a call to go there from their employer, and therefore could not have shown up at the scene unless they were in on whatever happened. I will do this after I get my internet security issues sorted out.

As I looked over the pictures from the night club blast and the damage to buildings blocks away, natural gas was the last thing on my mind. Unlike the Indianapolis neighborhood which had wooden structures that are easy to destroy, this particular blast happened in a business district with solid brick and mortar. Natural gas should have done little other than blow the windows out of the building the explosion happened in.I have already looked at many war time photos, photos taken in the Arab world where pretty much everything is built as strongly as the night club and surrounding area was, and I never saw any type of single blast bomb damage that even approached what happened there. Go through the photos of Israel's recent attack on Gaza and look at the type of damage the bombs did there. You can at least recognized a structure existed. Not so for the night club, it was completely erased and neighboring buildings look as badly damaged as the directly hit buildings in Gaza.

This field of bricks is where the night club once stood. Typically in warfare you won't get this level of devastation from a single bomb blast, this would be expected of a carpet bombing with normal bomb sizes. This was something big, 10,000 pounds perhaps?

There are different levels of ordnance and typically in warfare you will have 100, 200, 500, 1000, and 2,000 pound bombs. Most typically used sizes are below 500 pounds. Any bomb size, even the little ones, will totally out perform any natural gas blast. So how big was that bomb, and WHAT was the reason for it?

Obviously, for some political reason, "natural gas" needs an image upgrade

I would like to know the reason. They had their scenario ready to go. They got their smell of gas at the scene, witnessed by firefighters and the gas company, and there is no doubt that the official story will call this gas and drive it home with 9 inch nails. But have you ever tried to trick a two year old? One famous trick is when the two year old eats something like a cookie, to pretend you pulled it out of their tummy simply by hiding a different cookie in your hand, and then rubbing the child's tummy for a second or two and then show the child the other cookie. Any two year old will think you stole their cookie right out of their tummy. To an adult the trick is obvious, after all the cookie was chewed and there is no way it is anything but gone. But a trusting two year old who has not yet learned to think about what is possible, will fall for the ruse every time. And people will probably fall for this "gas explosion", where a little gas stink (which had already vanished before the blast) was traded for military ordinance.

So the question is not "was it a gas explosion," the question is, instead, WHY are they suddenly souping up the image of what natural gas is capable of? This bomb blast was easily a 2,000 pounder if not more. There are bombs up to 40,000 pounds now, and I really don't know what they thought the limit was this time. But it was something big, really big, much bigger than Indianapolis.

Perhaps they want to set a precedent for drone strikes so they can false flag dissidents to death under the guise of natural gas. Perhaps they want an excuse to go into homes and perform inspections for anything but natural gas, using gas as the excuse, because gas is really dangerous you know, and we have to go into your home and check things out several times a year to make sure you do not blow the neighborhood up, and if you don't let us in you are a jerk who belongs in a detention camp because you really don't care about anyone. You are just a dink who would sooner see the neighbors die on behalf of your furnace than give up a little privacy. What a jerk you are.

I had a reader send me a mail saying that it might even be probable that now that they have false flagged nuclear to the fringe, that they are going after other clean and reliable sources of energy. After all, enough of these blasts will certainly scare the public. What a victory it would be for the NWO crowd if they managed to get us to give up natural gas - we use it just about everywhere.

Knowing the real reason for this psy op is not as important as one simple thing which can stop it in it's tracks, and it is for the public to stop being a bunch of non thinking two year olds and simply pop the question - Gas can't do that, how big was that bomb?

Bomb arrived AFTER the gas stink wore offThere are serious problems with the story, and I now believe the new method is going to now be to set off "gas explosions" where the gas company shows up for a reported smell and then the bomb gets droppedThe first problem is the color of the explosion. Look up the "shock and awe" footage from the Iraq war and compare those blasts to this blast. It's a perfect match for "shock and awe." The biggest problem however, is the amount of devastation, and the story line. The story line is: There was a smell of gas prior to the blast, and the place got evacuated. Firefighters and the gas company showed up for the smell of gas. The gas company looked all over that club for a gas leak, and found no leak. The smell of gas had dissipated and was no longer there, so they figured wtf, and were packing up to leave when the place blew upExtrapolation, what probably happenedGI blue hat Joe was sent to the strip club with a can of natural gas stink. Gas has no odor, they add that smell to it so people know when it is leaking. But it's just an aftermarket stink they add, and a little can of it goes a long way. GI U.N. NWO Joe hates America and had no qualms about setting off a little stink bomb, especially if he knows that everyone will leave because of it before there is a smart bomb on the way, and THIS TIME, after that Indianapolis blast, he knows that to run his little psy op, people need to start believing that natural gas is a military grade weapon because it's not yet socially acceptable in America to just kill dissidents at will, and speed is needed for the next step in the NWO plan. It's just too difficult to send assassins now that people know the gig, people know about "boston brakes" anonymous detention, suicides, the whole 9 yards and they need to now just cut to the chase and do drone strikes like in Afghanistan because the sheeple are waking up and time is wasting. So "natural gas" needs a whole new "attitude" and re-education of the populace with regard to it's fury needs to be done post haste.There is too much public record of what natural gas is capable of. We all know it does not level neighboring buildings or blow windows out and knock homes off foundations a block away. But to do a good job militarily, that type of power is needed and to get a blast big enough to kill someone with certainty, the neighbor's house has to go too. So now they have the fire department saying there was a gas smell, the gas company saying there was a gas smell, and then BOOM, the big boy goes off.

The major underlying problem with all of this is that the bomb arrived too late for some reason.Either Joe played with the stink and used some for fun, or our illiterates the schools are now graduating did not get the calculations right and the stink was gone before the blast happened. Or maybe they could not get the drone started on cue. The firefighters and gas company came, they saw, they found no gas, the smell was gone, they were leaving, and BOOM. And it was a BIG boom. Totally erased that club, And I call BULLSHIT. And I mean ERASED. Glass thrown for blocks. No speaker magnets laying in rubble. Bricks everywhere, totally stripped of the concrete mortar, All from a "gas leak" that was looked for, not found, SMELL GONE, WITH PROFESSIONALS ON SCENE SAYING, WELL, THERE IS NOTHING HERE, TIME TO GO, AND THEN BOOM!And when you see the picture of the buildings ACROSS THE STREET, HARDENED BRICK AND MORTAR, NOT WOOD BUILDINGS ACROSS THE STREET, THIS WAS OBVIOUSLY A BOMB. Watch the shock and awe videos from the Iraq war, and watch the video of this blast. Notice the color spectrum IN THE VIDEOS. Don't use the photographs of this blast because "they" are playing with the contrast/saturation in the pictures, to hide the real light spectrum (a tell all) but the video is still original color.

They killed the newscast video which had all of this minutes after I linked it. It's gone. But it was the local WWLP covering it, and had all of the info, about how the gas company and firefighters were packing up and leaving after finding nothing in an inspection, and there was no smell because it had gone away and THEN it blew up. With the video removed I can't prove it with their own video anymore but I do have some quotes I transcribed while doing this article.These are quotes from the newscast"This is where the scores gentlemans club once stood we can tell here that it is destroyed, in addition there is glass all over the neighborhood, Buildings being evacuated, windows blown out of other buildings""This is right near fire department headquarters in springfield, we understand firefighters came into this area after a very strong smell of gas. This is near Northington and Chester streets in Springfield, right in their entertainment district."

"People felt this as far as West Springfield and Wilberham, they heard that huge explosion and felt the ground vibrating."

"We understand there were gas company workers there addressing this gas leak, they had been there for about an hour, felt that they had wrapped up their work and were just getting ready to leave when this happened."

My comments, on the obvious ramifications of these quotesGas company workers and firefighters are NOT GOING TO LEAVE A SCENE WHERE THEY ARE SMELLING GAS UNTIL IT IS SOLVED. "in the hour prior to this blast" does not mean "at the time of blast".Ok, so the gas workers were there for an hour and found NOTHING. WTF is up with that? They found NOTHING and were "packing up to leave" and then BOOM. And it was an EPIC boom, a 2,000 pound bomb blast type boom, throwing bricks and breaking windows for blocks. Once again, how much energy can be present with a given amount of oxygen and a certain amount of gas? Not enough to do this, especially if people were walking around the building looking for a gas leak prior to this, even if it was as bad as the max possible which is certainly not enough for this, they would not have been able to even go in without getting poisoned by the gas. And if the smell was still there, they would not have been "packing up to leave", firefighters and gas workers just don't do that.

The "gas leak" might have just been a can of old fashioned fart spray for all we know, but it is obvious from this report that whatever caused this blast could not possibly have been gas if you apply an ounce of thought to just the fact that the firefighters and gas workers had decided to leave when things went boom. Then there is the damaged area, which is totally out of character for gas, and TOTALLY on par with a heavy bombing during a war.

So you can forget about your guns, your bow and arrow, or whatever else you have, just bring your propane stove and throw it at "them" when they come for you, the following blast will level everything for at least a block. for $45 spent at Wal Mart, you can have what it takes to do Rambo proud.

Bottom line? IF GAS COULD DO THIS, IT WOULD BE CONSIDERED A WEAPON AND BANNED. People would be buying scuba tanks, and pressurizing them with a perfect gas/oxygen mixture and making bombs that way. In fact, that would be the ONLY way to do things if gas really was THAT BAD.

Put your thinking cap on. The following picture was taken at the center of the blast, looking out at the surrounding buildings. Look at the concrete dust in the debris, which will only happen from a high intensity explosion, not natural gas. Look at all the perfectly separated bricks. That does not happen easily. Look at the surrounding buildings. This was at least a 2,000 pound bomb, something really big. We have a nation to save if our government is going to get violent and peddle bullshit like this.

Shock and awe anyone? Yes, yes indeed.

Early on I was getting really good e-mails from Japanese readers and others, who were calling bullshit on the Fukushima quake (the quake that never happened as stated and therefore produced little to no damage, but produced a 9.0 nuclear tsunami, read the Fukushima report for details). This particular mail, which was received a few days ago and retrieved now that I am able to get back into the message box, is one of the better ones.Dear Jim,

Many Thanks for all your efforts, I thoroughly respect your work and am awed by your bravery and gumption.

I lived in japan for 10 years as a carpenter building new houses based on the western "2x4" system but with a lot more nails and bracing, I also built a few "zairai"-traditional japanese post and beam houses with the incredibly heavy glazed tile roofs (essentially balanced precariously on the aforementioned posts) for the experience more than profit, and was subsequently invited to toil away for free on a re-vamp of a temple in nakayama, ichikawa city (15km from tokyo) the total duration of the revamp project took 40years to complete, and man did we get sloshed once the scaffold came down. I built 80 or so houses in japan, in every prefecture from fukui to hokkaido inclusive. Japan will always hold a special place in my heart.

I lived in chiba ken and built many houses on the east coast north of chiba, many of which were subsequently destroyed, but not by an earthquake. The japanese building codes are strictly enforced. any deviation from the plans by more than 3mm is a fail. the nail pitch of the sheathing on the walls and floor is rigorously checked and the building inspectors will fail the house if one 50mm flathead nail is missing the stud. being a "gaijin" of course only invited the heaviest of scrutiny, which i took great pride in defeating before the inspectors ever set foot on my sites.

I became known by my regular customers as "genba samurai" for my hobby of destroying my mortal enemies (architects) by bringing to light foibles in the plans during my pricing phase of each job (a good carpenter ALWAYS blames the architect). When I look at footage of the tsunami coming through and wiping out the "zairai" houses which otherwise appear fine, I KNOW there wasn't a strong quake there. Those zairai's have a tremendous amount of weight in their roof structures, and very little lateral bracing in their walls. Even a gentle quake with a couple of feet of gentle lateral swaying will twist and drop a zairai in a heartbeat. Hence the call for the western 2x4 system and subsequent 2x4/zairai hybrid structures.

Hmmm. I seem to have deviated from the original purpose of this message. I just viewed the video of your explaining the underhand actions of youtube, and see that you are using the "windows" OS, which I believe to be riddled with backdoors.

here's some valuable help-

on a mac, get ''little snitch'¸, and delete the "remote management" folder in system/library/core services.

on windows get ''zonealarm'¸

on linux get ''leopard flower'¸ (it''s a fledgling and needs nerd support) Basically, twitter buttons, facebook buttons, stumble upon buttons, page counters, etc, ''phone home'¸ with your IP address and the web page address when the page loads.

Essentially you are allowing your computer to snitch on you if you don''t become well-versed in your computer''s out-going traffic.

every little bit of resistance helps.

Again, Many Thanks for all your truly great work, Regards, Carl (new zealand)

This little conflict in Gaza, which may well lead to world war 3, was sparked when Israel used an Apache mounted .50 cal to blow the guts out of a 13 year old kid playing soccer. This kid, it has been reported, was great at the game and was out practicing with other neighbor kids. When the other kids went to him, the Israelis shot them to death also. When the parents ran out to help the kids, the Israelis shot them also. This is news, not hate, facts are facts and the truth does not hate, it just is.So regardless of what is going on now, or how this escalates, REMEMBER, if this really does spark World War 3, it all started with Israel shooting children, not Palestinians shooting rockets, as theirhistory, the elitehistory will surely record.

Of course, only a hater would tell you this. I was pissed about this helicopter incident, even though this actually happens often in Gaza, and that is why I wrote the comment many of you saw earlier. Kudos to the Palestinians for FINALLY having the guts and the means to fight back for once. With regard to my removed comment, If you have it, pass it on. It wont be here anymore.

I have had technical difficulties the last couple days, please bear with me while I get a workable computer that is not bugged.

This video documents youtube tampering with embedded videos in a solid irrefutable way. I and a friend of mine set out to do a quality job of busting Youtube and we did indeed accomplish it.Please pass this video along to the forums and the blogs and other web sites. I can't do it because I am censored. Simply copy it off the site, change the name, attach it to an email and send. Don't include my name or web address in any mails, because that will trip an autobot and the mail will go straight in the trash. Post it to your youtube as well, there is nothing I put up that is not public domain. My purpose is to get people informed and support the truth movement, and ALL truther web administrators should consider this vital viewing. It will be taken down each morning because it really bogs the server.This video is set up to be downloadable, right click it to save it.Change the file name to something different before posting it to youtube and mailing it, to confuse the autodeleting search bots. This might appear boring to many, but it really is vital info. To download, right click it, and save target as. To keep things like this from getting lost I usually save them to the desktop, which will need to be selected to avoid having it land in a random folder when the download is a video.-- admin comment - An Air Force colonel familiar with bombing runs said that this damage was equal to 4,000 pounds of military grade explosive. How do you get that much blast from a BBQ with at a max 20 pounds of fuel? Answer - Get educated in a modern public school, that graduates people who can't think.Absent a barbecue, you would then need a gas connection. ERROR, the utility company confirmed these houses do not have one. -

Question - How did Miss Teary Eye's barbecue get Fema and the DHS on scene within three minutes of the blast? I know! THE SAME WAY CNN AND OTHER NEWS AGENCIES WERE AT THE MURRAH FEDERAL BUILDING BROADCASTING LIVE, ALL SET UP, THREE MINUTES AFTER IT BLEW UP!!!

I was not aware of the conspiracy back then, but I specifically remember being shocked at the fact that they were broadcasting live, on scene, from the Murrah building within three minutes. Media trucks just don't get reporters on scene with satellite uplink to something unexpected that fast. But if they were two blocks over beforehand, waiting along with the reporters for the word GO, sure.

I had a computer related business at the time, and I would listen to Rush Limbaugh and had the radio on all day. I witnessed the very first initial broadcast from the Murrah building, and it went like this:

"We are broadcasting live from Oklahoma City across from the Murrah Federal building, which blew up no more than three minutes ago. Here is a man, there is a man, he has a video camera and he is saying he witnessed it, and he wants to speak"

They handed him the microphone, and he shouted, "YOU WON'T BELIEVE IT. I just got a new camcorder, and I was outside, on the roof of a neighboring building playing with my camcorder. And there was this black helicopter hovering over the murrah building. And it was interesting, so I was recording it and the murrah building, and the building blew up and then the helicopter flew away. AND I GOT IT ON TAPE, I GOT IT ON TAPE, I CAN'T BELIEVE I GOT IT ON TAPE!!!"

And I was like, Whoah, I can't wait to get home and see this, they will certainly play that on the nightly news. And that night, NOTHING. No more ever heard from that guy. I wonder why. Anyone else remember this?

UPDATE:A comment from a police officer "It turns out that I am just over four miles in a straight line from the explosion near Sherman and Stop 11. I didnt even put on my uniform as I climbed in my crusier to go to the scene. What I saw was total devistation to four houses and secondary damage to surounding houses. Some houses moved 3 feet off of their foundation!Initial speculation was that it was a gas explosion. The fire side stated that it didnt look like the normal gas explosion where a house is lifted up and set back down. This had a massive debris field that looks much more like a bomb. The blast was higher than a normal gas explosion. The tree limbs were sheared off at an upward trajectory, not straight out from the house that exploded.

We have had a police presence since Saturday. Today NTSB Haz Mat members arrived at the scene. WTF, for a gas leak? I am begining to subscribe to the notion that something fell from the sky. A couple that lives north of us was outside and said that they heard a sonic boom"

from Stevequayle.com

My comment:

A sonic boom? From the sky? Bombs dropped from airplanes go supersonic in freefall. Bombs dropped from high altitude can make a sonic boom on their way down. Looks like we are inching closer to the story here. Someone tell miss teary eye she can relax, it really was not her grill.

Two interesting mail quotes that are not the norm"Jim, me and my people have a report of homeland domestic terrorism / knowing endangerment run by Obama, Holder and every governor and attorney general of each state and their counties that is killing 4,500 people each month. It is the "secret society." Please contact me atMy response: If you have a report prepared, please link or send it, and I will check it out. If it passes the sniff test, I will front page it. I believe this, but it has to have relevant proof or it can't go up.

Take a look at this one "Regarding the Indiana blast, I don't know if you saw this or if it would mean anything to you; it came from a Press TV article about the Iranian plane chasing an American drone out of its airspace. It's at the bottom of this article and quoted below.

Link to pressTV


A reasonable analysis of what is being seen in the US is clear. America faces an insurrection driven by extremist groups within the financial community who are actively working with religious cults that have penetrated the officer corps through America''s discredited service academies.

Many American military, some retired but some actively serving, have displayed clear signs of treasonous disloyalty and the willingness to, not only overthrow the civilian government but to stage terror attacks inside the United States in concert with foreign intelligence agencies.

This is not conjecture. One such potential attack may well have happened yesterday, perhaps a ''test run.'¸ The report of this wild conspiracy theory came to me from a retired Air Force pilot who flew nuclear-armed F-111''s for a living.

He indicated that the mysterious explosions that took place in Indiana yesterday do not pass the ''sniff test.'¸ The retired Air Force colonel responds below, one with top security clearances and a career of special operations behind him.

This is his assessment:

There are two people dead and they will not release their names so far.

The damage area looks like about 4-6 500 pounders, MK-82 Low Drag hard bombs or two 2,000 pounders.

The wife also said that there is a Russian neighborhood and the Arab neighborhood earlier mentioned very near to the explosion. If the Feds release a bombshell, I will email you back. (Redacted)

Has the long warned of ''drone war'¸ inside America actually begun? One legitimate expert thinks so."

My response: Solving this mystery explosion is going to require assembling bits and pieces like this. A Colonel is a high rank and that carries credibility. Though I am no explosives expert, I think his estimate on the weight of the bombs is high, thus far, in recent times, American attacks have been against well built cities consisting of concrete and not wood, and when he looks at the damage caused I don't think he is factoring in how much weaker American homes are compared to those in the Arab world. But I agree with this on the other points - there is no doubt that the government has gone fully rogue and we should expect to be seeing more of these mysterious explosions. The fact that Fema and the DHS were on scene within 3 minutes pretty much says it all. Those types of agencies do not respond while the dust is still in the air unless they did it themselves.

There is little information coming out of Indianapolis, but all of what is coming out indicates that it was a high velocity detonation which occured a few feet off the ground.There is little concrete foundation remaining at the house the explosion happened at, which totally rules out gas. The lack of high definition photos is damning, we are getting nothing of the blast epicenter and only the debris in the streets. I managed to find a super high quality photo of the neighborhood that does not focus on the house where it originated, but it is clear enough overall to seem to show that the foundation is gone and there is only dirt. But there is so much rubble that it is really hard to tell what is there without a better photo. I am working on this now, and will update it later.

I have received requests to explain the following photo better. When I mention the decompression damage, this is what I am trying to say. If you have a detonation from a military grade explosive, rather than a natural gas explosion, the shock wave that goes out from the blast is supersonic and forms a wall of bunched up compressed air as it moves outward. This creates a vacuum cavity in the heart of the detonation, which can go outward for several hundred feet. Air needs to rush backwards to fill that void after the blast wave has passed, and this creates an enormous suction after the intital blast that can cause significant damage in addition to the initial blast damage. So the arrows are pointing at windows, garage doors, and exterior walls of houses that got sucked off by this negative pressure wave. The fact that the houses I refer to had the external sheathing ripped outward, instead of being blown inward, proves that this was no gas explosion, which is subsonic, it was a detonation of military grade ordinance. Explosions are subsonic, detonations are supersonic, and detonations will cause the reverse pressure wave following the blast. Subsonic explosions will not. This is what I am referring to in the high res photo.

This is the only decent photo which will allow a study of the scene,It can tell us a few things, but not everything. More detail of the epicenter is needed. I hunted for that and cannot find it anywhere.

In the arab world, where the homes are made of solid concrete and have no wood at all, even inside, the negative pressure wave has a negligible effect. But in America, the homes are wood even if they have a brick face, and this will drastically increase the damage potential of the negative pressure wave. When our government decides to make such attacks commonplace, our homes will not offer any protection at all. In fact we are sitting ducks.

This was a much bigger blast than is being stated in the press, with eyewitnesses saying that 8 miles away it sounded like lightning hitting their homes, a recording being made at the time six miles away clearly recorded the blast, and it is not an explosion, it sounds like a detonation. Military veterans are saying it sounded exactly like military ordinance, and people two miles away from the blast say it was so loud they thought a bomb went off within their own yards. The blast effects in the high resolution photo indicate that not only was there a strong compression wave, but there was also a very strong subsequent decompression wave, with homes not badly damaged having their windows sucked out and not blown in, even while facing the direction of the blast. This effect is also visible on several garage doors.

Injuries from the scene exactly match those of battlefield blast wave injuries, which include lung damage, pulmonary damage, ear damage and psychosis/disorientation. This was NOT a gas explosion, meth lab explosion or anything else, it was a detonation of high grade explosives.Since I do not have a better explanation I am going to tentatively state that the black helicopter and missile plume story could be possible, we all knew this was coming. But I have absolutely no confirmation of this or any other evidence other than blast effects. It appears that it was a smart guided bomb or missile with an ability to detonate after impact, (there are many bombs now that can be set to go off after they have entered a structure to a pre set depth.) This is what we are looking at, they did not want a crater forming ground burst but it appears to have stripped away the foundation. It sure would be nice to get a few REAL photos out of there.I have also heard now from many writers that Fema and the DHS were on scene within three minutes. If true, this would be proof positive that it was a government hit, and as you know, Obama wrote himself some nice little tyrant powers that allow him to kill anyone he wants. I am not going to take the time to link it, if you don't already know this, you need to study your way to it. Welcome to the U.S.S.A, and in fact, it has been at least partially this way for a few years now.

I would like to know what the people who owned that house were doing. I would like to know if they had the goods on election fraud. I would like to know if they were in a position to be whistleblowers. I would like to know why on earth they were targeted like this, and I am not going along with a Sorcha explanation. The bottom line is I just don't have the answers here, the only thing I can affirmitively state is that this was a military hit of some sort.

I finally got around to teaming up with a friend in Utah to nail Youtube for fraudulent embedded video switching. Youtube has a new method of silencing the truth movement, which involves video embedding. Site administrators see the video properly embedded because Youtube remembers their IP, and serves them the correct video while it switches the video for everyone else. We documented this with the following video, and it has to be hosted on this web site because obviously Youtube won't play friendly with this one. Perhaps a reason for the new hack attempts? who knows, but I am stepping up the battle now.The following video is far more important than many people will realize. It clearly documents a new form of attack on the truth movement. This is downloadable when you click it. I want everyone who downloads this to post it to youtube and mail it to truth site administrators, to bury any efforts to flush it. ALL TRUTH MOVEMENT WEB ADMINS NEED THIS VIDEO TO LEARN A FEW THINGS ABOUT GETTING THEIR MESSAGES OUT AND PROTECTING THEIR CREDIBILITY, IT IS VITAL INFORMATION. link temporarily disabled to reduce server load. Change the file name to something different before posting it to youtube and mailing it, to confuse the autodeleting search bots. This might appear boring to many, but it really is vital info. To download, right click it, and save target as. To keep things like this from getting lost, I usually save them to the desktop, which will need to be selected to avoid having it land in a random folder when the download is a video.


______________VERY IMPORTANT: The shills are hitting this video hard in the blogs, saying it was a stunt pulled by Glenn Beck. I have searched this out quite a bit, and there is NOTHING ANYWHERE that proves this, only false or misleading allegations. I think it is most probable that Glenn received this video through a classified source that leaked it to him, and he held onto it for a while and then aired it.There is too much psychology at play in this video for it to be anything other than a product of a well funded think tank and extremely high level infinitely funded media team. The quality is beyond the reach of even high level media producers like Alex Jones or Glenn Beck. This is top tier Spielberg quality video. Glenn aired this, and has made absolutely no claims to have produced it-Now that Obama has been re-elected, we will reap the reward mentioned in the near apocalyptic message I posted the day after the election. Agenda 21 is one facet of this message; and they are going full steam ahead FROM DAY ONE. For those of you who do not know, agenda 21 includes the guillotines, the hollow point bullets, the anti fertility vaccines, the GMO anti fertility genes, and likely many other things we don't even know about that will serve the cumulative purpose of killing off or preventing the births of people, until 6.5 billion of us are gone. Agenda 21 seeks to kill off over 93 percent of the world's population, to get it down to 500 million. And I promise, they won't stop there, I honestly believe the world is run by psychopaths who want to erase mankind entirely. But that would just be a wild eyed conspiracy, so I will stick with the 500 million number.

I have stopped embedding youtube videos, because Youtube refuses to serve them. So just click that link, and explore how warm and caring and touchy feely killing 6.5 billion people off really can be. I am really looking forward to their love and concern. The video in question is here. It ought to really drive home the message of how straight faced some killers can be, truthful psychopaths have absolutely ZERO remorse or guilt.

Gordon Duff of Veterans Today Admits To Writing 40% False InformationIn this era of information control, you HAVE TO either lie enough or be stupid enough to be fully discredited in order to live. I won't lie, and I am no where near stupid, and therefore I have lost it all, been jailed twice, attempted murdered at least twice, and have been stalked relentlessly and driven out of the country. If anything is inaccurate here it is because I made a legitimate mistake, and with regard to things like the hurricane, often it comes down to a judgement call.Gordon Duff has taken the more typical route, I call B.S. on other "truth" sites frequently and have really hammered the Duff. But if that is what keeps you alive in the alternative media, it is really hard to place blame; many people have families to protect and cannot just uproot everything and leave it all behind. I have done so repeatedly. I am getting ready to do it again.My opinion on this topic is that if you are not ready to play ball, don't join the game. You will never win if you throw 40 percent of your passes to the enemy on purpose. Even occasionally losing one or two like I do on occasion is bad enough. I have been accused of being a psy op, because there is "no way I could ever come up with everything here, and have it all be accurate, yet it is", and to that I say, there are LOTS of intelligent people, Tesla was not the only one, and to think this world is devoid of those who can actually pull a site like this off is a serious underestimation of the different levels of intellect one might encounter. This web site is indeed not "impossible".

But let me get back to the main topic now, which is Duff admitting he intentionally seeds 40 percent disinfo into what he writes. Folks, in school, at least the old school (I don't know about how watered down the new grading system is) but in the old school, MY SCHOOL, 40 percent innacuracy will land you a BIG FAT F.

Link to the article that put me on the preceeding rant HEREThat having been said, I appreciate Gordon Duff for coming out and saying this. It explains a lot, and I am thankful someone stood up and admitted this.______________________________________________________

04 Nov 2012

These facts are a combination of eyewitness testimony, and a hunting down of recorded data.1. No preparation whatsoever was done to protect the city by the government. Noaa warned New York two days in advance that the lowest subway entrances needed to be sand bagged well enough to hold back two feet of water to prevent the subways from flooding, because a storm surge of 11.5 feet was predicted, and the lowest subway entrances are at 10 feet. Yet the people in charge there opted to not protect the subways when it would have been easy. Sandbagging against two feet of water is childs play. That's NOTHING. Why was it not done? Furthermore, the World Trade Center site needed only 2 feet of sandbags as well. So why were the workers at that site not told to go out for a couple hours and sandbag the place? I guess Lucky Larry wanted a photo op there as well.2. Sandy made landfall as a category 1 hurricane, yet with a barometric reading of a category 4. On top of that, Sandy made landfall at the peak of the high tide, and acheived a tide combined storm surge of 12 feet. Since timing is everything, I would like to ask how it all worked so perfect, how that hurricane hit the target so perfect at the perfect high tide with barometric readings saying it should have been rated 3 categories higher. The category 1 reading with category 4 pressures is only possible if the hurricane is lacking humidity, which would definitely be the case if it was not natural and pumped up by Haarp technology while over cold water which should have killed it. Forget about the Gulf Stream excuse, the water was too cold for this storm to have been real, PERIOD. And it simply bullseyed the target too perfect at too perfect a time, DEAD ON HIGH TIDE. Had it hit at low tide, less would have happened. However because it hit at high tide -

3. The coastal areas had to endure 30 foot waves, ON TOP of a 12 foot combined tide and storm surge. This devastated the entire coastal region, and laid many communities waste. But there is something else to this story that they are refusing to report. Once inland, away from the waves and storm surge, the storm was NOTHING. The winds were not very high, and there was virtually no rain, and power remained on virtually everywhere until the power was cut, in my belief by choice. Farther inland, homes "burst into flames", and I beg to question HOW? Do homes erupt in flames any time the wind is blowing? Obviously not, but they needed their photo ops and the same people who opted to not sand bag the subways likely went out and burned down foreclosed homes for the photos.

4. Inland, there are no broken windows, no torn off roofs, not even any collapsed car ports or anything else for the photos. People on the ground who have written to me have said that immediately by the ocean it is horrible, because the ocean tore it up, but inland there is nothing to see. Joel Skousen of the World Affairs Brief was there during the storm, and he also confirms this, as well as Mochizuki of the Fukushima Diary. So WHY IS THE POWER OUT?

5. People on the ground have been telling me that there are absolutely no repair crews going around to restore the power. And by no repair crews, I mean, NO LOCALS, NO ONE FROM OUT OF STATE, NO REGULAR GUYS NADA. And people talk to people and the huge question is now being asked, WHY ARE THERE NO REPAIR CREWS TRYING TO GET THE LIGHTS BACK ON? Their comments basically consist of, well, I can understand there is a lot of work out there to do, and they could all be spread out thin, but why are we not seeing even ONE?. You can forget all the stories in the press about hundreds of repair teams descending on the disaster area from out of state to fix things, My guess, to be honest? Your gonna think I am whacked, and maybe this is a missed observation, maybe they ARE there, but what if . . . .

What if the repair teams are being told to go there, meet at a central location, and then they are all diverted to a fema camp? Only, it's a worker camp you see, and they are just sitting there waiting for their orders. Probably being fed fairly well, but also rendered totally useless to their intended purpose. THAT would keep the power out long enough for the people who opted to not sandbag the subways to delay the elections, and create a massive humanitarian crisis. And tyrants thrive on crisis. It would also prevent qualified people from going into the area, realizing the lights are out for no reason at all, and calling bullshit on the whole thing. I believe that since New York got through the hurricane fine with the lights still on, only to have the Con Ed explosion take the lights out (highly suspicious sabotage) that in fact the power is off by choice and this is a giant crisis excercise to test the american psyche and see how much bullshit Americans will tolerate before they do the next big run which will involve the entire country.

6. In several locations along the coast, people have been given five minutes to pack their bags and leave, even if their homes are in perfect condition and they have food and water, and are able to drive out any time they want. Instead, they are being loaded onto buses and told they won't be allowed to return for MONTHS, some people are being told they won't be allowed to return for up to 8 months. Since this is ridiculous beyond belief, there is something fishy with this, and I have heard no reports of where these people are actually being taken to. One such evacuation in New Jersey left an area with 15,000 residents stripped down to fewer than 50. WTF is going on with this?

7. The shills are in overdrive, and it seems that all the comments sections everywhere are loaded with airheads telling people to cooperate with the government because the government knows best and it is all for our protection, EVEN WITH REGARD TO THE SUBJECT OF FORCED EVACUATIONS OF AREAS WHICH RECEIVED NO DAMAGE. So what is it that these shills know that is so damn good for us, that people have to leave areas that were not affected by anything other than a power outage?

8. The answer is obvious. This was obviously a pre planned October surprise. And if Americans don't begin standing up and calling total bullshit on this, they had better be prepared for a Rothchild/Rockefeller/elitist Red Dawn that will make that movie look like an adventure vacation. This is a bullshit test, to test their ability to use shock, sympathy, and many other variables to keep Americans quiet while they commit heinous crimes, put in place an intentional seige, round people up in a big test run for the future, and most likely delay the elections. They got their "disaster", partly real, partly not, to set a precedent for ramping up the police state ahead of election time, when they will spark riots after running scandal story after scandal story on both candidates, to make both sides totally pissed off about any possible outcome.

This will be used to justify the final crack down, and I can tell you, if you rightfully felt sorry for those Arabs we attacked for no reason, you are soon to discover who the real future target was. All this terrorisim bullshit is going to come full circle and hit all of us in the head, and it's going to impact a lot harder than many people think. Beer Belly kill the rag head Joe sat idly by as a police state emerged to "Get Dem AYERABS" and he is scheduled for an education.

9. An additional significant curiosity - Many Many internet routers are down right now, and only one is in a storm affected area. HOW AND WHY?

Residents are now being told that due to the Con Ed explosion, they are going to be without power until well after election time. I have a question. Since the Con Ed "explosion" was OBVIOUSLY POWER PLANT RELATED, WHERE IS THE GRID, WHICH WOULD KEEP NEW YORK ON LINE ANYWAY? You can't just knock out power by taking a single power plant out, there are thousands of power plants around the country. Even the releatively disconnected grid should still be able to make up for the loss of only one power station.Watch the warning that Alex Jones gave with that reservist, at the same time he stokes the fear porn and avoids the truth, the hurricane was NOTHING and the only damage came from a Haarp induced storm surge and a few downed trees. They are blaming apartment fires, and other home fires on the hurricane, when at least a few of those fires would have happened anyway in a population the size of New York.

ALL the downed homes that were away from the storm surge went down because of fire.And I can tell you how they got many of those homes to use in this home burning psy op. It's called foreclosure.To stage massive damage at all cost, it's obvious that they burned many homes for photo ops. Aside from storm surge damage and damage from falling trees, WHERE ARE THE SHREDDED HOMES you get from a hurricane, HOMES TORN APART BY WIND DAMAGE? There are lots of pictures of washed up boats and a couple of shipwrecks. There are lots of pictures of homes flooded by storm surge and a few torn apart by waves. There are lots of pictures of homes destroyed by fire. But I will tell you what is lacking. There are NO pictures of homes destroyed by wind. There are NO pictures of any significant damage even a few blocks inland, from flooding or anything else. They can't even come up with a picture of a wind broken window. None of the homes inland even lost any windows. They did not even get their picture of a termite eaten bungalo downed by wind, something even I thought they would get. Nope. All the damage was from downed trees, suspicious fires, and storm surge.They are taking pictures of damage from other hurricanes, and throwing them into the mix. One prominent photo is of a building facade that fell more than a day before the "hurricane" arrived.

I am sure everyone has seen this photo. But this photo is not what people are being led to believe. This photo is not of hurricane damage at all. It is an apartment fire, which burned the entire apartment block.They are taking pictures of destruction caused by other hurricanes, and framing them around Sandy. One such photo is below I am sure that in some areas that power really was lost due to downed trees. That happens even in mild storms occasionally, but I don't for a minute believe even 100,000 people lost power for reasons beyond the flipping of a switch and a little iron thermite. They are faking devastation here, to justify martial law and a Fema clamp down. If the frankenstorm aspect of this is not enough to convince you this was planned all along, perhaps a little critical analysis of the photos, where people sit down and THINK about what they are looking at rather than getting thrown by a pitch is the most appropriate way for them to get past the lies and call bullshit on this. And if "they" are just going to cut the power so people can't even pump gas, of course aid will be needed. Of course they will get their humanitarian crisis. It's what they wanted to begin with, months ago, long before they haarped up something in the gulf and threw it at New York.Farmer one up's Alex JonesThe behavior of various forums towards thermite being used to destroy the transformer at Con Ed is downright tellingAfter Fukushima, there were pre programmed words built into three forums that I found that tripped an auto ban. These forums were the Infowars comment section, Above Top Secret and Godlike productions. Simply typing that ONE word would trip a ban from these forums. And now, according to some of my readers there is another key word (or words) that are tripping auto bans. They are, THERMITE CON ED TRANSFORMER.And I would like to know why

You see,

You can type all manner of B.S. on practically any forum and never get banned, provided that B.S. is not true. But I learned with Fukushima that the word tsunamibomb, or tsunami bomb triggered bans left and right, even without any reference to Fukushima. The word "bomb" does not trigger bans, only when the word "bomb" is used in relation to the word "tsunami". I have not checked this recently, but a year ago it led to bans, and even a wordpress account deletion. Wierd. Or perhaps not.

There are certain key words that are so damaging to the elite plot for taking us down, they cannot be permitted to exist. One totally unrelated example is the word "gun", where saying it, even in the context of paint in a school will get you disciplined. Drawing a picture of a gun will get you kicked out of school. That's telling all by itself, though totally unrelated, and the point is, they want the word "gun" removed from a child's psyche in any positive sense, with the word being only associated with bad people. And with regard to the word tsunamibomb, it says so much in a word that the word itself is not tolerated in any elite controlled forum.

The fact that mentioning thermite in context with the transformer explosion that cut power to New York will trip a ban says volumes. There is no slander there, no group being pointed to, nothing of the sort at all. Heck, it could have been Al CIADA wreaking havoc in the hurricane for all the forum mods would know, and it's still a ban. And that means it is dead on the mark, a direct hit.

When you combine this with the fact that Youtube once again chose to mess up another video - the ConEd explosion when posted on this web site, it says even more. That is why it (should be) showing up twice down below, one with a real embedded video, and one with a picture of an embedded video that is really just a link to youtube.

And now I will tell you the rest of the truth about that transformer, that I did not bother with yesterday

Because the bright arcing, which was unbelievably unrealistically bright even for a transformer explosion was initiated by thermite smoke, there is probably very little or no damage at that power station. They probably just flipped a switch there and faked an outage. Let me explain;

The distance an arc has to travel has an impact on how much light it will actually produce. And if that arc was actually jumping the entire distance between two power lines across the reasonably good conductive medium that thermite smoke would give it, it would draw maximum amps straight through the air, and produce an enormous amount of light, with ALL OF IT being visible. If they wanted a light show to convince New Yorkers that the power really would be out for a long time, using conductive smoke to produce that light would be the ideal psy op method. But then again, if the thermite was actually placed on one of the transformers, it would have burned through the top and destroyed it, so it's real hard to say what happened there, absent a good photo. At a minimum, even if the power cut itself was a psyop, there will be a couple of leader wires that need to be replaced, to the tune of about $400. If we see any photos of destroyed transformers at a con ed station, they opted to just melt through the transformer, and iron thermite would be the right choice because it would match the chemistry of the transformer case afterward.

All this is irrelevant in their realm of BULL however, because New York is not supposed to be dependent upon local power generation. Had these elite not dismantled the grid (or if there is still enough left of it) New York City could easily just be fed by power stations elsewhere. The fact that the lights went out "because of the con ed explosion" proves that the lights DID NOT go out from hurricane damage to power lines, so they cannot use ANY excuse to keep New York in the dark, power can be rerouted from outside the city NO PROBLEM.

Hurricane Sandy was an epic failBottom line? Hurricane sandy was an EPIC fail. Just like the planes were not enough to bring down the buildings on 911, and the buildings were in fact detonated just as the firefighters radioed from the towers that they had the fires under control and that they would soon be out, Sandy passed and was fading and the lights were still on. So they had to light the thermite. Now we have Fema saying the elections should be delayed because of the power outage. Now we have legal tards talking about "precedent" related to this desire of theirs.Folks, look through the Youtube videos - that "hurricane" was so mild that people went out and played in it. Any hurricane of consequence will throw you like a rag doll when you encounter the eye wall like New York did, and knock you to death with flying debris, even a category 1. The fact that people played and even shot video during it proves it was not a category 1 at all, and there was not enough rain to destroy anyone's camera. Any time a storm hits a city the size of New York, there will be deaths, and I would bet that most of those deaths can be attributed to Sandy's haarp induced category 4 storm surge. Sandy was in fact an impossible dry hurricane, with all the flooding attributable to storm surge. Flooding in rivers could be attributed to opening up dams. And I predicted it would be a dry hurricane, because Haarp can't just magically put water in the air, it can only produce the updraft and negative pressure readings. If you want to convince me the flooding was caused by rain, please show me a youtube video of real people shooting that rain while cowering in their homes. Until I see that, I will believe the Japanese guy.

Mochizuki of the Fukushima Diary is providing vital footage of the truth He did an awesome job. Skip the video at the top of the page, and scroll down to the slideshow, where he walks around New york, taking seemingly endless pictures, showing you exactly what happened. He did this after seeing lies in the media, showing flooding everywhere. The aftermath is similar to that of a heavy but not severe thunderstorm in the midwest, with a few medium sized branches, a couple store signs, and a dilapidated downed telephone pole. The storm was not enough to throw garbage left outside, and it did not soak everything, and he really makes a point to show you this. Kudos to Fukshima diary!

Here is the post by Mochizuki. Regardless of what you hear in the MSM, this says it all! Forget about Fox and the MSM, listen to real people who were on the ground there.

As it turned out, the only significant damage to homes happened as a result of a fire. And Hurricanes are supposed to be WET. PUT YOUR THINKING CAP ON. They made the claim that the homes burst into flames after being flooded. When have homes ever done that? WAKE UP. WATER PUTS FIRES OUT. Most likely they flamed the houses when Sandy failed, so they could at least say something happened. Homes bursting into flames in hurricanes, yes, yes indeed. Find the precedent please.

So when they tell you the election has to be stalled because of a power outage, KNOW THEY LIED.When they tell you we need a Fema clamp down because there is so much devastation KNOW THEY LIED.And the next time we get a monster hurricane, building strength over 60 degree F water, KNOW IT'S A SETUP because false flag terror in the name of the environment, as I predicted in the Fukushima report, has become the new modus operandi.

All events have a characteristic color, and the color of an electrical explosion is blue. And it does not start out yellow and go to blue, all you get is a bright blue flash. Magnesium burns white, Phosphor burns green, and Iron Thermite burns the exact same color as whatever initiated the blast at Con Ed.I had suspected leading up to Sandy that "they" would sabotage the power system to knock the power out. In the video of the Con Ed explosion, New York got ALL THE WAY THROUGH SANDY WITH THE LIGHTS ON. SANDY DID NOT KNOCK OUT THE POWER LINES. As the hurricane was winding down, the power system in New York was operating business as usual. It did not get knocked out.

What I believe is going on in the video, is a giant iron thermite charge was set off in the area of some high voltage transformers. These transformers have bare wires attached to the tops of long insulators leading into them. In major power distribution systems, the wires do not have an insulating sheath, they are out in the open isolated by large insulators. These insulators are spaced at a distance where no arc will occur even during a heavy downpour. However, because the wires are just sitting out in the great wide open you can cause an arc to start if there is enough conductive dust or smoke in the air, the type of smoke Iron Thermite produces. And that is what I believe we are looking at in the Con Ed video. This video repeats the same event twice, there was ONE event, not two. The second repeat has the entire event, including the start of what I believe is the thermite initiation. THE THERMITE BURNS YELLOW/ORANGE UNTIL THE ELECTRICAL EVENT IS INITIATED, and that is when the color goes bluish white. This proves that there was something that triggered this electrical explosion other than an electric discharge.

They are messing with this video (again). If the top one is not similar to the bottom one, click the bottom one.Iron Thermite flame

Iron Thermite flame

Since AC is finicky about maintaining an arc, it extinguished once, only to start again by the continued burning of the thermite. The second blast was the charm, most likely there is significant arc damage to the facility, and a possible burn through of a transformer case by the thermite. This could have also triggered the explosions spoken of inside the facility.

Anyone can see that New York got all the way through the hurricane with the lights on, and only after this event did the lights go out. And this happened in the least likely place of all, right at the power station where there are no trees that can fall into lines, or other sources of debris that could blow into them. The least likely natural place happens to be the easiest un natural place. I doubt the employees there set this up, and from experience I can tell you -

The preventive maintenance on a major distribution transformer consists of reading pressure guages on the side of the transformer, which confirm the transformer has remained sealed. So what I am saying here is that no one crawled around on top of that transformer to see what was there, you just don't do that in the normal course of events. This could have been set up a week ago, a day ago, who knows when, but a thermite charge could have easily gone un noticed on top of one of these transformers. These transformers are huge and no one cares about anything but what the guages say.

Interesting it is that there was a camera perfectly focused on that facility, DEAD CENTER PERFECT to capture this from a prime angle as a hurricane was winding down. I don't believe for a minute this happened by accident at all. Notice the guy running around outside, obviously going from A to B? It was not that bad outside. To me it looked like 40 mph winds.

Oh, but they got the photo op they wanted when that transformer "blew", a nice photo op of a dead and dark New York.


I suggest everyone re-read one of my articles, where I discussed this subject and said it all a year ago. Folks, I warned you, and they are doing it now.

Press Tv, which was up until a few months ago a great news site, seems to have recently started to go downhill, starting most noticeably with their reportage of the "arab spring" and Bengasi, where they did nothing but parrot the AP feed. If PressTV loses what it was known for - it's awesomely accurate and un biased coverage, it will do far more damage to them than losing their stations in Europe.The PressTV article that totally blew me away was THIS ONE. It is the most awful sclock low grade bob got a conspiracy site B.S. I have ever seen fronted as legitimate news by any major channel.

I have a little advice for PressTV, know who your sources are.NEVER TRUST A REPORT FROM THAT MAN. HE SPEWS WHERE HE HAS NO KNOWLEDGE AT ALL.Another Press TV fail was their coverage of Bengasi, where they parroted the AP feed rather than find out for themselves what was really going on there.First of all, no ambassador died at Bengasi, and if one did, SHOW ME THE FUNERAL. The press got so wagged up in the many permutations of their wag the dog, that they totally missed the funeral. All they published was a picture of 4 coffins that arrived in America on Sep 14. Coffin means BURIAL. Forensics were FINISHED. COFFIN MEANS NO REFRIGERATION, HE IS ROTTING, PUT HIM IN THE GROUND. Yet no funeral for the ambassador. THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA BLEW IT.The truth? Something happened at a CIA base located in Bengasi. Someone did die there. The coffins were sent back. Those funerals were reported. None were for an "Ambassador." There was no consulate in Bengasi. The Department of State web site proves it. Extrapolation? A politically inconvenient individual was lured into a CIA base and the CIA vacated and blew him up. This is proven in part by the fact that Fox and others at least now admit, WAY TOO LATE that there was a CIA presense there, something I stated long ago. But the hard evidence is in the fact that there was only one car there, and it was not a diplomatic car. If the CIA employees were also there and the place got attacked, as Fox reported, there would have been more burned cars. U.S. government employees with U.S. citizenship do not take the bus in hostile areas. They all have cars, and there should have been a parking lot full of burned out shells. The fact that there was only one would indicate that the CIA left prior to their dirty deed the same way the ATF vacated the Murrah building before blowing it up.

Additionally, now that Fox spilled the beans and said the CIA was there, why did the attackers leave the CIA alone? If you are going to hit a place with mortars, and then go in and burn it, why leave the CIA alone? Another miss. And it can't be said that the CIA section was somehow secure, because ALL the media outlets said the entire place was built to "residential standards". And you mean to tell me the CIA had no guns? Forget the lie about the Marines. The CIA had guns. Where are the bodies of the attackers? There should have been a few.

No one is thinking over there at PressTV now, and thinking is a KEY PART of getting to the bottom of a story.

The bengasi fraud is now taking the form of a schizoid info squid, with so many tentacles of lies you can't tell which one is going to slap you next. And this schizophrenic story is serving an entirely new purpose now, and that is To cause partisan anger and division, in the hope of creating an environment which will escalate staged riots which will likely happen during the elections to justify a military style lock down on the American people.

It's all a psy op. PressTV, how did you miss this?

Posted to the forum by Jw0"This is NOT a normal storm by any means.. I am posting this up real quick from the philadelphia area in case I lose the internet.. I have dodged a bullet here, by the grace of GOD, other areas are not boding well.. They just shut the power down in Manhatten. I feel kind of electrified tonight, plus with the moon all full and all, its very very bizarre here. The trees are rocking in the gusts, but they are not moving together like a typical storm. Its very chaotic. i will ask to post some pics if it gets worse..

The other thing that is VERY strange, is the fact that, this hurricane was OUT of gas around 2 this afternoon EST... it was chilly here.. As soon as it got dark it warmed up outside.. almost balmy..

Like I said.. very strange.. BUT the saving grace is, this storm is NOT shaping up to be the monster killer as advertised.. it just doesn't seem like it has the energy. the predictions on intellicast made it look very frightening.. its not that bad HERE, near philly."

It appears that what the media is saying is out of whack compared to what is happening on the ground. If the balmy air came in, and nothing happened on that cold front, this is the biggest weather fail in history. Let's hope they get NADA.


The Bengasi psy op is being used to stoke partisan rage, possibly in hope of sparking riots to justify a Fema clamp down.Where is the funeral for the ambassador? IT NEVER HAPPENED.



Interesting it is that this entire Bengasi thing is being used to stoke partisan hatred at election time, in the hopes of causing Americans to join the staged riots when they happen.

There is a reason why they are stoking partisan hatred at the exact same time a man made hurricane is barrelling into New York, The exact same time the National Guard has been told they will soon be going door to door arresting "preppers" as terrorists, the exact same time Fema is in overdrive, at the exact same time the entire nation is on edge AT ELECTION TIME. This may well be the final countdown. Don't fall for the Bengasi B.S., if they succeed in amping up the hurricane to devastating levels, that alone will hurt America enough.


America is a nation about to be destroyed. They put in place every last thing they needed to accomplish the job, all the while the only thing we did in response was cry on a lawn and stare in awe as Jesse Ventura put the Fema coffins on tv, and Alex Jones did a rant. THIS IS A WARNING. IF they succeed in sparking riots with this Bengasi story, at the same time the Reserves are ready and Fema is in overdrive, with the handcuffs already welded into boxcars, the coffins lined up, the guillotines at the ready, and the Fema camps having plenty of vacancy, LOCK AND LOAD. This hurricane alone should be enough to prove that you have NO friend in charge.

29 oct 2012I have a few questions1. How could they predict "sandy" would hit New York when it was still in the Gulf?2. How can Sandy be a category 1, with a strong category 4 barometric reading of 940??

3. How can Sandy build strength going north, when we are heading into winter? Hurricanes never build strength in the North Atlantic, hurricanes need tropical heat, and Sandy is well out of the tropics.

4. Why is this happening at election time?

Interesting it is that Sandy built up strength as it approached land, where the weather machines work the best. This is the false flag terror in the name of the environment I warned everyone about with the Fukushima report, and it's too bad so many big players did not adequately spread the word a year ago, when it was needed. A few big players did. And now, I am not so certain it won't be horrible when it makes landfall, the only saving grace is that it will be a relatively dry hurricane. Little good that will do when it bumps up against that cold front they have ready and waiting. A strong category 1 changes the equation, I would bet that they will stall it now, and beef it up where it sits as much as possible. It's like watching Fukushima in slow motion, this could really be another big one. I thought they had lost it, but it looks like they recovered it, either that or the media is lying about it.

It is obvious our enemy is within. I have a hunch that regardless of outcome, what the reservist said farther down the page is probably going to be implemented. Hopefully not nationwide, but I would not place any bets against that possibility.

October 28 2012Before getting into this, I need to clarify that when I use the word "haarp" it is a catch all phrase for the various weather modification systems, sort of like the word "kleenex".

And now I am just going to cut to the chase.

Sandy is an impossible storm. The Washington Post reported that Sandy has had a peak negative pressure of 934 millibars.

That is an impossibly low pressure for a storm as weak as Sandy. 934 millibars is a pressure consistent with a strong category 4 hurricane. Yet Sandy peaked at category 2, and despite presently being at around 950 millibars, which is smack dab in the middle of a strong category 3 hurricane pressure wise, Sandy is now struggling as a tropical storm tenuously scraping the bottom of category 1 wind speeds.

This is an oddity that just does not add up, an oddity which pegs Sandy as being a nearly failed weather modification attempt rather than a genuine event.

The proof is in the fact that Sandy's performance is not living up to the negative pressure readings.The concept is simple, or at least I will try to make it simple, by going over what makes a haarp storm a haarp storm, and a hurricane a hurricane.

How a hurricane works:

Warm and humid air rises off the surface of the ocean, and proceeds upwards through the eye wall. The more heat you have on the surface of the ocean, the more humidity you have. Heat makes air lighter, which causes it to rise, obviously, but the missing mechanic in a haarp storm is the fact that absent a warm surface temperature on the ocean, you don't get the water vapor. Water vapor is also lighter than air and it displaces air. Humid air is lighter in weight than dry air, so it rises better and produces higher wind speeds.

Now the complex mechanics of it all -

A natural hurricane then, gets all of it's boost from the negative pressure caused by the rising WARM AND WET air at the eye wall, and this negative boost originates at the surface of the ocean. So the winds in a natural hurricane are built from the surface of the water, all the way up the eye wall by air that is both WARM AND WET.

A haarp storm functions differently. Instead of having warm moist air rising from the surface of the ocean that is damp and therefore lightweight to begin with (a double rise potential) , a weather mod machine warms a column of air across a distance spanning from a few hundred feet off the surface of the water, to many miles in altitude. The combined negative pressure is built in a zone starting thousands of feet up and never quite reaching the surface of the water. If you only have the mechanic of a low central pressure, and that low central pressure lacks the assistance of light weight water vapor laden air originating at the ocean surface, the low millibar reading won't do as much as it would if it had the assistance of warm and moist air that is lighter than dry air contributing to the rise potential. And that is why Sandy is scraping along with wind speeds tenuously hovering between tropical storm and hurricane potential when it's pressure readings clearly mark it (at present) as a strong category 3.

Fortunately for America, election day is at a time when the oceans have cooled too much heading into winter time to contribute a lot of humidity to a hurricane. They can try to haarp up an october surprise all they want, and I think it's gonna be nothing but a big fail. Even if they manage to fake a sizeable storm surge from a haarp induced low pressure zone, they are not going to have enough water vapor in the air like they would with a natural hurricane to deliver the apocalyptic pounding they want. They will get some results, there will no doubt be some flooding, but overall I predict this storm is going to be an enormous fail. I think it would be better for them to save face and just push it out to sea.

Who knows how the media will portray it thoughIt's going to be easy to put up a bunch of pictures and videos of places that had stopped up sewers, and say it all flooded. There will no doubt be some flooding if the thing makes landfall. There will probably be a few downed trees and termite eaten bungalos that will serve to provide a decent photo op. The strategy they appear to be using is to have the ocean air, which is always moist to some degree, bump up against a rock solid cold front right as the "hurricane" makes landfall, and the combined results from that scenario could be unpredictable. There may be damage from tornadoes and super cells, and not a hurricane. But super cells like to own their environments, and there will be enough of a spin remaining in Sandy to interfere with their development. Things will be unpredictable in this un natural arrangement. So though I am skeptical of the outcome being what they really wanted, there will be something, and it will be an interesting thing to watch. It could spawn large tornadoes, without supporting super cells, along with mega snowstorms. Even with that in mind, I am skeptical about much happening at all.

I was right about the media faking it.Take a look at this silly girl in a canoe! This is a media setup, including the needless boat in the background no doubt. WHEN do people in the city come up with a rowboat impromptu when golashes will do the job? The funny part of this is the fact that the news anchors called her on the B.S.!___________________________________________

Ridiculous drone stories at Bengasi and other scandal stories surrounding both Presidential candidates may be serving the purpose of causing people to riot at election timeIt's been over a month now, and there has still been no funeral for "ambassador" Stevens. There never will be. A search on Google turns up a picture of four coffins that got shipped back to America on Sep 14, but no funeral for the "ambassador". Perfect for a "wag the dog". There really WAS an Ambassador Stevens, stationed at the embassy in Tripoli, and whoever (if anyone) got bagged at Bengasi was probably not him.Remember that this is the same media that stated Obama got Osama bin laden, when Bin Laden has been dead since 2001. They faked the Osama death pictures and "buried him at sea". One of the fake death pictures is below here, we have all seen it, WRH posts it frequently.

This photo alone should be enough to make people switch off the msm forever. No wonder why they ran Press TV off the air in Europe, obviously an attempted effort at reporting the truth was making too many waves in an ocean of lies.

Whatever purpose they have behind these stories about the drone is impossible to know. Perhaps they are trying to stir pre election rage by now making both candidates look so stupid that riots erupt surrounding the election. Now we have Obama failing to protect his own people, and Romney with strong Nazi ties, and we have a political recipe for the riots and subsequent planned for clamp down by the National Guard that a soldier talked about on the Alex Jones radio program. More on that later.

Since we know the MSM lied about Osama Bin Laden, let's take a look at what a couple of other people have to say about Ambassador Stevens. Now, I have always said Ben Fulford is only about 70 percent accurate, but that's far better than Fox, so he is worth a look. The following was in the latest update from Ben:

"The murder of CIA ''ambassador'¸ Stevens in Libya, was a part of the ongoing battle. According to the gnostic illuminati, Stevens was murdered because of his role in smuggling the nuclear weapon into Japan that was used in the 311 tsunami and nuclear terror attack.

It is true that there is a resemblance between the Stevens who was implicated in the nuclear attack on Japan and the one killed in Libya. However, the Stevens in Asia was supposed t o be a British SAS trained former senior Hong Kong police official while the Stevens in Libya was CIA.

There is a deliberate fog of disinformation surrounding this death but what is clear from public statements is that the Obama faction failed to protect him and the Bush faction are furious about this fact. It is also well known that there was no US embassy in Benghazi and that Stevens was involved in some sort of violence related clandestine work."

It is my opinion that Fulford is at least partially right here. This would explain why there was no funeral for Ambassador Stevens, because Ambassador Stevens was a real man, who would get a real funeral, and whoever died for the dog and pony show (if anyone) was too inconvenient to stage a funeral for. The MSM whoppered a big one, the ambassador is probably alive and well, and it's all just coverup now for the sake of saving face. The CIA angle is in my opinion the only explanation that fits, it explains the lack of a diplomatic car at the scene, the lack of reference for there being a bengasi consulate on the Department of State web site, and the lack of a mourning family for Stevens, or any reference to a funeral at all.

I had several e-mails which stated that the Bengasi "consulate" was in fact a CIA base that served as a hub for no fewer than 10 agents, and they and their supporting marines left the fall guy at the base and went somewhere else until the fun was over. I'd bet that they themeselves, when they left, were the ones who staged the entire attack. That would not surpise me in the least. And now, over a month later, with the MSM finally saying the CIA was there, it seems we may actually be inching closer and closer to the real reality - the "consulate" was not listed because it was instead a CIA base.

But this is distracting from the bigger issue at hand, and that is the upcoming crack down and gun confiscation from the American people. All these stupid stories about a drone at the consulate that could have fired and saved stevens, and Obama instead chose to sit and watch, are now likely serving the purpose of creating a division in the people to spark riots at election time. On the one hand, we have Obama failing to protect his own when we could have and should have, and on the other hand, we have Romney the Nazi, with too many scandals to mention. And both are playing along with their scripts because both are serving the same puppet master.

These stories are paper thin, and easily seen through by anyone who can sit down and objectively analyze them. But most people will not objectively analyze, they will react emotionally, and both "candidates" are now being painted so unfavorably that the only rational response from either side is going to be to reject the election and riot. And it seems like there is going to be plenty of help from the CIA in starting them, with so many anonymous calls coming in threatening various acts of violence and unrest. I believe this is exactly what is planned because it will provide the pretext for activating the National Guard, and the pretext for using the national guard to smash the patriot movement and begin gun confiscations.

On October 25th, Alex Jones had a National Guard soldier on his program for an interview. This National Guardsman said they have been training for a crack down related to election riots. This crack down specifically labeled "doomsday preppers" as terrorists that were to be rounded up and treated as terrorists, and that any soldiers who were preppers would be "treated accordingly". The National Guardsman then went on to state that gun confiscations were to be part of it, that stores would be shuttered and gas stations closed and that the only way people will be able to get what they need to survive will be to hand in their guns and comply. The end outcome would be that the American citizens would prevail against the police and military, but that both would be weakened so much by the civil war that when UN troops were sent, the mop up would be easy.

You can listen to this interview Here It's the October 25th 2012 thursday show. The soldier begins speaking at 42:20 and continues on after resolving initial technical difficulties.

My question about it all was how could they know who the preppers are, so well that the national guard can just go get them? The answer is easy. All our communications have been bugged, and all or purchases tracked. That sams club card and shopping card served a purpose. And if you bought with Visa or any other credit card, you are doomed as well. Your guns are registered. And even if you moved since registering them, your name is still attached to them. It is the law now to have to tell a town you moved in. So when you reported your new address to the state, and got that new license, or even got a utility bill in your name for a new address, you got re-mapped and they know where that gun is and how many cheerios you bought. A clampdown of the type the National Guardsman described could only be accomplished by having all that information on every individual American citizen. We allowed them to track us with 100 percent accountability, and now it seems we may soon reap the reward given to that level of ignorance.

So when you hear a story about Bengasi being a consulate, and "ambassador Stevens" being dead, don't believe it, it is only in place to whip up republican hate. When you hear a story about Romney being a little nazi who befriends child molesters, robs old ladies of their stock profits, and evades taxes, don't believe it And when you hear stories about the white house being attacked, and riots taking place across the country, don't join them, they are staged, because that is the plan and this is why they are telling so many outrageous stories about these candidates - to provide plausible cover. THEY WANT THE RIOTS, DON'T PLAY THE GAME.


During testing of genetically modified corn, the rats had to be force fed the corn because they knew something was wrong with it and would not eat it. After being force fed, the rats then went on to develop abnormalities, such as tumors, poor health, and sterility. This video does a brilliant job of showing that. This video should start with pixar quality animation of a rat in a lab titled GMO theater. If it does not,click hereCodex Alimentarius may be the compassJim Stone, 10/20/12PermalinkIt's no secret that there is definitely ill intent in the realm of genetically modified organisms, with the secrecy of the labeling, Europe being denied the ability to shut them out and boycott them, and the simple fact that Monsanto will not allow their own genetically modified products in their own cafeterias. And the criminals rule the roost when farmers can be sued for unwanted contamination of their own crops by GMO pollen from neighboring fields; the mere fact that Monsanto can sue for cross pollination on the grounds of copyright proves beyond all doubt that there is no honesty or integrity in the courts, and as a result we are on our own.Since the system we live within is totally corrupt now, and no one seems to be willing to kill to correct it, (that is the ONLY solution when things get this bad) those of us who are fortunately informed enough to even know what a gmo is will need to find ways to protect ourselves. It's a safe bet the elite are not eating GMO's that are engineered to make them sterile and shorten life span; it's a safe bet that they are not getting tainted vaccines, it's a safe bet that they have ways of skirting the system, and that they have arranged a way to live among us, shop at the same stores, and not be poisoned. Interesting it is then that Codex Alimentarius became integrated into the food supply at the same time GMO foods entered it.

Codex alimentarius could be described as a 100 percent accountable food labeling system. Under codex alimentarius, apples, oranges, bananas, you name it, are labeled with their own stickers placed on each fruit from the moment it leaves the field to the moment it is sold. With Codex Alimentarius, it is not good enough to just label the truck, or an entire pallet, or even an entire banana box, no; There is something about the food now that is SO important that a sticker has to be applied to EVERY individual fruit when harvested, on the spot, until it is sold so that whatever that food product is, it can be known by those who understand the codex alimentarius system exactly what that food product really is. A Golden Delicious apple is not just a "golden delicious" obviously, and Codex alimentarius will ensure that there is no mixing of golden delicious bins.

I am sure that by now, most of my readers have noticed that when you go to the store for an apple, each apple, orange, pear, lemon, banana etc will now have it's own sticker. On that sticker is a number. That number directly identifies WHAT that fruit is, and in no uncertain terms. I believe it is this numbering system, which is a component of codex alimentarius, that will keep the elite safe from intentionally sabotaged foods.

I do not know the code. It has been rumored that a code beginning with 8 denotes GMO but I have no proof of that, so don't take that as advice.

Another aspect of this is Kosher labeling, but after being in the Jewish community myself I am not certain if Kosher labeling, though definitely better than not kosher labeling, is going to be a be all end all answer to food safety. For now it is. But the rabbis specifically told me that ANY rice that is not processed was Kosher, and the same goes for fruits, vegetables, and any other plant based food that has not been processed in any way whatsoever. No mention at all was given to GMO. Yet we have the Monsanto rats and other experiments to prove that all is not well there, and I believe that at least for now, the Kosher label ensures none of that will be in your soup. It's only a belief though, no one ever told me directly, I was simply instructed to eat only Kosher. Certainly if the Kosher mark or circled U starts showing up on bags of rice, it will be a red flag like no other.

The reason why I am not certain Kosher is the be all end all is rooted in the way the Jewish community idolizes Bill Gates and the Rothchild family. It's like a cult. No matter what Bill Gates says, with many Jews it is gospel. And the Rothchilds are a step up from there. The Jews have a belief that God rewards good people with great wealth, because they will use it correctly in their righteousness, and that poor people have been stripped of all wealth because allowing them access to wealth will enable them to corrupt society. So what we have in the Jewish community is a defacto cult which worships wealth, and anyone with a lick of religious sense ought to know what that means. And I will expound on this.

Because the mega wealthy have used dishonest predatory tactics to gain their wealth, they are far from righteous. "It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God". We have all heard that scriptural quote, and that is the position I take. And I believe that this cult of wealth is no different from the Jamestown cult, and that these super elite people will have absolutely no qulams about murdering or destroying the people in the Jewish community who are below them when all others have been ruined and there is no one else left to subjugate. The elite need to feed their egos endlessly, and will not stop in that effort until they completely destroy their base, which in the end, after all is lost for the rest of us, will be the Jewish community.

So I don't expect Kosher labeling to remain a safe haven forever. An alternative system needs to be in place to make sure "Sir Rothchild" never takes a bite of a poison apple. And I believe Codex Alimentarius will be that system, and unlike Kosher, which is easy to determine via only 30 or so major Kosher marks, with two being totally predominant, Codex alimentarius is going to have it's secrets put in the numbers.

We need to figure out that numbering system NOW and not later. Bananas have been engineered to grow live viruses that can deliver vaccines, Corn has been engineered to make you sterile, and unlike what has been widely said in the alternative media, wheat, rice, potatoes, breadfruit, and many other staple food crops have already been engineered for this purpose, and are sitting on store shelves now. Obviously fruits are going to be the medium for carrying the super nasty stuff, because they are seldom cooked, and delivered to be eaten live and fresh. This will ensure the viral payload remains intact. Due to the manner in which they are normally eaten, fruits are the obvious choice for complex biological modifications which include having viruses be produced by the fruit itself.

With European nations now banned from refusing GMO foods, and with the reluctance of the American government to enforce GMO labeling, I believe it is prudent to consider ALL foods tainted until proven otherwise. For now I believe Kosher is a refuge. But we all ought to know by now that a company like Monsanto will never be punished for lying about it's product, and will face no successful prosecution for mis labeling seeds and sending them out the door as non GMO when they are GMO. It is obvious the choice has already been made, they fully intend to RAM GMO DOWN OUR THROATS, like it or not, until hell freezes over. There is a reason for the seed vaults in the arctic, which will be accessed when the goal of GMO has been accomplished and a fresh start is needed.

There is a reason why farmers can be prosecuted for re-planting seeds they believed were the original strains, just because a little monsanto pollen drifted their way and showed up in a test. These infringement lawsuits by Monsanto are serving the purpose of destroying all refuge from GMO, even if that refuge is a little bit tainted, by allowing a venue through which farmers who are bucking the system can be destroyed. And obviously, when a governmental system becomes totally corrupt, prosecution flows the wrong direction and punishes the victim. It has to end that way for corruption to fully triumph.

There is more to this story, and Codex Alimentarius is at the root of it. If Anonymous ever had a code worthy of cracking, Codex Alimentarius would be the one. And since no one seems to want to go out and kill the perpetrators, and we have instead chosen to fall back on a peace sign and cry on a lawn somewhere only to be pepper sprayed and jailed for even that, it seems a hack may be our only hope.


Over the last couple of months, there have been numerous references to the military being told to move inland to avoid coastal flooding. Everyone reporting on this is expecting an earthquake, a crustal slip, or any number of other odd reasons for why the military might want to avoid the coasts.I can give you the real reason, and this reason used to be in a fair number of the war books that were once upon a time in our public libraries. But nowadays, this information is hard to find anywhere, including on the web.

Back in the 50's, America and Russia had many nuclear tests. Russia did a majority of theirs in the geographically protected Northern waters, and America did many out in the Pacific. The records of our testing were at one time easily accessible public knowledge. But starting in the late 90's and early 2,000's this information became very hard to get, and in fact, I have checked for it many times so I can reference link it, to no avail. Here is something that has been expunged from the pages of history, and I beg to ask WHY?

During America's testing in the area loosely surrounding the Bikini Atoll, it was discovered by accident that nuclear weapons generate enormous tsunamis. If memory serves, the one that proved it was only a 200 kiloton device, and when it was set off at depth, deep down in the ocean, it triggered a major tsunami that wiped out the neighboring islands and created a mystery tsunami in India and other coastal areas which claimed many lives and went completely unexplained - (The DOD kept it's mouth shut at the time but it did make it into the old books.) And the shocking aspect is that the bomb was not really all that big.

America did ONE such deep ocean test, and that was the end of it.

Russia on the other hand went hog wild with these tests. In the sheltered and enclosed areas of their northern oceans, they worked the nuclear tsunami down to a science. And they openly announced that the most efficient way to destroy with a nuclear weapon was to set it off in the ocean and let the tsunami do the job. Russia was not very quiet about this and as a result, decades ago it was feared that Russia would set off nukes in the Atlantic off the east coast and use tsunamis to destroy the coastal cities. And now we cut to the chase.

It is my belief that the only earthquakes "they" can predict are the ones they set off themselves. There is no great earthquake coming to the Pacific, no giant crustal slippage, no reason for a flooding or great wave. But the internet chatter about coastal flooding has my interest, because WHY would this be said, in conjunction with military movements?

The answer is a little bit obvious. Since Russia perfected this method of attack during their nuclear tests, and Israel has dabbled in this aggressively, and America has it's own little tidbit of experience with regard to this topic, I think that most likely, valuable military assets have been moved away from the coastlines because they are expecting something big, something nuclear. And because the ocean absorbs the blast and conceals the mushroom cloud, such tsunamis can be blamed on something natural. And my two guesses for WHY there might be a nuclear tsunami boil down to two possibilities - fallout from a war on Iran, or Israel's dirty little secret, Nuclear Blackmail.

It is well proven that the USGS is now just a lying scam outfit, with the initial readings from Japan saying it was a high 6 to low 7 event, and the initial readings out of Indonesia pegging it at a 6.3 only to have it magnified a thousand times to a 9 to justify the tsunami, the USGS has proven it cannot be trusted. So don't go thinking they are going to come to you with the truth, the USGS is now nothing but a propaganda megaphone. Expect to hear all about how the ocean attenuates earthquakes so you cant feel them on land (patent B.S.) but a great way to slough off the fact that a nuke produces a giant tsunami from a (relatively) small seismic signature.

If these military movements are in fact happening because they really do expect coastal flooding, consider the fact that the flooding might only be temporary, but it could be severe. The 400 foot wave would be made a reality by Tsar Bomba.

10/10/12I posted the following report for a few hours on the 5th but pulled it because I felt it was too ludicrous to post. Debka file is such a scam web site that I never in a million years thought the Creative News Network, Faux, Clearly Blatant Scam and Never Believable Con "news" networks would be stupid enough to front a Debka Spew. Well, I was wrong. So OUT OF THE DUNGEON, I present the following:Jim Stone, 10/5/12Permalink

By now most of us have heard about that Iranian cameraman who defected while Ahmadenijad was in New York. Now, there are obvious fallacies with regard to this even happening at all, which indicate that even the root story is a fabrication. The most obvious fallacy is that anyone would need to arrive with a political body to defect from Iran.

Defections of the type described only happen in countries that deny people passports and the right to leave. But since Iran does not do that, the entire basis for the story is a steaming pile of B.S., that cameraman could have flown to the states any time he wanted. Iran does not restrict people from flying out the way America does, or the way Russia once restricted its people from leaving. And if America said no to his visa, he could have just defected to somewhere else via Iranian Airlines if he really HAD TO get out. That alone flushes the camera man story down even an economy toilet.

So let's cut to the chase and look at this Debka file report.

In this report, it specifically states this cameraman brought out two suitcases full of FILM. It does not say tapes, hard drives, or SD cards, it says FILM, all of it shot by this cameraman who is age 41. So this cameraman got out of college at age 24. He would not have been accepted to high level security positions right out of college, he would have first had to have had career progress to prove himself good enough to run around with the President. That puts him at around age 30. That sets his beginning career date with the president and all things relevant to the Debkafile report at around the year 2001.

Now, obviously Debka file is going off of stereotypes here because after all in 2001 it takes an Arab to run around with a pre VHS video camera that would have used film. For portable video cameras, film totally died somewhere around 1982. Unfortunately for Debka file, Persians are not Arabs so blurry Al Ciada video is not the norm with them.

In even the picture provided by Debka, the cameraman is holding a professional DV camera. Since professional DV only began going straight to flash memory as a norm three years ago, it is fairly safe to assume that camera has a DV tape. DV tapes are very small, but that's something I am going to skip over here. The point is that this cameraman was not shooting film, he was shooting digital video. And in 2001 even I had a DV camcorder, which loaded all the video directly into a PC. Since DV cannot be edited without a PC and it's impossible to output a finished product without a computer, the tapes would have been HISTORY. They would have been uploaded to a PC and that would have been the end of them.

Debka file can't back out of this, because they specifically said that he had TWO SUITCASES PACKED WITH FILM WHEN DV HAS BEEN THE STANDARD NOW FOR 20 YEARS, ALL THE WHILE THEY SHOW HIM HOLDING A DV CAMERA. The story would have been a LOT more believable if Debka had at least said the cameraman left Iran with three terabytes of video on hard drives, or some other thing like he handed the CIA his laptop. Iran is an advanced country, very similar to Spain or Norway, THAT LEVEL, and an awful lot of people know it.

What is even worse is that this camera man was free to come here at ANY TIME. Why attach the story to a political visit? Well, because there are plenty of idiots out there who will get spit balls on their TV screens while viewing it before flicking over to Dancing with the Stars. This story really is a soggy turd, the least bit of logic makes it fade away like desert fog.

What would be the purpose of a report like this when Debka is a known intelligence front? The answer is obvious - to test the waters of idiocy in a safe location to see if people will be stupid enough to take a drink and then jump on the nuclear Iran bandwagon. No word of this on CNN or anywhere else yet, I let this sit for 12 hours or so to see where it went and so far nada, perhaps the MSM has decided they have already lost enough credibility to cause them to avoid a Debka spew.

NOPE, I was WRONG!!!And because I was wrong, I find the nationwide fuel shortages to be a very disturbing occurrence because that fuel went SOMEWHERE, possibly into the war machine . . . . . . .The Iranian people stood up against zionist tyranny longer than any other group. Now it looks like they might receive their final test. May God maintain the peace; though I fear that may only be a hope.____________________________________________

Get OUT of the paper marketsIf you have invested in silver certificates and are not holding onto real metal, GET OUT OF THOSE MARKETS IMMEDIATELY. The scam is about to collapse.I don't know if it is this year, or next year, but it is not far off. I have seen a disturbing trend in the way silver is getting priced. You can see it clearly on the Kitco web site. Silver is being artifically held below $35 an ounce. The only way to do this is to print phony paper, which represents silver that does not exist, and then dump the paper on the market. How over leveraged is silver now?

A few days ago the elite dropped enough paper on the market in one minute to represent two years worth of the total silver mined and produced by the United States, and it only dropped the price of silver by FIFTY CENTS an ounce. They keep doing it, they are dumping paper after endless paper silver into the market in almost that same amount daily, and there is almost NO real silver to back it up. I have remained silent on this issue but I have paid attention, and I estimate that the paper market, which is supposed to have real silver to back it up, is in fact leveraged at least 50:1 against real silver. What does this mean?

Well, it means that if you own a pound of paper silver, and that paper market finally gets called on the carpet, the REAL silver that you paid FULL PRICE FOR that the paper claims to represent would weigh about a quarter of an ounce. Enough for MAYBE a big mac meal. Your pound of paper silver, rather than being worth a big screen, is worth a big mac. And if you are in the paper market, you are an absolute fool. I hope you enjoy your Big Mac. And with the way this system is set up, the elite will take whatever silver was in the system and you will eat nothing at all, not even as much as a grain of rice.

Take posession of your physical silver and gold IF AT ALL POSSIBLE. FAILURE TO DO SO WILL SOON LEAVE YOU IN RUIN. We were able to destroy Libya when Libya decided to introduce a gold backed currency that could have trashed the paper silver and gold markets. Now, China is doing the same. Do you think America will have as much luck with smashing China the way it did Libya, when China has ICBM's and plenty of nukes? Folks, it does not matter if China has a crappy ground army when they can just nuke us. The only answer is to ditch the paper markets before it is too late. And when you do, DO NOT put it in a bank deposit box, because a year ago the banks got the right to just raid the boxes. Sure, they have not done it yet, but during the crunch? Hmmmm. It's all too fishy for me.

The engine control computer in your car was mandated by federal law to ALWAYS maintain an open channel to the cell phone network in all makes and models of vehicles sold in America after 2004. Onstar equipped vehicles had it a lot sooner. The purpose for having this cell connection mandated in all cars sold during and after 2005 was to make it possible to listen to everything said in a car. And you can't get rid of it, because the engine control computer is needed to make the car run. Two way communication would be possible in all of these cars if you were allowed to use that cell connection for your own purposes. But it is not there for you.This is something I have known about for years, and I have advised my friends into the best possible (now older) cars that do not have this feature.

And there is a far more sinister side to this. It is possible to use that cell connection to reprogram the engine computer in any of these cars, and there is no safeguard in place to prevent cars from being reprogrammed to accept remote driving commands. It is being hypothesized now that it has become an assassination weapon, where air bags are set off to disorient or knock out the driver (and subsequently eliminate their protective ability), disable the brakes and steering, and floor the accelerator until the car crashes. A majority of cars nowadays are at least partially drive by wire, there is no mechanical linkage for many of the driving commands.

Read about it here: Was Arizona Sheriff Larry Dever Killed by Boston Brakes?

9/24/2012PermalinkI am going to go ahead and put this subject up now, because I really think the shit will definitely hit the fan soon. This will be a list of tips you never saw before, why write what everyone else has written a thousand times? What is here is hardcore life saving stuff.1.

I have confirmed, with actual testing that this first one is accurate. This has got to be classified info.All it takes to defeat infrared night vision, and I mean the GOOD STUFF, is a single sheet of 1 mil polyethelene plastic. I tested only the thin film polyethelene that Wal Mart sells as a painting drop cloth for 99 cents. It works folks, and I will tell you how I know. It is completely effective against government issued infrared night vision, both the hand held and helicopter mounted units. I have had some freaky episodes I never talked about here, to spare the drama. But it's time to talk about this one.This was tested on the U.S. border patrol, against numerous helicopters, surveillance drones, and SUV's. I was in the back country for three days on my first border bust attempt, and evaded them entirely while they were everywhere. And finally I got tired of the plastic, convinced myself it did not work anyway, and stood up ONCE with it off and got bagged immediately. Fortunately I had my huge cameras, a laptop, and got off with a stupid story about being down there as an investigative journalist seeing how good of a job they are doing. Well, here is my report, a little over a year late.

There is not a single damn Mexican crossing the border illegally. In three days in close proximity to that damn fence I could not get across, it was too well watched and I never saw a single Mexican. That border patrol is really down there to keep Americans from getting out, the border is extremely dense with drones, planes, and helicopters, as well as ground border patrol agents and if you think you are going to get out of this country by busting the border Mexican style when tshtf, you can forget it, there is a damned iron curtain down there and it's job is to keep you IN. All the stories of the fence being easily penetrated are BULLSHIT to make you believe you have not been locked in. Well, you HAVE.

Once they figured out I had the huge cameras (this was before I lost them) and everything else you would expect from a journalist, they drove me into town and dropped me off as a courtesy, and there were thousands of Mexicans streaming in through the border crossing, with lunch buckets and backpacks, and this was BEFORE Obama decided to announce he was just letting them in through the gate. They just let the mexicans in folks, the border fence is for US.

I got out with a legitimate Mexican visa and the WSA passport 7 months later through the crossing at Laredo. For new readers who never heard about my travails, I got destroyed and anonymously detained over my Fukushima report, which documented line for line how Israel triggered the earthquake in Japan and destroyed Fukushima with a computer virus and nuclear weapons, after triggering a nuclear tsunami to provide cover. I was forced to flee the country.

I knew I had a hostile situation, and also knew how those infrared systems work. They look for direct radiant energy, and a simple sheet of polyethelene will block that direct radiant source. But it has to be used properly or it will not work.

This is what you need to accomplish for it to be effective -

Never have it wrapped tight on your body or your body will warm it up, and then the plastic itself will radiate infrared. You have to have it extremely loose on you so that it stays cold. No where on you should it be close enough to you to be warmed by your body heat. A couple inches will do, it just cannot be in direct contact with you. A loosely draped arrangement, and when you lay down, put it over you like a blanket. Obviously if night vision is in your area you don't want to be out walking around, one snag on a tree branch and you could easily be finished. So movement will be slow.

And I know my advice on the infrared is not bullshit as a result of direct experience. It really does take ONLY a sheet of Wal Mart plastic to render it useless. And I said, POLYETHELENE, Not polypropylene, canvas, or any other material. I confirmed that Polyethylene works and won't make guesses with anything else. Fortunately polyethylene is the easiest cheapest possible solution.


Tidal SpringsGet the DeLorme topo map of your state that they sell at truck stops. It's the one that is a full size book. Don't get the national one, get the one for your state. In it will be the full topographical information for the state, which is great for back country navigation because these maps include all the 4 wheel trails, possible obstacles, lakes, rivers, and most importantly, the TIDAL SPRINGS.I'd bet you never heard of a tidal spring before, but knowing what one is can save your life.

Since the hostile regions such as the San Rafael Swell are the best places to hide from the storm troopers, it is essential to know what a tidal spring is.

Everyone has heard of the ocean tides. But few people realize that the land also has tides, and that the water tables are affected by the moon and sun every bit as much as the oceans are. The water in the ground will rise and fall just like the ocean does at high and low tide, and knowing this can save your life in the desert.

The desert does not get enough water to keep a full time spring going, but that spring you walk by that looks like it dried up in fact did not. For a short period of time each day, the springs in the desert will flow, and some of them can get very swift flows. When the water tables rise due to the same tidal effects that affect the ocean, tidal springs will push forth their water and flow for a short period of time. And from my experience, the output of a tidal spring can be dramatic. They typically do not just trickle, normally they are more like a broken water main. They push forth hundreds of gallons, which flow out from the spring several hundred feet before vanishing into the desert sand, EVERY DAY, on cue with the peak daily tide.

This is direct experience, not just something I read somewhere. I spent a few years studying the desert with a 4 wheel drive, and learned a few tricks. I don't think you will hear about this elsewhere, which I sort of think is damning - why not? It is key survival info. Forget about digging for a little dirty water, you can have nice clean spring fed water daily if you know this trick. Tidal springs are common in the desert, but you won't find them without one of those DeLorme maps. Rand McNally is useless. On a delorme map they are simply marked as a spring. You will know it's a tidal spring if there is no associated river. Use the map key to find the symbol.


Don't even think about lighting a fire without extreme caution, satellites are watching!The Fed thought of this years ago. In fact, they thought of this DECADES ago. Under the disguise of catching forest fires early on before they got out of control, the Fed launched satellites to look at the back country and detect when a fire starts. This was stated as having been done to give a first warning of a fire that needs attention. But since forest fires get out of control all the time, it's obvious the satellites are there for other reasons. And I can guess what reasons.Such a system, which looks for temperatures over "x", can be used to look for stoves, camp fires, hot exhaust systems, you name it, and alert the other satellites that there could be something interesting to look at. Yep, it's BUBBA with his dixie flagged 4x4, out in the woods cooking a squirrel. GO NAIL HIM. Careful, he has guns. I meant "nail him" with a drone.

One thing that is going to be unique about the people who do bug out is that a lot of them are going to be idiots who still believe Arabs did 9/11. But they will know the Gov is after their guns. Such people are going to be practically useless simply because of their stupidity, and will make easy drone fodder. And the drones will not be flown by Americans, because Americans won't be reliable enough. Count on it all happening over the internet, where Zhou Fangzhou is logged on in Peking, shooting up Americans with a system American tax dollars paid for, getting even with Americans because Americans laughed while pulling shit like this:

Direct link in case they lie about it not existing OR IF THEY SWITCH THE VIDEO TO SOMETHING ELSE.

The situation is so much worse than anyone realizes. People, the Fed has authorized the launch of over 70,000 drones over American soil. WHY? Think about that. It's obvious. It is so that they can contract out the killing of dissenters to foreign nations, and totally bypass all reservations American soldiers might have over killing their own people. The death of the patriot movement will come from the sky via the desks, couches and TV rooms of nations like China, Russia, Pakistan, and any other nation that rightfully hates our guts after how America behaved. I'd bet they will even hire Arabs to do it.

Concealment of fire is going to be a key determiner of who survives in the back country and who does not. All fires should be as small as possible and under cover. When you use fire, and it does not matter if it's a stove or an open pit, make good and sure you are under cover that totally blocks the sky. Satellites have an angle of view, so getting down into a tight ravine or crevice and lighting the fire there is very likely to obstruct a satellite's view of it but it would be best to keep the fire totally concealed from all direct view of the open sky. And clouds are not cover for this, when it comes to heat a satellite can look right through the clouds.


I recommend for readers to archive and re post what is here to whatever extent possible, ESPECIALLY the following articles they saw fit to remove. This site may not be here for long, and I already have the bug out plan almost in place in case they kill this site. This site is the totally out of control opposition and I believe it won't be tolerated much longer.Nuclear blackmail In this report, I explain why and how Israel smuggled nuclear weapons into sensitive locations of various countries, to force governments to comply with zionist and globalist demands. This report is an extension of the Fukushima report, which during the investigation that made the Fukushima report possible, I uncovered the evidence that Israel is indeed using this method to blackmail and enslave nations.

Explosives found in Swedish nuclear plant This report proves that nuclear facilities have been rigged to explode like Fukushima, and as a result it is pretty obvious the world's governments are all bowing down to the NWO/zionist takeover under threat of nuclear catastrophe.

Root of shaken baby scam revealed In this report, a Queensland police officer reveals that when babies die from vaccine damage, officers are told to blame it on the parents and file charges against parents, by saying there was no evidence of abuse only because the baby was shaken to death. This is a scam of epic proportion, fronted to hide the intentional death and damage vaccines now cause when administered to infants. This is evidence of the NWO takeover population control/dumbing down program all the way.

Tainted Nightmare This article destroyed the first "Swine flu" scam and is exactly why forced vaccinations were not implemented. It got over 300 million reads in many different languages. This was from before this web site was converted to a news site. This article rose such a stir that it occupied the first 4,500 consecutive hits on Google. It was the driving force behind changes in the national policies of Saudi Arabia and Egypt. This one was MAJOR, and since they deleted it, they are probably GEARING UP FOR A SECOND RUN. CAUTION!!!

So now I see a picture here - whatever they have planned for the near future, it involves nuclear catastrophe and vaccines. So when things go BOOM, don't believe a word that comes from the "official" press, any talk of "terrorists" will be BULLSHIT, and when that "disease" comes around, run away from all needles because the disease will be a scam and the accompanying vaccine will be a bioweapon.

The Fukushima report could not be quietly removed because it is too prominent. That is why it stayed online.

A message to my readers in IranThis site may be fairly large, but the readership in Iran is small. Please try to get a few more people here to make it possible for me to know beyond a doubt if you are still there so I will know if you got cut off from the world, and what day and hour it happened. If you vanish I will sound the alarm. I have been checking for you daily, to make sure you are still there. I am afraid the zionists will cut your internet cable to silence you and then destroy you in secret, and secrets are something I do not want them to keep. If any of you want to send me a phone number so I can call to get your perspective and opinions directly I am open to that as well. I speak only English.PermalinkJim Stone 9/21/2012

The world is being pushed to war on purpose, and those attempting to push this war are desperate. Fortunately, a majority of nations have intelligence agencies with a better ability to discover the truth than even the best of the truth movement, and now that the false flag genie is out of the bottle and under public scrutiny the elite have lost their primary war starting weapon. Phony items such as the Muhammad flick are now quickly skewered and shown for what they are, and absent it coming to light so quickly I really think we would be at war right now. Too many people cried foul for it to work, and even a few nailed the entire psy op dead on.

But there is still cause for concern. They may not have profited from the Muhammad film festival, but they are also not giving up on the overall theatrical presentation. It seems like since their war on Iran got stifled, they are after another object of their hatred, - Japan. How is it that suddenly the Chinese people are now in a rage? This following on the heels of a colossal failure in the middle east is more than suspicious, it's damning. It's almost like they are trying to at least get their hands on a plain donut after dropping the sugar coated one in the desert sand.

My advice to the world: Don't fall for any of it. There is not going to be some mythical great awakening and push for war by ANYONE outside of external instigation, truth be told people almost never care about what is going on even 50 miles from them, people just want to live their lives. And in all cases, the local government will be what people have to deal with face to face, and it is their own local situation that they will naturally get emotional about, NOT some stupid batch of islands no one lives on or an obscure, poorly produced youtube video.

The biggest danger we face is the fact that the people in charge of the theatrics are very powerful, and for some reason they are very desperate. They want a war. They know there is a major awareness happening in at least 15 percent of the public, and a gray awareness in approximately half. That's too much for them to deal with, statistically speaking three percent is the safety threshold. That may sound like a small number, but that is the magic number and we are well past that, far too many people see the lie machine for what it is. So our odds of war are in fact being determined by their ratio of desperation to that of public awareness. And that ratio is at a tipping point, it is impossible to know which way it is going to tilt.

Please don't fall for the next scam. Please do not fall for ANY scam. The wars are wanted and pushed by the Rothchilds, the Rockefellers, a few loose nuts in Israel, the American Jewish community as proven by their tainted media, and the American military industrial machine and it's associated criminals such as Clinton and Bush. The silliness of the Mohammed movie proves that the real war pushers are in a minority even within that minority, because the poor production quality proves the talent pool is very small. Unfortunately the worst criminals rise to the top among those who govern wealthy people who slouch in their vigilance and submit to being heavily robbed by taxes which then in turn only provide the money to fund further corruption. This has happened to America, and for far too long, SO LONG now that all of the big players are in an increasingly small group. And that group has an agenda of world domination.

I learned an important thing in business. If someone decides they are going to steal and are not stopped or at least reprimanded for stealing, the stealing will escalate until it hits 100 percent theft. This trend also follows in politics. If politicians are allowed to be a criminals and are allowed to become worse and worse theives and murderers, those criminals, if funded with enough resources, will continue in their crimes until they rob and destroy the entire world. That is what we are up against, and we are one step away from it. They will do it by the consent of silence, DO NOT give them that!.

I am not certain they will manage to pull this off, but I am very worried. If they were not so desperate to make the final push I would put our odds at 50/50. But they ARE desperate, and desperate people do stupid things. Arrogance also plays a major role here, and if their desperation and arrogance happens to be at the right ratio they will go ahead with their war, consent be damned. They GOT their massive surveillance machine in place and have enough prison camps to handle the worst dissenters. And with the amount of awareness at a level far beyond three percent, THAT is what we need to worry about. I advise people that no matter what happens to get reported in the news, call it fake until you prove every point of the accompanying story line is not, and if they go ahead with the war anyway, LOCK AND LOAD, you are going to need to.

a ____________________________________________________

Why would this site get censored? The reason is simple. There is a lot of damning stuff here, perfectly documented, and this site is the source. This site is not a link farm parroting other people's work, it is the root of many investigations, not just one, MANY. Take a look at what is here and link back. Articles can be posted in their entirity without modification as well, just mention my name and prominently link back (your usual method is fine if you have a news site). This site has avoided shutdown because so many people re-post what is here.All the evidence for why I believe no one died at the theaterPERMALINKNo CCTV footage came out of the bat man shooting. No pictures after the fact either. Some people hit the social security death index too early. Then there is the Libor connection, the dead nurse, and the testimony that police made threats and blackmailed people to testify against Holmes, when they were not at the theater at all. Then there were the damning tweets, the phony blood trail, and downright silly pictures. If you think you know the Bat Man shooting, take a look at this!Japan earthquake both man made AND faked to a higher magnitude to justify nuclear tsunamiPermalink This is the first portion of the Fukushima report, which speaks about the physical aspects of the disaster, which was in fact an act of war. There is a lot more to it than that, including the fact that the zionists want all cultures destroyed and smashed into a global monoculture and Japan was having none of it, as well as Japan refusing to do an enormous banker bailout they never owed, and therefore from a globalist perspective Japan had to be destroyed. Read the full report HERE

BUSTED!Permalink What if the entire nuclear waste problem was intentionally created? What if our own government got infiltrated and wanted over 100 nation destroying weapons placed in key locations around the country, all disguised as infrastructure? America's nuclear policy has done exactly that, and this report covers how it happened.This is a must read on this siteMails from Japan, the real perspectivePermalink There was a brief gap in the censorship on my mail box, and for a week I got e-mails from Japan. They flooded in. You would be surprised by what the people said in these mails. Now, after over 150,000 more visits to the site from Japan, not a single new e-mail from Japan has come in. Why would the elite want these e-mails censored? Read this, and you will know whyThe WSA passport has been proven legitimatePERMALINK When the U.S. government detained me without a reason shortly after I published the Fukushima report, I knew my days in America were numbered. After being refused a passport from the FED, I chose an alternate - the WSA passport, with doubts. Those doubts are gone. The WSA passport is indeed 100 percent legitimate, and I believe it saved my life. Read more HEREJoe did not "Stack" up.Permalink Many of you may remember the story of Joe Stack, who flew his plane into the IRS building. This report proves even THAT to have been a false flag PERMALINK This groundbreaking whistleblower testimony proves that vaccines are the cause of SIDS and the "shaken baby syndrome". This officer provides testimony that parents are prosecuted for damage proven to be from vaccines. Read more hereDigital stepping in the Aurora BorealisPermalink This report is a technical stab at how haarp works to modify weather, and has supporting evidence in an article published by Nasa.Many people do not realize the fact that Nasa published a report which spoke about Hurricane Katrina, and two other hurricanes that did not have normal electrical readings. In fact, the readings were so far out of character for hurricanes that they broke world records for all previous storms of any type in history, including tornado spawning super cells which are normally very electrically charged. Nasa does not specifically state that Haarp did it, to do so would be suicide for them. This report is linked to in my Haarp report, which can be read HERE


USGS and MSM Busted over phony quake!Permalink I was in Mexico city, and there was an earthquake drill. Because they triggered a real quake in Chiapas during a drill there, which I did feel, I recorded a video of this drill just in case they triggered an earthquake for it as well. They did not, but the next day I found out they called the drill a real quake. See the video and read about it HERE___________________________

7.9 in Chiapas Mexico on March 20 2012 proven man madePermalink I was at a Starbucks in the Santa Fe district of Mexico city when an earthquake happened. It swayed the buildings, disoriented drivers and caused everyone to evacuate. I reported it within minutes on my site, and then found out the next day that there was an earthquake drill in Chiapas Mexico, the epicenter, covering the exact same magnitude of quake at the exact same time on the exact same day. Since defense secretary William Cohen has verified the earthquake machine to be a reality in a press briefing in 1997, it's pretty obvious how such a coincidence could have happened.Read the full report HERE

Prescribed deletionPermalink I got my hands on 230 megs of classified documents related to antidepressants from GSK. It was a tedious read, but after diving fairly deep into the tens of thousands of pages of studies, results, etc, it was obvious that antidepressants were horrible, the manufacturers knew it, and they false advertised and put knowingly damaging products on the market. A This report will have six segments when complete, "Testimonies of the destroyed" is the first. If you have been ruined or damaged by antidepressants, you are not alone, read what others have been through HereA tale of two protestsPermalinkI was in Washington DC, so I figured I would go pay a visit to an anti war protest against war with Iran. After that protest ended another started, begging Obama to go to war with Syria. It was obviously phony and I documented that as well. If you want to see what a psy op looks like, just take a look at this report Here

The Evils of CompartmentalizationPermalink In this somewhat open letter to my former peers in the NSA, and also, by default, other top secret agencies, I speak about how they really are unaware of what their work is being used for, and how their compartmentalized security clearances prevent them from really knowing how their efforts will manifest themselves in the real world. Read it HereShedding a little light on the darkest of darkPermalink This report about Luciferianism is only about a third of the way finished, but it is massive nonetheless. Take the time to look at what's here, several of the linked items are banned on the web and can only be found internally on this site (as far as I know) and of the greatest interest is the child slave trade. The article which quotes the prices state agencies are awarded for snatching children may have a bit of a sappy start, but it's a simple fact it's probably the most banned report on the web. Definitely worth a look. You can read the Luciferian report HereMy experience with the Jewish CommunityPermalink This report sparked a lot of interest, and it outlines the basics of what happened when I was with the Jewish community, without going into too much detail. It covers their attempts on my life in some detail. I must say, they treat each other well, and treated me VERY well, until I decided to leave. The full report is HereI would much rather live in a civilized societyPermalink This report, which I pulled off an old Geocities site I once had, was good enough to re-post here. If you want a look at who I am, you will find a pretty good insight HereDeep Water Horizon likely destroyed by space based laserPermalink Many people were suspicious about the real reason for the disaster in the gulf, and I myself found it to be a highly implausible scenario. So I looked into it, and discovered that the main electrical center, which was well away from anything that burned, had an extremely neat hole burned right through the helipad above it. Was the helipad used for targeting setup of a space based laser? Read the report and decide for yourself HEREThe Post Office has automated mail interceptPermalink Many people think snail mail is more secure than e-mail. Think again! Read why you should be VERY careful with the mail, HEREPower Grid Tampering to end an EraPermalink The power grid has now been dismantled. The national grid is now running in isolated segments. Though it is true that DC power lines have mitigated the need for full national synchronization in the grid, they did not eliminate it. As a result, clocks such as the one in your microwave or stove, which use the power grid as a time keeping reference now run at different speeds at different places in the nation and they prove that the system is disconnected and America's power is now far more vulnerable to attack during a war. Read the report HERESurprisingly reputable Gordon Duff posts ridiculous article on Micro NukesPermalink A reader sent me a link in an e-mail that went to "an amazing article about micro nukes". Since I know a thing or two about nuclear topics, I gave it a look, gasped, and then shredded it. It's a great rip, and recycle bin treasure. Read it HEREWarning, 2012!Permalink I think I will put this in the 2012 scam section as well, but it's so bad it really belongs in the recycle bin. If you want to see something SILLY, click HEREU.S. Senator visits Fukushima and says it's worse than stated, DUH??Permalink Senator Wyden ought to be applauded for having the guts to actually go out to Fukushima, and the Duh really does not apply to him, it applies to the media which has done nothing but scam and lie about this. Even still, for lack of a better place, this report goes in the recycle bin. Read it HERE____________________________ What it looks like when my site gets attacked

Mexico quake proven man made

I would much rather live in a civilized society

The WSA Passport has been proven legitimate

PRESCRIBED DELETION - the truth about antidepressants

My experience with the Jewish community

A tale of two protests

"Joe" did not Stack up.


Nasa noticed Haarp anomalies in Hurricane Katrina

Face it, the Election was STOLEN

Jim Stone visits Occupy Los Angeles

Power Grid Tampering to End an Era

An open letter to the Israeli Mossad


Mails from Japan, the true perspective

Special update for Japanese readers

Tainted Nightmare

Truth Project

The 30 Storm Troopers

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bus accident kills school children - Google Search

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Wed, 19 Dec 2012 22:42

Egypt Bus Crash: Train Hits School Bus, Killing At Least 49 Childrenwww.huffingtonpost.com/2012/11/17/egypt-bus-_n_2150026.html- Cached17 Nov 2012 ... An Egyptian looks through books and school bags that were strewn along thetracks at the scene where a speeding train crashed into a bus...BBC News - Egypt bus crash kills 50 children near Manfalutwww.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-20375395- Cached17 Nov 2012 ... Egypt's transport minister resigns after 50 children and a driver were killed in acrash involving a nursery school bus and a train.Dozens Killed in School Bus Crash in Egypt - NYTimes.comwww.nytimes.com/2012/.../dozens-killed-in-school-bus-crash-in-egypt.html

17 Nov 2012 ... A train slammed into a school bus as it crossed tracks in a town south of Cairo,dragging the ... Dozens Killed, Mostly Children, in Egypt Crash...Swiss bus accident kills 28, mostly Belgian schoolchildren...www.csmonitor.com/.../Swiss-bus-accident-kills-28-mostly-Belgian- schoolchildren- Cached14 Mar 2012 ... A group of Belgian students and two adults were among the dead as the result ofa bus accident in the Swiss alps late Tuesday.Egypt school bus crash kills 51 | News.com.auwww.news.com.au/breaking...killed...bus.../story-e6frfkui-1226518852100

18 Nov 2012 ... A SPEEDING train that crashed into a bus carrying Egyptian children to theirkindergarten on has killed 51 and prompted a wave of anger ...20 Children Killed as Passenger Train Hits School Bus East of Evanswww.courts.state.co.us/.../ 20%20Children%20Killed%20as%20Passenger%20Train%20Hits%20Scho...- CachedTwenty school children were killed Thursday morning in a tragic school bus-traincollision two miles east and a mile south of Evans. The accident involving a ...Egypt bus crash kills 50, most of them schoolchildren | GlobalPostwww.globalpost.com/.../egypt-bus-crash-kills-50-most-schoolchildren- Cached17 Nov 2012 ... French highway service workers remove belongings from the ground beforetowing a bus out of the road, on September 2, 2012, after it ...Bus, train crash in Egypt kills 51 -- mostly children - CNN.comwww.cnn.com/2012/11/17/world/africa/egypt-bus-crash/index.html

18 Nov 2012 ... A train collided with a school bus Saturday morning in Egypt, killing 51 ...Mohamed Ibrahim is a father who lost three children in the accident.Egyptian bus crash kills 47 school children | Technology - WXII Homewww.wxii12.com/news/...bus-crash-kills.../-/index.html- Cached17 Nov 2012 ... A bus slammed through a barrier at a railroad crossing and crashed into a trainleaving 47 school children dead in Egypt Saturday, the ...France school bus crash kills one, leaves five seriously injured ...en.wikipedia.org/.../Wikinews:en:France_school_bus_crash_kills_one,_leaves _five_seriously_injured- CachedFrance school bus crash kills one, leaves five seriously injured ... The vehiclewas carrying 29 school children and twenty or 21 adults, with the man killedbeing ...

Newtown Conspiracy Theories, Debunked - National - The Atlantic Wire

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Wed, 19 Dec 2012 12:09

As with every tragedy that takes place in America these days, it didn't take long for "truthers," racists, and other fringe people to concoct conspiracy theories about the Sandy Hook massacre '-- myths that would be laughable if they weren't so offensive.

The most prominent concoction getting attention right now is the claim made by Press TV, the official state media outlet of Iran, that the massacre was actually the work of an Israeli death squad sent to America to punish President Obama for his lack of loyalty. Even worse, the implication is that the president would rather "take the punishment" and cover up this supposed deadly raid than defy his Jewish supporters or embarrass the state Israel. This story obviously plays on the worst fears of those who believe in secret Jewish cabals that run the world, but it's a pretty pathetic attempt at slander, even for Iran.

But that country's anti-Semitic leaders are not the only ones spreading unfounded stories about "what really happened" in Newtown. TalkingPointsMemo looks at the rumor that improbably connects the shooting to the LIBOR interest rate scandal. That started with the (true) report that the shooter's father works in finance, but morphed into the (false) rumor that he was scheduled to deliver some no doubt shocking testimony about the LIBOR debacle before the Senate banking committee. (There are no Senate hearings scheduled and the father was not being called to testify about anything.) You might remember that this exact same rumor was spread about the father of the shooter after the Aurora theater murders this summer '-- another incident that has gotten plenty of play among the conspiracy minded.

Yesterday, The Atlantic Wire also received a email spelling out several theories and mysteries about the case, many of them contradictory and each one more ludicrous than the next. Most revolve around the idea that the shooting was a "false flag" operation, designed to, among other things, dupe Americans into accepting a United Nations weapons treaty that will rob them of their gun rights. Who would want such a thing to pass? Depending on who you believe, it's the global banking industry, the Freemasons, and Barack Obama (who is also the anti-christ) acting on behalf of "his Illuminati Jewish handlers like Mayor Bloomberg of NY and Dianne Feinstein." Again, anti-Semitism finds a way in.

In most of the claims being passed around on numerousconspiracy websites, the shooter is merely a "patsy" meant to take the fall for a much larger operation, one involving as many as four other shooters. They were there not to kill children, but to kill the patsy in order cover their tracks. Standard operating procedure in black ops, of course.

Like many conspiracy theories, the myths of Newtown begin with a grain of truth and grow by way of a series of honest mistakes, unconfirmed rumors, and deliberate fantasy, then evolve into a kind of narrowly accepted allegation of some evil globe-spanning plot. Then there is the ideological bias that comes from those who may even buy into the official story, yet still manage to see nefarious intent wherever it follows. The idea of "one world government" encroachment via the small weapons treaty is a popular fear, but one that's been thoroughly debunked in the past. (The treaty is real, but hasn't been written yet, will never be ratified by the Senate, and has nothing to do with the Second Amendment.)

Much of the "second shooter" speculation was spurred by a man who was detained and released after being spotted in the woods outside the school. Numerous witnesses and TV stations reported seeing a man handcuffed and placed in a police car on Friday morning. After he was interviewed and released, police moved on to other matters, but the record was never fully cleared up and the event got lost in the larger story, leading many to believe the arrest was being actively suppressed. We admit it took a bit of digging to discover that others had figured out that the man in question was most likely Chris Manfredonia, the father of a Sandy Hook student, who attempted to sneak into the school after the shooting started. Police can be heard relaying his name over their radios, but few outlets managed to follow up with that detail.

All breaking crimes scenes are prone to confusion and rumor. This Sandy Hook shooting in particular was rife with false reports and misunderstandings'--the most glaring being the early mis-identification of the shooter by police. The most sensational details spread quickly, but the corrections to those details rarely reach as far. For many of the "believers" attempts to correct the misinformation are merely proof of the larger cover up. This new strain of conspiracy mongering has its roots in the September 11 "truther" movement, but goes back much further than that, to the most ancient forms of racism and anti-Semitim and an almost mystical belief that there are forces beyond our control'--that can also be conveniently blamed for all our troubles.

Oh, and there's one last stupid idea from those who think the Sandy Hook massacre was not a random act of violence. One of the most popular movies of 2012 was The Hunger Games, based on a book trilogy about a futuristic contest where 24 children are forced to fight to the death on television. The author of those books lives in Newtown, Connecticut.

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Facebook Suspends Account For Questioning Official Narrative on Shooting.

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Tue, 18 Dec 2012 22:58

Despite the fact that the mainstream media got key facts wrong in early reporting

Paul Joseph WatsonPrison Planet.comDecember 18, 2012

Facebook is suspending user accounts that question the official narrative behind the Sandy Hook school massacre, following a warning by Connecticut State Police spokesman Lt. J. Paul Vance that ''misinformation'' posted on social media sites could result in prosecution.

An image posted in the aftermath of the shootings that questioned whether ''a clumsy 20-year-old autistic kid'' could have pulled off the murders of 26 people was deleted and the user's account hit with a three day suspension.

''I was informed the reason for this punishment was the result of a meme I had shared,'' writes the editor of SecretsOfTheFed.com. ''Facebook told me it '''...violates Facebook's Statement of Rights and Responsibilities''. I was further warned that ''If you continue to abuse Facebook's features, your account could be permanently disabled.''

On Saturday, Connecticut state police warned that people posting ''misinformation'' on social media websites would be ''investigated and prosecuted.''

However, this threat could apply to the vast majority of the mainstream media, who in their haste to get out ahead of the story reported numerous details that soon turned out to be completely incorrect.

- It was initially reported that Adam Lanza's mother, the first victim of the rampage, was a teacher at the school, which was not true.

- It was initially reported that Lanza had also killed his father, which was not true.

- It was initially reported that the culprit behind the massacre was Ryan Lanza, Adam Lanza's brother, which was not true.

- Initial reports that a ''second gunman'' arrested in the woods behind the school was involved in the massacre were later dropped without explanation.

Given that most of the ''misinformation'' about the shooting came from corporate media sources, the fact that Facebook is punishing users for asking questions about the proper sequence of events '' essentially labeling such activity a thought crime '' is a worrying development.

As we have previously highlighted, Facebook occasionally deletes images and posts that it claims violate ''Facebook's Statement of Rights and Responsibilities,'' yet constitute little more than political conjecture or a healthy skepticism of official narratives on current events.

In September 2011, Infowars reporter Darrin McBreen was told by Facebook staff not to voice his political opinion on the social networking website.

Responding to comments McBreen had made about off-grid preppers being treated as criminals, the ''Facebook Team'' wrote, ''Be careful making about making political statements on facebook,'' adding, ''Facebook is about building relationships not a platform for your political viewpoint. Don't antagonize your base. Be careful and congnizat (sic) of what you are preaching.''


Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Infowars.com and Prison Planet.com. He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a host for Infowars Nightly News.

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Sandy Hook casualties not to be seen by their parents. Why not?

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Source: the tap

Tue, 18 Dec 2012 12:12

Here is an interesting link. Not sure what to make of it, except it reminds me of the Moonwalkers and their three weeks (I think it was) quarantine on return to Earth. It gives the controllers time to set the scene, and coach the actors. http://onswipe.com/investmentwatchblog/#!/entry/parents-of-massacred-children-not-allowed-to-see-them-dead,50cc11c5d7fc7b5670a86143 The Sun today was pretty sick. It gleefully displayed live photos of the heads of all the dead children, happy and smiling, but now the smile wiped off their faces. They do the same thing whoever they kill. Osama Bin Laden, Gadaffi. It's like trophy heads on a plate. Victory. It's also another Sandy. Hurricane Sandy. Sandy Hook. Not much in it. I am trying to get more, but the Internet is not working well for me today. Julia

London Stabbings '' Knife Crime with Injury 2007 '' 2012

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Tue, 18 Dec 2012 07:33

The number of stabbings in London that have led to injury has remained relatively consistent from 2009 to 2012, stabilising around 4000 stabbings a year.

Table of London Knife Crime Offences that have caused Injury by Borough 2007 '' 2011

BOROUGHKnife Offences with Injury 2007-08Knife Offences with Injury 2008-09Knife Offences with Injury 2009-10Knife Offences with Injury 2010-11Knife Offences with Injury 2011-12Barking and Dagenham2492141110Barnet21659995Bexley19574844Brent32119163153Bromley12859697Camden388493138Croydon37146179157Ealing33154202183Enfield35122144148Greenwich28122141138Hackney41160218195Hammersmith and Fulham1987108105Haringey39151201229Harrow8625461Havering18538384Heathrow Airport0000Hillingdon248510980Hounslow147588103Islington28132155165Kensington and Chelsea10535754Kingston upon Thames17384142Lambeth63214222260Lewisham54161167225Merton22497163Newham52226283265Redbridge14979474Richmond upon Thames9292426Southwark53240324259Sutton11445455Tower Hamlets33155139146Waltham Forest31125153131Wandsworth3599131102Westminster31121118146TOTAL9053502420041333970source MPS 2012

Figures are dependent on offences that have been reported and recorded by the police.

The data provided on this table refers to where a knife has actually caused an injury to the victim. The previous knife crime offences tables on the citizensreportuk.org site included knife offences where a knife was either seen or spoken of to threaten a victim.

Knife offences With Injury:All offences of Murder, attempted murder, threats to kill, manslaughter, infanticide, wounding or carrying out an act endangering life, GBH without intent, ABH and other injury, sexual assault, rape, robbery where a knife or sharp instrument (defined as any instrument that can pierce the skin) has been used and caused injury.

The ''Knife Crime with Injury'' category may provide a better indicator of potentially lethal knife use, rather than ''knife homicides'' or ''knife crime with serious injuries''. A wounding from a knife in a seemingly non-lethal area can very easily lead to severe and fatal consequences dependent on access to medical care and whether a major artery or organ has been damaged. The element of chance means that any knife wound is potentially lethal but luck and skill of health services has prevented many of these stabbing injuries leading to fatalities.

Knife crime

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Tue, 18 Dec 2012 07:30

Knife crimeThe Guardian16 Dec 2012

Victim in stable condition in hospital after unprovoked attack in Bingley, West Yorkshire

27 Nov 2012

26 Nov 2012

22 Nov 2012

15 Nov 2012

2 Nov 2012

24 Oct 2012

24 Oct 2012

24 Oct 2012

9 Oct 2012

10 Sep 2012

24 Aug 2012

15 Aug 2012

14 Aug 2012

29 Jul 2012

2 Jul 2012

2 Jul 2012

1 Jul 2012

29 Jun 2012

29 Jun 2012

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3 Shooters At Sandy Hook! A Close Look From The Idaho Picker

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Mon, 17 Dec 2012 23:32

Videos Contradicting Official Elementary School Massacre Story

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Mon, 17 Dec 2012 23:30

So, there was a mass murder in the US again, but by comparison of the population number, there has been even a greater death toll in mass murder cases in Finland in the last few years. The prince of darkness is gathering his harvest more and more due to the general attitude of people that God is an old-fashioned concept that cannot be applied to modern everyday life. Additionally, there seems to be a secret power agenda behind the massacres.

The personal responsibility of the public has been largely erased by school teaching and other brainwashing, in which the mind-changing and healing message about the Saviour Jesus Christ has been abolished or diminished, so that people are ashamed to even mention this most important thing for all individuals. The young people especially, particularly the young men, are prone to draw outright conclusions, ''If there is no God and no life after death, how then can I be responsible for anything I have done in this life.'' Then, when life takes a bad turn, they may grow suicidal easily and choose to take revenge on their environment for their painful experiences, also choosing to take as many people as they can with them to the death. In such a situation, the most vulnerable people are in the greatest danger.

But the Christian faith that has been sowed in the human heart is able to prevent many suicides, murders and mass murders, as well as other perpetrations, '''...as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment.'' (Heb. 9:27) On the other hand, ''For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.'' (John 3:16) Without such a faith, violence of this nature could have happened in my life also because my base nature is hot-headed, which was inherited from my late father. This is my personal testimony.

Also, derailed people are free material for all kinds of secret services that do not avoid any means whatsoever to promote secret political and ideological agendas. The existence of them is no secret. I have read about them from the 1950's onward. They can control weak individuals as they want to. The perpetrator, a depressed young man under psychiatric medication was obviously a find for them, as I think. The evil forces seem to search for such individuals and when they find one, there will be a horrifying surprise in the locality where he lives or wherever he is programmed to do evil missions.

I agree with several contributors and commentators about this case, as in preceding ones, that something stinks badly. There is too much of cover up, illogical announcements and false weighing of details for the audience to get a real picture of the events in this whole tragedy. Something is very wrong, but God can give a sure hope.

Kauko Loukashttp://sites.google.com/site/glacierburst/

Videos Contradicting Official Elementary School Massacre Story

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Source: Stuff Ain't Right Uncategorized

Mon, 17 Dec 2012 23:27

~~This is the one that bothers me the most. The 'gun in the trunk' story that disappeared and the 'mother was a teacher at the school' story that never got explained how they got that so wrong. More at the link below~~

Videos Contradicting Official Elementary School Massacre Story | Alternative.

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Briefing on the Accountability Review Board Report

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Thu, 20 Dec 2012 05:23

MS. NULAND: Welcome, everybody. Thank you for joining us. As you know, the Accountability Review Board on Benghazi that the Secretary established has now completed its work, and the classified and unclassified versions have been released to the Hill, and you've had a chance to see the unclassified version, as well as the Secretary's letter to members.

Today, we have invited the Chairman of the Accountability Review Board, Ambassador Tom Pickering, and the Vice Chairman of the Accountability Review Board, Admiral Mike Mullen, to join us here to address your questions. And introducing them will be Deputy Secretary of State Bill Burns.

Deputy Secretary.

DEPUTY SECRETARY BURNS: Thank you very much, and good afternoon. As all of you know, Ambassador Pickering and Admiral Mullen appeared today before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and the House Foreign Affairs Committee to discuss the findings and recommendations of the Accountability Review Board on Benghazi. Deputy Secretary Nides and I will testify tomorrow, so I'll make just two quick points and then give the floor to Ambassador Pickering and Admiral Mullen to discuss the report and take your questions.

First, as Secretary Clinton said in her letter to Congress, we accept each and every one of the board's recommendations and have already begun to implement them. In accordance with the law, Secretary Clinton ordered this review to determine exactly what happened in Benghazi, because that's how we can learn and improve. And I want to convey our appreciation to Ambassador Pickering, Admiral Mullen, and their team for doing such a thorough job. The board's report takes a clear-eyed look at serious systemic problems, problems which are unacceptable, problems for which, as Secretary Clinton has said, we take responsibility, and problems which we have already begun to fix.

In the hours and days after the terrorist attacks in Benghazi, at the Secretary's direction, we took immediate steps to further protect our people and our posts. We launched a worldwide review of the Department's overall security posture. Interagency teams of diplomatic and military security experts gave particular scrutiny to high-threat posts. The Pentagon agreed to dispatch hundreds of additional Marines to posts around the world. We asked Congress for funds to hire new diplomatic security personnel and reinforce vulnerable facilities. We also named the first-ever Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for High Threat Posts within the Bureau of Diplomatic Security, and we're updating our deployment procedures to increase the number of experienced and well-trained staff serving at those posts.

Tom and I will be discussing all of this work and more with Congress tomorrow, so for now, let me just make one other point. I have been a very proud member of the Foreign Service for more than 30 years, and I've had the honor of serving as a chief of mission overseas. I know that diplomacy, by its very nature, must sometimes be practiced in dangerous places. Chris Stevens, my friend and colleague, understood that our diplomats cannot work in bunkers and do their jobs.

And we have a profound responsibility to ensure the best possible security and support for our diplomats and development experts in the field. It's important to recognize that our colleagues in the Bureaus of Diplomatic Security and Near East Affairs and across the Department, at home and abroad, get it right countless times a day for years on end in some of the toughest circumstances imaginable. We cannot lose sight of that.

But we have learned some very hard and painful lessons in Benghazi. We are already acting on them. We have to do better. We have to do more to constantly improve, reduce the risks our people face, and make sure they have the resources they need. We owe that to our colleagues who lost their lives in Benghazi. We owe it to the security professionals who acted with such extraordinary heroism that awful night to protect them. And we owe it to thousands of our colleagues serving America with great dedication every day in diplomatic posts around the world.

And so with that, let me turn to Ambassador Pickering and Admiral Mullen.

AMBASSADOR PICKERING: Good afternoon, all of you. Thank you very much, Bill, for those wise and cogent words, which I believe very much reflect the spirit in which we worked and, indeed, the focus on which we put our efforts.

I would also like to thank Secretary Clinton for her steadfast support for our efforts and her ambitious approach to implementing our recommendations. And of course, we wish her speedy recovery.

In late September, Secretary Clinton asked me to serve as Chairman of the Accountability Review Board on Benghazi and asked Admiral Mullen to be the Vice Chairman. And let me say what a pleasure it was to work with Admiral Mullen and, indeed, all the other members of the board. But he in particular brought a special perspective, wisdom, and good sense to a very difficult and trying process.

There are three other members of the board who are not with us today but without whom this report would not have been possible: Catherine Bertini, a Professor of Public Administration at Syracuse University, and former Chief Executive of the United Nations World Food Program, and Under Secretary General for Management of the United Nations; Richard Shinnick, an experienced retired senior Foreign Service Officer who served most recently as Interim Director of the Bureau of Overseas Building Operations; and Hugh Turner, an experienced and retired senior intelligence officer who spent 22 years in the business and served last as Associate Deputy Director for Operations of the Central Intelligence Agency; and to an excellent State Department staff led by FSO Uzra Zeya, who made a major contribution to our work and without whom we wouldn't be here with you today.

Secretary Clinton convened the Accountability Review Board, or ARB, to examine the facts and circumstances surrounding the September attacks on U.S. diplomatic facilities in Benghazi, Libya. As you all know, these attacks resulted in the tragic deaths of four brave Americans: Ambassador Chris Stevens, Glen Doherty, Sean Smith, and Tyrone Woods.

Against the backdrop of so many unanswered questions about what happened at Benghazi, I want first to make clear our board's specific mandate. We were not asked to conduct an investigation into the attacks to find out who the perpetrators were or their motives. That is the statutory role of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the intelligence community. We enjoyed excellent cooperation with both of them throughout the report.

Under relevant statute, Secretary Clinton asked us to examine whether the attacks were security related and whether security systems and procedures were adequate and implemented properly, the impact of the availability of information and intelligence, and whether anything else about the attacks might be relevant to appropriate security management of U.S. diplomatic missions around the world. We were also asked to look at whether any U.S. Government employee or contractor breached his or her duty. Basically, we wanted to find the lessons to be learned, better to protect Americans from future attacks.

To do all that, we interviewed more than a hundred people, reviewed thousands of documents, and watched hours of video. We spoke with people who were on the scene in Benghazi that night, who were in Tripoli, who were in Washington. We talked to military and intelligence officials, including to many State Department personnel, and to experts who do not work for the United States Government. Throughout this process, we enjoyed superb cooperation from the Department of State and its interagency partners, and the decision to brief you on the report's findings reflects a commitment to transparency at the Department's highest levels.

Let me just give you a very brief introduction to events that night and then ask Admiral Mullen if he will share with you the findings of the report, and then I will return briefly to talk about some of the overarching recommendations.

What happened on September 11th and 12th in Benghazi was a series of attacks in multiple locations by unknown assailants that ebbed and flowed over a period of almost eight hours. The U.S. security personnel in Benghazi were heroic in their efforts to protect their colleagues, including Ambassador Stevens. They did their best that they possibly could with what they had, but what they had was not enough, either for the general threat environment in Benghazi and most certainly against the overwhelming numbers of attackers and the weapons which they faced. Frankly, the State Department had not given Benghazi the security, both physical and personnel resources, it needed. And on that note, let me ask Ambassador '' let me ask Admiral Mullen if he will please relay to you our specific findings. I keep promoting him to ambassador, and I apologize.

ADMIRAL MULLEN: Thanks, Mr. Ambassador. I appreciate that. (Laughter.) And I do appreciate your leadership throughout this process as well.

Good afternoon. The board found that the attacks in Benghazi were security related, and responsibility for the loss of life, the injuries, and damage to U.S. facilities rests completely and solely with the terrorists who conducted the attacks. That does not mean there are not lessons to be learned. The board found that the security posture at the Special Mission compound was inadequate for the threat environment in Benghazi, and in fact, grossly inadequate to deal with the attack that took place that night.

State Department bureaus that were supporting Benghazi had not taken on security as a shared responsibility, so the support the post needed was often lacking and left to the working level to resolve. The buildings at Special Mission Benghazi did not meet Department standards for office buildings in high-threat areas, and in a sense, fell through the cracks bureaucratically by being categorized as temporary residential facilities. While a number of physical security upgrades were done in 2012, at the time of the attacks the compound did not have all the security features and equipment it needed.

The board also found that the rotational staffing system and the inadequacy of the Diplomatic Security staffing numbers in Benghazi to be a major factor behind the weakness of the security platform. The continual rotation of DS agents inhibited the development of institutional and on-the-ground knowledge, and continuity and security decisions and implementation.

The question is not simply whether an additional number of agents would have made a difference on the night of September 11th, which is very difficult to answer, but whether a sustained and stronger staffing platform in Benghazi over the course of 2012 could have established some deterrence by giving it the continuity and experience on the ground to make it a harder target for terrorists.

Another deficit in the Benghazi security platform was the inherent weakness of the Libyan support element. Absence of a strong central government presence in Benghazi meant the Special Mission had to rely on a militia with uncertain reliability, an unarmed local contract guard force with skill deficits, to secure the compound. Neither Libyan group performed well on the night of the attacks.

Overall, the board found that security systems and procedures were implemented properly by American personnel, but those systems themselves and the Libyan response fell short on the night of the attacks. Personnel performed to the best of their ability and made every effort to protect, rescue, and recover Ambassador Stevens and Sean Smith. Their decision to depart the Special Mission without Ambassador Stevens came after repeated efforts of many U.S. security agents to find him and Sean Smith in a smoke-filled building still on fire and was precipitated by a second armed attack on the compound from the south.

On the night of the attacks, Benghazi, Tripoli, and Washington communicated and coordinated effectively with each other. They looped in the military right away, and the interagency response was timely and appropriate. But there simply was not enough time for U.S. military forces to have made a difference. Having said that, it is not reasonable, nor feasible, to tether U.S. forces at the ready to respond to protect every high-risk post in the world.

We found that there was no immediate tactical warning of the September 11th attacks, but there was a knowledge gap in the intelligence community's understanding of extremist militias in Libya and the potential threat they posed to U.S. interests, although some threats were known. In this context, increased violence and targeting of foreign diplomats and international organizations in Benghazi failed to come into clear relief against a backdrop of ineffective local governance, widespread political violence, and inter-militia fighting, as well as the growth of extremist camps and militias in eastern Libya.

While we did not find that any individual U.S. Government employee engaged in willful misconduct or knowingly ignored his or her responsibilities, we did conclude that certain State Department bureau-level senior officials in critical positions of authority and responsibility in Washington demonstrated a lack of leadership and management ability appropriate for senior ranks in their responses to security concerns posed by the Special Mission.

Now I'll ask Ambassador Pickering to conclude by giving an overview of some of the board's more overarching recommendations.

AMBASADOR PICKERING: Thank you, Admiral Mullen. With the lessons of the past and the challenges of the future in mind, we put forth recommendations in several key areas. We are recommending that the State Department undertake an urgent review to determine the proper balance between acceptable risk and mission tasks and needs in high-risk and in high-threat areas. The answer can't be not to go into dangerous places, but there must be: one, a clear mission; two, a clear understanding of the risks; three, a commitment of enough resources to mitigate those risks; and four, an explicit acceptance of whatever costs and risks cannot be mitigated. This balance needs to be reviewed regularly and continuously because situations change.

Next, we recommend the Department develop a minimum security standard for the occupation of temporary facilities in high-risk, high-threat environments, and that posts receive the equipment and the supplies they need to counter various types of threats. We also believe the State Department must work with the Congress to expand funding to respond to emerging security threats and vulnerabilities and operational requirements in high-risk, high-threat posts. We found that a number of recommendations from past ARBs had not been implemented fully, and they relate very much to some of the recommendations we will be making or we have made to the Secretary that the Congress will have to play its role in fulfilling.

Because Benghazi did not fit the mold of the usual diplomatic post as a result of its temporary status, this meant it was unable to get some of the security upgrades and some of the security oversight which it needed. We recommended various improvements in how temporary and high-risk, high-threat posts are managed and backstopped both on the ground and from Washington so that they have the support they need. There should be changes in the way the State Department staffs posts like Benghazi to provide more continuity and stability, and so that posts have sufficient DS agents, Diplomatic Security agents, with other security personnel as needed.

We also are recommending the Department re-examine the Bureau of Diplomatic Security's organization and management to ensure that all posts get the attention they need from upper management. A special review should urgently look at the use of fire as a weapon and how to counter it. The State Department should establish an outside panel of experts with experience in high-risk, high-threat areas, a kind of red team, to watch changing events and make recommendations to the Department's security officials.

We are delighted to see that the Secretary is committed to the expeditious and, indeed, urgent implementation of all of our recommendations. And now we would be happy to take your questions and appreciate your giving us this opportunity to brief you on our report.

MS. NULAND: (Inaudible) wait for me to call the questions. (Inaudible.) Let's start with Matt Lee from AP, please.

QUESTION: Thank you very much for doing this briefing. The report, to a layman, seems to indicate either rank incompetence or a complete lack of understanding of the situation on the ground in Benghazi. And my question is: Why is such poor performance like that from senior leaders in these two bureaus that you mention, why is not a breach of or a dereliction of duty? Why is it not grounds for disciplinary action?

And then secondly, after the 1998 bombings in Kenya and Tanzania, the ARB report '' the ARB that was formed then came out with a series of recommendations, and many of your recommendations today, the broader ones, are very similar. Those bombings in East Africa were supposed to have been a never-again moment. What happened between then and now that this could possibly have happened?

AMBASSADOR PICKERING: Without accepting your characterization of the problem, it is very clear that under the law and in connection with the State Department regulatory practice, one has to find willful misconduct or similar kinds of action in order to find breach of duty. And indeed, one of our recommendations is '' there is such a large gap between willful misconduct, which leads, obviously, to conclusions about discipline, letters of reprimand, separation, the removal of an individual temporarily from duty, that we believe that gap ought to be filled. But we found, perhaps, close to '' as we say in the report '' breach, but there were performance inadequacies. And those are the ones that we believe ought to be taken up, and we made recommendations to the Secretary in that regard.

MS. NULAND: Michael Gordon '' I'm sorry ''

QUESTION: I'm sorry, just the second one '' what happened between '' how did the lessons of Kenya and Tanzania get forgotten?

AMBASSADOR PICKERING: Well, I think that '' let me just mention that, and then Admiral Mullen may have some things to say. We, of course, have made a recommendation that the unimplemented or only partially implemented recommendations of all previous boards be reviewed rapidly by the State Department Inspector General with the idea in mind of assuring that they are carried out. And if you will read our report, you will see in part recollections from the past leading each chapter, as well as a citation to the Nairobi and Dar es Salaam recommendations that need to be carried out. So we very much agree with the impetus of your question.

ADMIRAL MULLEN: I think it begs the question of why did that happen. I mean, obviously, a lot of time. That's always a factor. Clearly, no specific follow-up over time. One of the major recommendations was the building plan, which fell off from 10 buildings '' 10 new embassies a year to three, tied to budget constraints, et cetera. So I think it was a combination of factors, and while 1999 is certainly close to this decade, I mean, the world has changed dramatically in this decade, and the risks that are associated with that world are '' I think we are in a much more difficult and challenging position with respect to meeting the needs to be out there and engage, and doing so in a way that our people are very specifically secure.

AMBASSADOR PICKERING: Just picking up on that, there's a specific recommendation for a 10 year program at a very significant level of funding specifically to meet the point that Admiral Mullen made that our building program has fallen off from 10 to three, and it needs to go back to that original target.

MS. NULAND: Let's go to New York Times. Michael Gordon, please.

QUESTION: Ambassador Pickering, your report was extremely critical of the performance of some individuals in the Bureau of Diplomatic Security and the NEA, the Middle East Bureau. And '' but these bureaus don't exist in a vacuum; they're part of an hierarchical organization known as the Department of State, and each has a chain of command. The NEA reports up the policy chain, and Diplomatic Security, I presume, reports up the management chain, their Under Secretaries, and indeed deputy secretaries, and the Secretary herself, who oversees these bureaus. What is the highest level at the Department of State where you fix responsibility for what happened in Benghazi?

AMBASSADOR PICKERING: We fixed it at the Assistant Secretary level, which is in our view the appropriate place to look, where the decision-making in fact takes place, where, if you like, the rubber hits the road. And one of the interesting things about the statutory basis for the Review Board was that it clearly was biased against the idea that one could automatically hold, as one often does, the leader of a particular department or agency responsible without pinpointing the place where the failures took place and where the lessons that we derived from that ought to be important to fixing the problem. And so fixing the problem and finding the locus of the difficulties was the major task we had to undertake.

ADMIRAL MULLEN: And I would add to that, Michael, that, I mean, certainly that was a concern that we had as we initiated the review and we just found. And as someone who's run large organizations, and the Secretary of State has been very clear about taking responsibility here, it was, from my perspective, not reasonable in terms of her having a specific level of knowledge that was very specifically resident in her staff, and over time, certainly didn't bring that to her attention.

MS. NULAND: CNN, Elise Labott, please.

QUESTION: Thank you. I was going to ask about these personnel issues, but a couple of others. You offer '' the Secretary said in her letter that there were 29 recommendations. And in the unclassified, there were only 24. I'm wondering, without getting into any classified material, if you could at least characterize what these recommendations '' do they have to do with intelligence matters that you can't discuss or at least the area of those recommendations.

And then also you said that there was '' in the report that there was no protest, that there was no mob. How did you come to that conclusion?

AMBASSADOR PICKERING: Two very brief answers. Your suspicion the missing recommendations involved classification is correct. It would not be untoward to assume that some of those involve intelligence. We arrived in October 4th, 2012 for our first meeting. At that point, we found the intelligence community had clearly concluded and provided us that conclusion, that there was no protest.

QUESTION: Can I just quickly follow up on the intelligence? Will you be doing '' because it's '' this is '' you're reporting to the Secretary, and you said that perhaps she's involved intelligence, will you also be reaching out to members of the intelligence community and briefing them and helping them implement some recommendations?

AMBASSADOR PICKERING: This report is now the Secretary's. I think, without stretching a point, we of course remain at the Secretary's disposal for whatever use she would like to make of us.

MS. NULAND: And she has made it available to all pertinent agencies.

Let's go to Washington Post, Anne Gearan, please.

QUESTION: Two things: Can you confirm the resignations of Department personnel today in association with this report and give us any detail on that? And secondly, Admiral Mullen, you talked about poorly understood '' understanding of '' or poor understanding, rather, of the nature of the militia threat. Whose responsibility should that have been to have a better matrix for that?

And if that information had been provided as it should have been provided, do you think it would have been still advisable for Ambassador Stevens to make that trip?

AMBASSADOR PICKERING: On the first question, that's obviously a Department issue and you should address that to the Department of State.

ADMIRAL MULLEN: Secondly, the '' I mean, it was very clear this is a country in transition. And one of the umbrella organizations that come out with respect to lack of support that night for a security response, which was the expected response, was Feb. 17. But as we dig into '' or dug into Feb. 17, it is a very loose group of local militias that float in and out of that umbrella over time. And I think that's representative of the gaps '' the intelligence gaps that existed at that time in eastern Libya broadly '' not just for us but for many countries that were out there.

So I think you have to take that into consideration in terms of understanding the environment in terms of what was out there and what the potential was.

AMBASSADOR PICKERING: I think you should also take into account the fact that the Libyan Government was almost absent from the scene, in terms of its responsibilities under the Geneva or Vienna Convention, to provide support. And that in many ways, February 17th, as difficult as it was, while it had responded positively to less threatening questions in the past, was the best that anybody could find.

MS. NULAND: Let's go to CBS, Margaret Brennan, please.

QUESTION: Thank you for doing this briefing. In the report, you specifically refer to the idea that the Ambassador did not keep Washington fully informed about his movements. Why is that relevant here? I mean, what role did the Ambassador have being a lead person in Libya in terms of determining security? It's my understanding that ambassadors don't normally notify each and every movement. Why was that specifically referred to?

AMBASSADOR PICKERING: Because, in fact, it is a question that occurred to many people that we felt we should answer it, but particularly because the Ambassador is the person who has the responsibility for security at his post.

ADMIRAL MULLEN: And does not have the requirement and normally does not notify anybody outside the country of his or her movements.

QUESTION: So when you were talking about the understanding of the militias, February 17th, et cetera, is it correct to understand that Ambassador Stevens had a role in deciding their security position?

ADMIRAL MULLEN: Sure. As the chief of mission, he certainly had a responsibility in that regard, and actually he was very security conscious and increasingly concerned about security. But part of his responsibility is certainly to make that case back here, and he had not gotten to that point where you would '' you might get to a point where you would be considering it's so dangerous, we might close the mission '' I'm sorry, the compound, or something like that.

AMBASSADOR PICKERING: And as you know, on the anniversary day, 9/11, he, on the advice of his security officials, spent his entire day inside the mission with appointments coming to him.

MS. NULAND: Our two principals are little bit time-constrained today, so we'll just take one more from Fox News, Justin Fishel.

QUESTION: Thanks, Toria. Thank you both for doing this. Just a follow-up on that last question: Would you say then that Ambassador Stevens does share some of the blame here for the lack of security? Is that what you're saying here?

AMBASSADOR PICKERING: We very clearly in the report, if you read it, made our indications open and transparent about where we felt the problems were in terms of decision-making. Ambassador Stevens on several occasions was supportive of additional security in addition to watching it very carefully and to knowing what was going on. Ambassador Stevens had perhaps the best knowledge of Benghazi of any American official. And that was taken in Washington, certainly, as a very serious set of conclusions on his part about going.

QUESTION: Okay. And just two follow-ups for Admiral Mullen: Why such a passing reference to military involvement? Can you explain why they couldn't have done more? And also --

ADMIRAL MULLEN: We looked at the force posture very specifically, and while we had a lot of forces in Europe both at sea and on land, it was not '' it is not reasonable that they could have responded; they were '' in any kind of timely way. This was over in a matter of about 20 or 30 minutes with respect to the Special Mission specifically. And we had no forces ready or tethered, if you will, focused on that mission so that they could respond, nor would I expect we would have.

QUESTION: And I noticed also that there was no mention of the CIA in the report despite the fact that their post was attacked and they had more personnel there than there were diplomats. Did they share some blame for the lack of security here?

AMBASSADOR PICKERING: We don't discuss intelligence questions, unfortunately, in this briefing.

QUESTION: It's not a classified organization.

MS. NULAND: Thank you all very much and thank you to our two, Chairman and Vice Chairman. I'll see them out.

AP: Three State Dept. officials resign

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Thu, 20 Dec 2012 12:51

The Associated Press reports that the State Department's security chief and two others have resigned in the wake of a harsh report on the fatal attack on a U.S. diplomatic post in Libya on Sept. 11. The Washington Post has not confirmed the resignations. According to AP:

The official said Eric Boswell, the assistant secretary of state for diplomatic security, and Charlene Lamb, the deputy assistant secretary responsible for embassy security, stepped down under pressure after the release of the report. The third official worked for the Bureau of Near East Affairs, but wasn't immediately identified, the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity because he wasn't authorized to discuss personnel matters publicly.

The independent investigation faulted systemic failures of leadership and management deficiencies at senior levels within two bureaus of the State Department. The review found that ''grossly'' inadequate security and reliance on local militias left U.S. diplomats and other personnel in Benghazi, Libya, vulnerable.

The report did not single out any individual officials as violating procedures and did not recommend any disciplinary action.

The Washington Post's Karen DeYoung adds:

Boswell, a retired career foreign service officer, began his second tour as assistant secretary of state for diplomatic security during the administration of George W. Bush in 2008. He was held over under Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. He had held the same job from 1996 to 1998, during the presidency of Bill Clinton, after which he retired from the government and worked as an administrator for the Pan American Health Organization.

In 2005, Boswell began a three-year stint as assistant deputy director for security in the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, responsible for development of security policies throughout the intelligence community, before returning to the State Department.

Charlene Lamb was Boswell's deputy in charge of international programs. She drew the lion's share of criticism from lawmakers during hearings on Benghazi security held in October. It was Lamb, according to testimony, who denied requests from the U.S. Embassy in Tripoli for an extension of temporary security forces that were withdrawn in the months before the Benghazi attack.

"Senator Kerry was relieved to hear that the secretary is on the mend, but he insisted that given her condition, she could not and should not appear on Thursday as previously planned

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Wed, 19 Dec 2012 08:40

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton fainted and suffered a concussion, the department said Saturday. She is now recovering at home.

''While suffering from a stomach virus, Secretary Clinton became dehydrated and fainted, sustaining a concussion,'' deputy assistant secretary Philippe Reines said in a statement.

''She has been recovering at home and will continue to be monitored regularly by her doctors. At their recommendation, she will continue to work from home next week, staying in regular contact with department and other officials. She is looking forward to being back in the office soon.''Clinton, who has said she will not serve as secretary of State in President Obama's second term, cancelled a trip to the Middle East last week after becoming ill.

She was due to testify before Congress on Dec. 20 about the investigation into the deaths of four Americans at the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi on Sept. 11.

Clinton will not testify as scheduled before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said Jodi Seth, a spokeswoman for Chairman John Kerry (D-Mass.).

The State Department told Kerry of Clinton's concussion on Saturday morning, and, when he heard, Kerry insisted that she not attend the hearing.

"Senator Kerry was relieved to hear that the secretary is on the mend, but he insisted that given her condition, she could not and should not appear on Thursday as previously planned, and that the nation's best interests are served by the report and hearings proceeding as scheduled with senior officials appearing in her place," Seth said.

Clinton deputies Tom Nides and Bill Burns will testify in her place, Seth said.

Kerry is considered the leading candidate to replace Clinton as secretary of State after U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice withdrew her name from consideration last week.

Speculation increased late Saturday that Obama had decided to nominate Kerry as the next secretary of State.

An unidentified source told CNN that a formal announcement could come as early as next week.

ABC News, quoting unidentified sources, said news, including the mass shooting at a school in Newtown, Connecticut, had delayed the announcement.

Nides and Burns will also testify in Clinton's place that day before the House Foreign Affairs Committee. The panel's chairman, Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.), said, however, that Clinton's testimony will be required in the future.

''I am sorry to learn of Secretary Clinton's ill health and I wish her a quick and full recovery," Ros-Lehtinen said in a statement. ''Although I respect Bill and Tom, we still don't have information from the Obama administration on what went so tragically wrong in Benghazi that resulted in the deaths of four patriotic Americans.

"We have been combing through classified and unclassified documents and have tough questions about State Department threat assessments and decision-making on Benghazi. This requires a public appearance by the secretary of state herself. Other cabinet secretaries involved should also be held publicly accountable."

''The American people and the families of the four murdered public servants and other brave Americans injured deserve no less,'' she added.

Ros Lehtinen will hand over the committee gavel to Rep. Ed Royce (R-Calif.) in January.

Clinton told Barbara Walters in an interview that aired this week she's "healthy" and has "incredible stamina and energy."

Clinton also fainted while giving a speech in 2005 in Buffalo, N.Y., after complaining of a stomach virus.

--This report was originally published at 12:30 p.m. and last updated at 8:35 p.m.

John Bolton: Hillary Clinton Came Up With 'Diplomatic Illness' To Avoid Benghazi Testimony

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Wed, 19 Dec 2012 08:39

Hillary Rodham ClintonClinton certainly has the resume to be a strong presidential contender: two terms as the first lady during her husband's popular administration, eight years as a U.S. senator from New York and four as a widely-acclaimed secretary of state under President Barack Obama. Not to mention that she has already mounted a presidential bid once before, during the 2008 Democratic primary. With quite a following among Democrats -- particularly women -- and an expert campaigner as a husband, Clinton is one of the frontrunners for the 2016 nomination. In fact, if the Iowa caucuses were held today, a <a href="http://www.politico.com/blogs/burns-haberman/2012/11/exclusive-clinton-would-dominate-iowa-caucuses-ppp-149064.html">Public Policy Polling survey</a> found she would win 58 percent of the vote, outstripping the runner-up, Vice President Joe Biden, by a margin of 41 percent. Now the question is <a href="times.com/2012/11/11/opinion/sunday/collins-hillarys-next-move.html?pagewanted=1">whether or not Clinton will decide</a> to throw her hat in the ring in 2016. After her term as secretary of state ends this year, she has declared her intention to take a year off from politics entirely. And after that? Clinton says that she <a href="http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2012/10/18/hillary-clinton-repeats-no-2016-cant-stand-whinin-about-life-choices/">does not want to run</a> in 2016, but that hasn't quashed hopes to the contrary. <em>-- Sarah Bufkin</em>

Susana MartinezSusana Martinez, a Republican, was elected in 2010, becoming the first female governor of New Mexico and first female Hispanic governor in the United States. Her name was also floated as a potential running mate to Mitt Romney in 2012, but she was ultimately passed over for the job. The GOP's poor showing among women and Latinos in this year's presidential election, however, could make Martinez a strong potential choice in 2016. <em>-- Sarafina Wright</em>

Elizabeth WarrenWarren, a favorite of many liberals and a fierce advocate of financial reform, beat out Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) in their 2012 contest, putting a Democrat back in the seat formerly held by the late Ted Kennedy. Warren first made a name for herself on the political scene after Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) tapped her to chair the congressional panel tasked with overseeing the distribution of the stimulus funds. A bankruptcy law expert and professor at Harvard Law School, Warren pushed for the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and later led the effort to set up the new agency. After Republicans made it clear that they would never confirm Warren as the new CFPB head, the president passed her over in favor of Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray. In 2011, Warren declared her intention to challenge Brown for his seat. She proved to be one of the most magnetic Senate candidates, raising $39 million for her campaign and giving a primetime speech at the Democratic National Convention. Although immensely popular with Democrats, Warren <a href="http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/politics/2012/10/elizabeth-warren-2016/">has denied</a> that she would consider a presidential run in 2016. <em>-- Sarah Bufkin</em>

Kelly AyotteAs one of Mitt Romney's top surrogates during the 2012 presidential campaign, Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.) gained national exposure, regularly appearing on cable TV and the Sunday show circuit. Before her successful Senate election in 2010, she served as New Hampshire's attorney general. A strong conservative <a href="http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/2chambers/wp/2012/11/14/no-love-for-susan-rice-from-john-mccain-lindsey-graham-and-kelly-ayotte/">quickly building her profile in the Senate</a>, Ayotte could answer the call to help Republicans win back the support of women. <em>-- Sarafina Wright</em>

Kirsten GillibrandA progressive Democratic senator from New York, Gillibrand recently <a href="http://www.buffalonews.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20121113/WORLD/121119739/1003">won reelection</a> with 72 percent of the vote in 2012, the highest margin of any senator in the state's history. After serving as special counsel to Andrew Cuomo during his tenure as the secretary of housing and urban development in the Clinton administration, the former attorney worked on Hillary Clinton's successful campaign for Senate in 2000. She <a href="http://nymag.com/news/politics/57197/">credits Clinton</a> with inspiring her to get into politics, and in 2006, Gillibrand won a House seat in the district that included her hometown of Albany, N.Y. Two years later, when her former mentor left to become the secretary of state, Gov. David Paterson appointed Gillibrand to fill Clinton's former Senate seat. Gillibrand <a href="http://www.capitalnewyork.com/article/politics/2010/12/983717/what-dont-ask-dont-tell-did-kirsten-gillibrand">lobbied successfully</a> for the repeal of the "don't ask, don't tell" policy and led a campaign to get more women elected to Congress. <em>-- Sarah Bufkin</em>

Cathy McMorris RodgersAs the <a href="http://seattletimes.com/html/nationworld/2019683952_congress15.html">highest-ranking Republican woman</a> in the House of Representatives, Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-Wash.) is considered a rising star in the party. She was first elected in 2004 and currently serves as the vice chairman of the House Republican Conference. She is also a member of the Republican Study Committee, a caucus comprised of some of the most conservative GOP members of the House. After the 2012 election, she argued that the Republican Party does not necessarily need to be more moderate, but that it needed to embrace more "modern" positions. <em>-- Ian Gray</em>

Kamala HarrisKamala Harris, the 48-year-old Democratic attorney general of California, is the first African-American and first Indian-American to serve California in this capacity. She served as a co-chair for President Barack Obama's reelection campaign and received a high-profile speaking role at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte over the summer. Harris is perhaps best known for her successful efforts to secure a $26 billion mortgage settlement from the nation's biggest banks on behalf of homeowners in early 2012. <em>-- Sarafina Wright</em>

Condoleezza RiceThe first African-American woman to serve as secretary of state would certainly be a trailblazer if she ran for president and became the first female commander-in-chief. A Republican, Rice is an accomplished pianist, holds a Ph.D in political science and has served as provost of Stanford University. She served as President George W. Bush's first national security adviser before moving to the State Department. Though she has never run for elected office, she was a popular choice to be Mitt Romney's vice presidential pick, due to her foreign policy credentials and ability to bridge the GOP's gap with women and non-white voters. <em><strong>Correction:</strong> An earlier version of this text misstated that Rice was the first African-American secretary of state. She was the first African-American woman to serve in that position.</em> <em>-- Daniel Lippman</em>

Amy KlobucharKlobuchar, a member of Minnesota's Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party, has been a U.S. senator from Minnesota since 2007, most recently cruising to reelection in November. She is currently serving on the Judiciary Committee and the Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation, among others. A graduate of Yale and the University of Chicago Law School, she served as the Hennepin County attorney from 1999 to 2007. She is pro-choice and supported President Barack Obama's health care overhaul. <em>-- Daniel Lippman</em>

Nikki HaleyThe current Republican governor of South Carolina, Haley won her first term in 2010 after serving for five years as a member of the state house. She is only the second Indian-American to serve as governor. Endorsed by former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and the Tea Party movement, Haley takes a hard line on immigration and is ardently anti-tax. Many have touted her as one of the new post-racial faces of the Republican Party in the South, and she would certainly appeal to the GOP's right-wing elements. Haley was a visible surrogate for Mitt Romney during the 2012 election and was even included on his short list for vice president, but she has not indicated one way or the other if she would put herself in the running for the GOP nomination in 2016. <em>-- Sarah Bufkin</em>

Maggie HassanMaggie Hassan, the Democratic governor-elect of New Hampshire, will become only the second woman to have held the state's highest office when she is sworn in next year. Hassan was endorsed by former President Bill Clinton over the summer and has been praised as a strong fundraiser, having broken the record for the most money raised by a first-time gubernatorial candidate in New Hampshire. <em>-- Ian Gray</em>

Mary FallinA former lieutenant governor, member of Congress and current governor of Oklahoma, Republican Mary Fallin would bring solid conservative credentials to the GOP ticket. She won her gubernatorial race easily in 2010 and will reach her term limit if she runs and wins in 2014. A Fallin candidacy in 2016, however, would run the risk of bringing about comparisons to Sarah Palin's in 2008 -- as a deeply religious, female governor of a sparsely populated and reliably conservative state. She even received Palin's endorsement in 2010. <em>-- Ian Gray</em>

Jennifer GranholmGranholm, the feisty former Democratic governor of Michigan, is now the host of The War Room television show on Current TV. Born in Canada, she became the first female governor of her state in 2003 and served until 2011, championing the critically important auto sector during a period of intense challenges. She <a href="http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/09/06/jennifer-granholm-speech-democratic-convention_n_1863181.html">reminded voters of her passionate nature</a> at the 2012 Democratic National Convention, where she delivered an animated address. A graduate of the University of California, Berkeley and Harvard Law School, Granholm served as her state's attorney general before being elected governor. She has three children. While Granholm would currently be barred from running due to the Constitution's requirement that presidential candidates be natural-born, there have long been arguments about amending the language to allow for naturalized citizens to run as well. <em>This post has been updated with additional information about Granholm's birthplace and constitutional restrictions</em> <em>-- Daniel Lippman</em>

Sarah PalinThe former Republican governor of Alaska, Palin shot to fame after she was picked as Arizona Sen. John McCain's vice-presidential running mate in 2008. Since then, she's become a Fox News contributor and a hero to many conservatives and Tea Party members. She also wrote the best-seller "Going Rogue: An American Life" in 2009 and has dabbled in reality television. Though she still has star-power in some circles, Democrats and many independents remain skeptical about Palin's policy chops. <em>-- Daniel Lippman</em>

Michelle ObamaDespite her astronomical public approval rating, Michelle Obama would be something of a surprise candidate in 2016, considering her husband's current role. You might expect to see the first lady as a surrogate for the future Democratic nominee though. Her popularity and skills as a campaigner will likely be called upon by whomever gets the nod. <em>-- Sarafina Wright</em>

Lisa MurkowskiIn 2010, Alaska Republican Lisa Murkowski became the first successful write-in candidate for U.S. Senate since South Carolina's Strom Thurmond in 1954. She was first appointed to the Senate in 2002 by her father, Gov. Frank Murkowski, after having previously served in the Alaska House of Representatives. Her candidacy in 2016 would likely face headwinds from the GOP base, due to her relatively moderate positions on abortion and stem cell research. Additionally, she was one of just five Republicans to support the Hate Crimes Prevention Act, which passed in 2009. <em>-- Sarafina Wright</em>

Christine GregoireGregoire, the current Democratic governor of the state of Washington, is the second female to serve in that position. A lawyer, Gregoire was elected attorney general of her state in 1992 before being elected governor in 2004 in a razor-tight race against Republican Dino Rossi. She was reelected in 2008 and also served as the chairwoman of the National Governors Association for the 2010-11 term. One of her top accomplishments as governor included a plan to raise revenue to fund new transportation improvements to fix roads in Washington. She is a supporter of gay marriage, which was passed in her state in 2012. <em>-- Daniel Lippman</em>

Michele BachmannThe Republican Tea Party favorite from Minnesota has already attempted a run at the White House and failed to clear the hurdles of the GOP primary, but she could be up to give it another go. Bachmann is an outspoken conservative who stands with the right-wing segment of the party. She opposes tax increases, big-government spending, the Affordable Care Act, environmental regulation and gay rights. The four-term congresswoman is an <a href="http://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/michele-bachmann-others-raise-millions-for-political-campaigns-with-money-blurts/2011/06/16/AGROkubH_story.html">adroit fundraiser</a>, employing a strategy that allows her to make controversial statements on public platforms and then reap the funding windfall. In 2008, she brought in nearly $1 million after accusing President Barack Obama of having anti-American views. But the Minnesotan barely clung on to her seat in the 2012 election, eeking out a win by just over 4,000 votes -- which calls into question her ability to attract the majority of the GOP electorate and independent voters four years from now. <em>-- Sarah Bufkin</em>

Kristi NoemFirst elected in 2010 during the Tea Party wave, Republican Kristi Noem was chosen to represent the freshman class as a liaison to the House GOP leadership. Noem was then reelected in 2012 as South Dakota's sole representative in the House, easily defeating Democratic challenger Matt Varilek. Though she <a href="http://www.ksfy.com/story/20068525/noem-explains-decision-not-to-pursue-leadership-team">turned down a run for reelection</a> in her leadership role, she remains a member of the conservative Republican Study Committee and has been a vocal critic of President Barack Obama. Noem would likely play up her family's farming and ranching business in a 2016 run, as well as her tenure on the Agriculture Committee, to shore up support in midwestern states. <em>-- Ian Gray</em>

Pam BondiAs Florida's Republican attorney general, Pam Bondi was a leader in the failed effort to overturn President Barack Obama's signature legislative achievement, the Affordable Care Act. At the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla., Bondi drew attention for her assertion that Obama has a "total disregard for our individual liberty." Given her status as a female public figure serving in a swing state, who has worked to achieve one of the GOP's core goals (repealing Obamacare), expect to hear Bondi's name more in the years to come. <em>-- Ian Gray</em>

Agenda 21

BBC News - IPCC critical of climate change report leak

Link to Article

Sun, 16 Dec 2012 22:34

14 December 2012Last updated at12:32 ETBy David ShukmanScience editor, BBC NewsThe UN climate science panel has criticised a blogger who has published a draft version of its next report.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is preparing what is known as its Fifth Assessment Report for publication next year.

The work looks to draw together research to provide a statement on global warming and its future effects.

The drafting of the reports is open to reviewers but on the condition that no details are published.

In a statement, the IPCC says it "regrets this unauthorized posting which interferes with the process of assessment and review".

The draft posted online is of what's called Working Group 1 (WGI), the first stage of the next report.

This covers the physical aspects of climate science, including observations of temperature and computer models of possible scenarios for future warming.

The IPCC statement read: "The unauthorized and premature posting of the drafts of the WGI AR5, which are works in progress, may lead to confusion because the text will necessarily change in some respects once all the review comments have been addressed.

"It is regrettable that one out of many hundreds of reviewers broke the terms of the review."

The draft was posted by US climate sceptic Alec Rawls, who runs a blog called Stop Green Suicide.

It is reported that he highlighted one particular sentence in the draft - about the possible effect of cosmic rays on the climate - claiming it undermined the case that most recent warming has been driven by man-made greenhouse gases.

However, when the BBC attempted to access the blogger's site it was not available but a number of other sites were providing links to places where the report could be viewed or downloaded online.

'Cherry picking'

Climate scientists, reacting to the leak, have condemned the "cherry picking" of this one point in a long report and have said that other sections reinforce the central argument about the cause of climate change.

In any event, the text faces several further stages of possible revision before publication late next year.

A meeting of lead authors in Tasmania next month will be the next chance to review all the latest comments.

One lead author, Richard Betts of the Met Office, tweeted that further alterations were likely.

"Worth pointing out that the wording in the leaked IPCC WG1 draft chapters may still change in the final versions, following review comments," he wrote.

The leak highlights a fundamental question about the way the IPCC is managed in the age of the internet.

While it aims to be open to all contributions, the system of conducting the drafting and discussions in private has long been under pressure.

Prof Piers Forster of Leeds University, UK, said the rationale behind the IPCC process was "to iron out all the errors and inconsistencies which might be inadvertently included.

"Personally, I would be happy if the IPCC process were even more open and public, and I think we as scientists need to explore how we can best match the development of measured critical arguments with those of the Twitter generation."

This comes as the IPCC is under intense pressure following the discovery of errors in its last assessment, released in 2007.

An inquiry by the Inter Academy Council concluded in 2010 that the IPCC needed better management to handle the growing complexity of climate science and the scrutiny of the outside world.

The panel's reports are designed to provide a consensus statement on the latest climate science to help governments decide how to respond.

Full AR5 draft leaked here

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Sun, 16 Dec 2012 22:35

Full AR5 draft leaked hereFull AR5 draft leaked here, contains game-changing admission of enhanced solar forcing

Posted by Alec Rawls, 12/13/12

I participated in "expert review" of the Second Order Draft of AR5 (the next IPCC report), Working Group 1 ("The Scientific Basis"), and am now making the full draft available to the public. I believe that the leaking of this draft is entirely legal, that the taxpayer funded report is properly in the public domain under the Freedom of Information Act, and that making it available to the public is in any case protected by established legal and ethical standards, but web hosting companies are not in the business of making such determinations so interested readers are encouraged to please download copies of the report for further dissemination in case this content is removed as a possible terms-of-service violation. My reasons for leaking the report are explained below. Here are the chapters:

Summary for PolicymakersChapter 1: IntroductionChapter 2: Observations: Atmosphere and SurfaceChapter 3: Observations: OceanChapter 4: Observations: CryosphereChapter 5: Information from Paleoclimate ArchivesChapter 6: Carbon and Other Biogeochemical CyclesChapter 7: Clouds and AerosolsChapter 8: Anthropogenic and Natural Radiative ForcingChapter 8 SupplementChapter 9: Evaluation of Climate ModelsChapter 10: Detection and Attribution of Climate Change: from Global to RegionalChapter 11: Near-term Climate Change: Projections and PredictabilityChapter 12: Long-term Climate Change: Projections, Commitments and IrreversibilityChapter 13: Sea Level ChangeChapter 14: Climate Phenomena and their Relevance for Future Regional Climate ChangeChapter 14 SupplementTechnical Summary

Why leak the draft report?

ByAlec Rawls(email)

General principles

The ethics of leaking tax-payer funded documents requires weighing the "public's right to know" against any harm to the public interest that may result. The press often leaks even in the face of extreme such harm, as when theNew York Timespublished details of how the Bush administration was tracking terrorist financing with the help of the private sector Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT), causing this very successful anti-terror program toimmediately collapse.

That was a bad leak, doing great harm to expose something that nobody needed to know about. With the UN's IPCC reports the calculus is reversed. UN "climate chief" Christina Figueresexplainswhat is at stake for the public:

... we are inspiring government, private sector, and civil society to [make] the biggest transformation that they have ever undertaken. The Industrial Revolution was also a transformation, but it wasnt a guided transformation from a centralized policy perspective. This is a centralized transformation that is taking place because governments have decided that they need to listen to science.

So may we please see this "science" on the basis of which our existing energy infrastructure is to be ripped out in favor of non-existent "green" energy? The only reason for secrecy in the first place is to enhance the UN's political control over a scientific story line that is aimed explicitly at policy makers. Thus the drafts ought to fall within the reach of the Freedom of Information Act.

The Obama administration implicitly acknowledged this when it tried to evade FOIA by setting up private "backdoor channels" for communications with the IPCC. If NCAR's Gerald Meehl (a lead author of AR5's chapter on near-term climate change), has working copies of the draft report (and he's only one of dozens ofU.S.government researchers who would), then by law the draft report (now finished) should be available to the public.

The IPCC's official reason for wanting secrecy (as they explained it to Steve McIntyre in January2012) is so that criticisms of the drafts are not spread out across the internet but get funneled through the UN's comment process. If there is any merit to that rationale it is now moot. The comment period ended November 30th so the comment process can no longer be affected by publication.

As for my personal confidentiality agreement with the IPCC, I regard that as vitiated by the systematic dishonesty of the report ("omitted variable fraud" as I called it in my FOD comments). This is a general principle of journalistic confidentiality: bad faith on one side breaks the agreement on the other. They can't ask reviewers to become complicit in their dishonesty by remaining silent about it.

Then there is the specific content of the Second Order Draft where the addition of one single sentence demands the release of the whole. That sentence is an astounding bit ofhonesty, a killing admission that completely undercuts the main premise and the main conclusion of the full report, revealing the fundamental dishonesty of the whole.

Lead story from the Second Order Draft: strong evidence for solar forcing beyond TSI now acknowledged by IPCC

Compared to the First Order Draft, the SOD now adds the following sentence, indicated in bold (page 7-43, lines 1-5, emphasis added):

Many empirical relationships have been reported between GCR or cosmogenic isotope archives and some aspects of the climate system (e.g., Bond et al., 2001; Dengel et al., 2009; Ram and Stolz, 1999).The forcing from changes in total solar irradiance alone does not seem to account for these observations, implying the existence of an amplifying mechanism such as the hypothesized GCR-cloud link.We focus here on observed relationships between GCR and aerosol and cloud properties.

The Chapter 7 authors are admitting strong evidence ("many empirical relationships") for enhanced solar forcing (forcing beyond total solar irradiance, or TSI), even if they don't know what the mechanism is. This directly undercuts the main premise of the report, as stated in Chapter 8 (page 8-4, lines 54-57):

There is very high confidence that natural forcing is a small fraction of the anthropogenic forcing. In particular, over the past three decades (since 1980), robust evidence from satellite observations of the TSI and volcanic aerosols demonstrate a near-zero (0.04 W m2) change in the natural forcing compared to the anthropogenic AF increase of ~1.0 0.3 W m2.

The Chapter 8 authors (a different group than the Chapter 7 authors) are explicit here that their claim about natural forcing being small compared to anthropogenic forcing is based on an analysis in which the only solar forcing that is taken into account is TSI. This can be verified from the radiative forcing table on page 8-39 where the only solar variable included in the IPCC's computer models is seen to be "solar irradiance."

This analysis, where post-1980 warming gets attributed to the human release of CO2 on the grounds that it cannot be attributed to solar irradiance, cannot stand in the face of the Chapter 7 admission of substantial evidence for solar forcing beyond solar irradiance. Once the evidence for enhanced solar forcing is taken into account we can havenoconfidence that natural forcing is small compared to anthropogenic forcing.

The Chapter 8 premise that natural forcing is relatively small leads directly to the main conclusion of the entire report, stated in the first sentence of the Executive Summary (the very first sentence of the entire report): that advances since AR4 "further strengthen the basis for human activities being the primary driver in climate change" (p.1-2, lines 3-5). This headline conclusion is a direct descendant of the assumption that the only solar forcing is TSI, a claim that their own report no longer accepts.

The report still barely hints at the mountain of evidence for enhanced solar forcing, or the magnitude of the evidenced effect. Dozens of studies (section twohere) have found between a .4 and .7 degree of correlation between solar activity and various climate indices, suggesting that solar activity "explains" in the statistical sense something like half of all past temperature change, very little of which could be explained by the very slight variation in TSI. At least the Chapter 7 team is now being explicit about what this evidence means: thatsomemechanism of enhanced solar forcing must be at work.

My full submitted comments (which I will post later) elaborate several important points. For instance, note that the Chapter 8 premise (page 8-4, lines 54-57) assumes that it is thechangein the level of forcing since 1980, not the level of forcing, that would be causing warming. Solar activity was at historically high levels at least through the end of solar cycle 22 (1996), yet the IPCC is assuming that because this high level of solar forcing was roughly constant from 1950 until it fell off during solar cycle 23 it could not have caused post-1980 warming. In effect they are claiming that you can't heat a pot of water by turning the burner to maximum and leaving it there, that you have tokeepturning the flame up to get continued warming, an un-scientific absurdity that I have been writing about for several years (most recently in my post about Isaac Held's bogus2-box modelof ocean equilibration).

The admission of strong evidence for enhanced solar forcing changes everything. The climate alarmists can't continue to claim that warming was almost entirely due to human activity over a period when solar warming effects, now acknowledged to be important, were at a maximum. The final draft of AR5 WG1 is not scheduled to be released for another year but the public needs to knownowhow the main premises and conclusions of the IPCC story line have been undercut by the IPCC itself.

President Obama is already pushing acarbon taxpremised on the fear that CO2 is causing dangerous global warming. Last week his people were at the UN's climate meeting in Dohapretendingthat Hurricane Sandy was caused by human increments to CO2 as UN insiders assured the public that the next IPCC report will "scare the wits out of everyone" with its ramped-up predictions of human-caused global warming to come, but this is not where the evidence points, not if climate change is in any substantial measure driven by the sun, which has now gone quiet and is exerting what influence it has in the cooling direction.

The acknowledgement of strong evidence for enhanced solar forcing should upend the IPCC's entire agenda. The easiest way for the UN to handle this disruptive admission would be to remove it from their final draft, which is another reason to make the draft report public now. The devastating admission needs to be known so that the IPCC can't quietly take it back.

Will some press organization please host the leaked report?

Most of us have to worry about staying within cautiously written and cautiously applied terms-of-service agreements. That's why I created this new website. If it gets taken down nothing else gets taken with it. Media companies don't have this problem. They have their own servers and publishing things like the draft IPCC report is supposed to be their bailiwick.

If the press has First Amendment protection for the publication of leaked materials even when substantial national security interests are at stake (the Supreme Court precedent set in the Pentagon Papers case), then it can certainly republish a leaked draft of a climate science report where there isnopublic interest in secrecy. Theleakercould be at risk (the case against Pentagon leaker Daniel Ellsberg was thrown out for government misconduct, not because his activity was found to be protected) but the press is safe, and their services would be appreciated.

United Statestaxpayers have funded climate science to the tune of well over80 billion dollars, all channeled through the funding bureaucracy established by Vice President Albert "the end is nigh" Gore when he served as President Clinton's "climate czar." That Gore-built bureaucracy is still to this day striving to insure that not a penny of all those taxpayer billions ever goes to any researcher who is not committed to the premature conclusion that human contributions to atmospheric CO2 are causing dangerous global warming (despite the lack ofanystatistically significant warming for more than 15 years).

Acolytes of this bought "consensus" want to see what new propaganda their tax dollars have wrought and so do the skeptics. It's unanimous, and an already twice-vetted draft is sitting now in thousands of government offices around the world. Time to fork it over to the people.

Full AR5 draft leaked hereFull AR5 draft leaked here, contains game-changing admission of enhanced solar forcing

Posted by Alec Rawls, 12/13/12

I participated in "expert review" of the Second Order Draft of AR5 (the next IPCC report), Working Group 1 ("The Scientific Basis"), and am now making the full draft available to the public. I believe that the leaking of this draft is entirely legal, that the taxpayer funded report is properly in the public domain under the Freedom of Information Act, and that making it available to the public is in any case protected by established legal and ethical standards, but web hosting companies are not in the business of making such determinations so interested readers are encouraged to please download copies of the report for further dissemination in case this content is removed as a possible terms-of-service violation. My reasons for leaking the report are explained below. Here are the chapters:

Summary for PolicymakersChapter 1: IntroductionChapter 2: Observations: Atmosphere and SurfaceChapter 3: Observations: OceanChapter 4: Observations: CryosphereChapter 5: Information from Paleoclimate ArchivesChapter 6: Carbon and Other Biogeochemical CyclesChapter 7: Clouds and AerosolsChapter 8: Anthropogenic and Natural Radiative ForcingChapter 8 SupplementChapter 9: Evaluation of Climate ModelsChapter 10: Detection and Attribution of Climate Change: from Global to RegionalChapter 11: Near-term Climate Change: Projections and PredictabilityChapter 12: Long-term Climate Change: Projections, Commitments and IrreversibilityChapter 13: Sea Level ChangeChapter 14: Climate Phenomena and their Relevance for Future Regional Climate ChangeChapter 14 SupplementTechnical Summary

Why leak the draft report?

ByAlec Rawls(email)

General principles

The ethics of leaking tax-payer funded documents requires weighing the "public's right to know" against any harm to the public interest that may result. The press often leaks even in the face of extreme such harm, as when theNew York Timespublished details of how the Bush administration was tracking terrorist financing with the help of the private sector Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT), causing this very successful anti-terror program toimmediately collapse.

That was a bad leak, doing great harm to expose something that nobody needed to know about. With the UN's IPCC reports the calculus is reversed. UN "climate chief" Christina Figueresexplainswhat is at stake for the public:

... we are inspiring government, private sector, and civil society to [make] the biggest transformation that they have ever undertaken. The Industrial Revolution was also a transformation, but it wasnt a guided transformation from a centralized policy perspective. This is a centralized transformation that is taking place because governments have decided that they need to listen to science.

So may we please see this "science" on the basis of which our existing energy infrastructure is to be ripped out in favor of non-existent "green" energy? The only reason for secrecy in the first place is to enhance the UN's political control over a scientific story line that is aimed explicitly at policy makers. Thus the drafts ought to fall within the reach of the Freedom of Information Act.

The Obama administration implicitly acknowledged this when it tried to evade FOIA by setting up private "backdoor channels" for communications with the IPCC. If NCAR's Gerald Meehl (a lead author of AR5's chapter on near-term climate change), has working copies of the draft report (and he's only one of dozens ofU.S.government researchers who would), then by law the draft report (now finished) should be available to the public.

The IPCC's official reason for wanting secrecy (as they explained it to Steve McIntyre in January2012) is so that criticisms of the drafts are not spread out across the internet but get funneled through the UN's comment process. If there is any merit to that rationale it is now moot. The comment period ended November 30th so the comment process can no longer be affected by publication.

As for my personal confidentiality agreement with the IPCC, I regard that as vitiated by the systematic dishonesty of the report ("omitted variable fraud" as I called it in my FOD comments). This is a general principle of journalistic confidentiality: bad faith on one side breaks the agreement on the other. They can't ask reviewers to become complicit in their dishonesty by remaining silent about it.

Then there is the specific content of the Second Order Draft where the addition of one single sentence demands the release of the whole. That sentence is an astounding bit ofhonesty, a killing admission that completely undercuts the main premise and the main conclusion of the full report, revealing the fundamental dishonesty of the whole.

Lead story from the Second Order Draft: strong evidence for solar forcing beyond TSI now acknowledged by IPCC

Compared to the First Order Draft, the SOD now adds the following sentence, indicated in bold (page 7-43, lines 1-5, emphasis added):

Many empirical relationships have been reported between GCR or cosmogenic isotope archives and some aspects of the climate system (e.g., Bond et al., 2001; Dengel et al., 2009; Ram and Stolz, 1999).The forcing from changes in total solar irradiance alone does not seem to account for these observations, implying the existence of an amplifying mechanism such as the hypothesized GCR-cloud link.We focus here on observed relationships between GCR and aerosol and cloud properties.

The Chapter 7 authors are admitting strong evidence ("many empirical relationships") for enhanced solar forcing (forcing beyond total solar irradiance, or TSI), even if they don't know what the mechanism is. This directly undercuts the main premise of the report, as stated in Chapter 8 (page 8-4, lines 54-57):

There is very high confidence that natural forcing is a small fraction of the anthropogenic forcing. In particular, over the past three decades (since 1980), robust evidence from satellite observations of the TSI and volcanic aerosols demonstrate a near-zero (0.04 W m2) change in the natural forcing compared to the anthropogenic AF increase of ~1.0 0.3 W m2.

The Chapter 8 authors (a different group than the Chapter 7 authors) are explicit here that their claim about natural forcing being small compared to anthropogenic forcing is based on an analysis in which the only solar forcing that is taken into account is TSI. This can be verified from the radiative forcing table on page 8-39 where the only solar variable included in the IPCC's computer models is seen to be "solar irradiance."

This analysis, where post-1980 warming gets attributed to the human release of CO2 on the grounds that it cannot be attributed to solar irradiance, cannot stand in the face of the Chapter 7 admission of substantial evidence for solar forcing beyond solar irradiance. Once the evidence for enhanced solar forcing is taken into account we can havenoconfidence that natural forcing is small compared to anthropogenic forcing.

The Chapter 8 premise that natural forcing is relatively small leads directly to the main conclusion of the entire report, stated in the first sentence of the Executive Summary (the very first sentence of the entire report): that advances since AR4 "further strengthen the basis for human activities being the primary driver in climate change" (p.1-2, lines 3-5). This headline conclusion is a direct descendant of the assumption that the only solar forcing is TSI, a claim that their own report no longer accepts.

The report still barely hints at the mountain of evidence for enhanced solar forcing, or the magnitude of the evidenced effect. Dozens of studies (section twohere) have found between a .4 and .7 degree of correlation between solar activity and various climate indices, suggesting that solar activity "explains" in the statistical sense something like half of all past temperature change, very little of which could be explained by the very slight variation in TSI. At least the Chapter 7 team is now being explicit about what this evidence means: thatsomemechanism of enhanced solar forcing must be at work.

My full submitted comments (which I will post later) elaborate several important points. For instance, note that the Chapter 8 premise (page 8-4, lines 54-57) assumes that it is thechangein the level of forcing since 1980, not the level of forcing, that would be causing warming. Solar activity was at historically high levels at least through the end of solar cycle 22 (1996), yet the IPCC is assuming that because this high level of solar forcing was roughly constant from 1950 until it fell off during solar cycle 23 it could not have caused post-1980 warming. In effect they are claiming that you can't heat a pot of water by turning the burner to maximum and leaving it there, that you have tokeepturning the flame up to get continued warming, an un-scientific absurdity that I have been writing about for several years (most recently in my post about Isaac Held's bogus2-box modelof ocean equilibration).

The admission of strong evidence for enhanced solar forcing changes everything. The climate alarmists can't continue to claim that warming was almost entirely due to human activity over a period when solar warming effects, now acknowledged to be important, were at a maximum. The final draft of AR5 WG1 is not scheduled to be released for another year but the public needs to knownowhow the main premises and conclusions of the IPCC story line have been undercut by the IPCC itself.

President Obama is already pushing acarbon taxpremised on the fear that CO2 is causing dangerous global warming. Last week his people were at the UN's climate meeting in Dohapretendingthat Hurricane Sandy was caused by human increments to CO2 as UN insiders assured the public that the next IPCC report will "scare the wits out of everyone" with its ramped-up predictions of human-caused global warming to come, but this is not where the evidence points, not if climate change is in any substantial measure driven by the sun, which has now gone quiet and is exerting what influence it has in the cooling direction.

The acknowledgement of strong evidence for enhanced solar forcing should upend the IPCC's entire agenda. The easiest way for the UN to handle this disruptive admission would be to remove it from their final draft, which is another reason to make the draft report public now. The devastating admission needs to be known so that the IPCC can't quietly take it back.

Will some press organization please host the leaked report?

Most of us have to worry about staying within cautiously written and cautiously applied terms-of-service agreements. That's why I created this new website. If it gets taken down nothing else gets taken with it. Media companies don't have this problem. They have their own servers and publishing things like the draft IPCC report is supposed to be their bailiwick.

If the press has First Amendment protection for the publication of leaked materials even when substantial national security interests are at stake (the Supreme Court precedent set in the Pentagon Papers case), then it can certainly republish a leaked draft of a climate science report where there isnopublic interest in secrecy. Theleakercould be at risk (the case against Pentagon leaker Daniel Ellsberg was thrown out for government misconduct, not because his activity was found to be protected) but the press is safe, and their services would be appreciated.

United Statestaxpayers have funded climate science to the tune of well over80 billion dollars, all channeled through the funding bureaucracy established by Vice President Albert "the end is nigh" Gore when he served as President Clinton's "climate czar." That Gore-built bureaucracy is still to this day striving to insure that not a penny of all those taxpayer billions ever goes to any researcher who is not committed to the premature conclusion that human contributions to atmospheric CO2 are causing dangerous global warming (despite the lack ofanystatistically significant warming for more than 15 years).

Acolytes of this bought "consensus" want to see what new propaganda their tax dollars have wrought and so do the skeptics. It's unanimous, and an already twice-vetted draft is sitting now in thousands of government offices around the world. Time to fork it over to the people.

Why The Weather Channel is Naming Winter Storms - weather.com

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Thu, 20 Dec 2012 09:32

During the upcoming 2012-13 winter season The Weather Channel will name noteworthy winter storms. Our goal is to better communicate the threat and the timing of the significant impacts that accompany these events. The fact is, a storm with a name is easier to follow, which will mean fewer surprises and more preparation.

Naming Winter StormsHurricanes and tropical storms have been given names since the 1940s. In the late 1800s, tropical systems near Australia were named as well. Weather systems, including winter storms, have been named in Europe since the 1950s. Important dividends have resulted from attaching names to these storms:

Naming a storm raises awareness.Attaching a name makes it much easier to follow a weather system's progress.A storm with a name takes on a personality all its own, which adds to awareness.In today's social media world, a name makes it much easier to reference in communication.A named storm is easier to remember and refer to in the future.(MORE:Check Out the New Storm Names for the 2012-2013 Season)

The question then begs to ask ''Why aren't winter storms named?'' In fact, in Europe the naming of weather systems has been going on for a long time. Here in the U.S., summer time storms including thunderstorms and tornadoes occur on such a small time and space scale that there would be little benefit and much confusion trying to attach names to them. However, winter weather is different. Winter storms occur on a time and space scale that is similar to tropical systems.

In fact, historically many major winter storms have been named during or after the event has occurred. Examples include ''The President's Day Storm'' and ''Snowmageddon.'' Yet, until now, there has been no organized naming system for these storms before they impact population centers.

''Naming winter storms will raise awareness, which will lead to more pro-active efforts to plan ahead, resulting in less impact on the public overall.''Tom Niziol

One of the reasons this may be true is that there is no national center, such as the National Hurricane Center, to coordinate and communicate information on a multi-state scale to cover such big events. The National Centers for Environmental Prediction's Hydrometeorological Prediction Center (HPC) does issue discussions and snowfall forecasts on a national scale but it does not fill the same role as the NHC in naming storms. Therefore, it would be a great benefit for a partner in the weather industry to take on the responsibility of developing a new concept.

This is where a world-class organization such as The Weather Channel will play a significant role. We have the meteorological ability, support and technology to provide the same level of reporting for winter storms that we have done for years with tropical weather systems.

In addition to providing information about significant winter storms by referring to them by name, the name itself will make communication and information sharing in the constantly expanding world of social media much easier. As an example, hash tagging a storm based on its name will provide a one-stop shop to exchange all of the latest information on the impending high-impact weather system.

(MORE: Jim Cantore's Famous "Thunder Snow" Video | Remembering Snowtober 2011)

There will be many differences from the ''tropical model'' for naming winter storms. Unlike tropical systems, winter weather takes place at latitudes under extreme energy and forcing from the atmosphere.

Often a weather system that is expected to strike a metropolitan area three days from now has not even completely formed in the atmosphere. Therefore, naming of winter storms will be limited to no more than three days before impact to ensure there is moderate to strong confidence the system will produce significant effects on a populated area. In addition, the impacts from winter systems are not as simple to quantify as tropical systems where a system is named once the winds exceed a certain threshold.

The process for naming a winter storm will reflect a more complete assessment of several variables that combine to produce disruptive impacts including snowfall, ice, wind and temperature. In addition, the time of day (rush hour vs. overnight) and the day of the week (weekday school and work travel vs. weekends) will be taken into consideration in the process the meteorological team will use to name storms.

This is an ambitious project. However, the benefits will be significant. Naming winter storms will raise the awareness of the public, which will lead to more pro-active efforts to plan ahead, resulting in less impact and inconvenience overall.

Coordination and information sharing should improve between government organizations as well as the media, leading to less ambiguity and confusion when assessing big storms that affect multiple states. It will even make it easier and more efficient for social media to communicate information regarding the storm resulting in a better informed public. And, on the occasion that different storms are affecting separate parts of the country, naming storms will allow for clearer communications.

Finally, it might even be fun and entertaining and that in itself should breed interest from our viewing public and our digital users. For all of these reasons, the time is right to introduce this concept for the winter season of 2012-13.

Excess winter mortality in England and Wales, 2010/11 (provisional) and 2009/10 (final)

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Wed, 19 Dec 2012 12:01

SummaryIn common with other countries, more people die in England and Wales in the winter than in the summer. This bulletin presents provisional figures of excess winter deaths (also referred to as excess winter mortality '' EWM) in England and Wales for the winter period 2010/11, and final figures for the winter period 2009/10. Historical trends from 1950/51 onwards are also presented for comparison.

Method for calculating excess winter mortalityExcess deathsThe ONS standard method defines the winter period as December to March, and compares the number of deaths that occurred in this winter period with the average number of deaths occurring in the preceding August to November and the following April to July:

EWM = winter deaths - average non-winter deaths

This produces the number of excess winter deaths, which is then rounded to the nearest 10 for final data and to the nearest 100 for provisional data.

Excess winter mortality indexThe EWM index is calculated so that comparisons can be made between sexes, age groups and regions, and is calculated as the number of excess winter deaths divided by the average non-winter deaths, expressed as a percentage:

EWM Index = (EWM / average non-winter deaths) x 100

The EWM index is presented with 95 per cent confidence intervals, which are calculated as:

EWM index 1.96 x (EWM Index / ' EWM)

More details about how EWM is calculated are available in Background note 2.

ResultsEWM in England and WalesIn England and Wales there were an estimated 25,700 more deaths in the four months of winter 2010/11 than in the non-winter period, which amounts to 17 per cent more deaths in winter compared with the non-winter period. This figure is very similar to the previous winter of 2009/10 when there were 25,810 excess winter deaths. However, the number of excess winter deaths in the two most recent winters were about 30 per cent lower than the level seen in 2008/09 when there were 36,450 excess winter deaths.

Figure 1. Excess winter deaths: by year and five-year central moving average, 1950/51''2010/11England and WalesSource: Office for National Statistics

Notes:EWM figures are based on deaths occurring in each period.Data include non-residents who died in England or Wales.Historical trends in EWM are presented in Figure 1 for deaths registered in England and Wales between 1950/51 and 2010/11. A five-year moving average is also presented to smooth out any short-term fluctuations. This shows that a sharp drop in EWM occurred between 1960/61 and 1973/74, with a more gradual decrease between 1973/74 and 1998/99. There were a relatively high number of deaths in the winters of 1998/99 and 1999/2000. Since then the downward trend seems to have levelled off, with an average of 26,700 excess winter deaths each year.

When monthly mortality data for 2010/11 were compared with the five-year average of deaths occurring between 2005/06 and 2009/10 in the relevant months (Figure 2), the number of deaths were about the same as, or lower than, average in every month apart from December 2010. Closer examination revealed that there was a period from 26 November 2010 to 8 January 2011 when deaths exceeded the five-year average by around 75 deaths per day. This increase in deaths coincided with a period of exceptionally cold weather and a rise in influenza-like illness (ILI '' measured using the Royal College of General Practitioners influenza-like illness consultation rate). Temperatures began to fall on 24 November and remained below zero on most days until 27 December (Met Office Hadley Centre Central England Temperature Data, 2011). Deaths peaked on 30 December and remained above average for more than a week after temperatures began to rise. This lag effect is well recognised in the literature (Donaldson and Keatinge, 1997).

The numbers of deaths by month, sex and age group for regions of England and Wales in 2010, are available to download from the ONS website (42.5 Kb Excel sheet) .

The mean temperature in December 2010 was nearly 5C lower than the five-year average, but temperatures in January to March 2011 were close to, or slightly above, average. This means that overall the winter of 2010/11 was not as cold as 2009/10, which was the coldest since 1995/96 (The Met Office, 2011). Figure 3 shows that despite the cold and snowy weather, the level of EWM in the previous two winters was similar to years with much milder temperatures.

The last influenza epidemic occurred in 1999/2000 and was associated with a high level of excess winter deaths. Figure 4 illustrates that ILI activity in the winter of 2010/11 was higher than in many recent winters, but did not reach epidemic levels. The spike in ILI activity associated with the H1N1 'Swine flu' pandemic in summer 2009 can clearly be seen on the graph as, unusually, it coincides with a period of relatively low mortality.

Given the cold weather experienced in 2010/11 and the relatively high levels of influenza-like illness, we might have expected the number of excess winter deaths to be higher. It is possible that the influenza vaccination program (Health Protection Agency, 2010a) may have reduced the impact of influenza on winter mortality. In addition, according to the English Housing Survey in 2009 a greater proportion of homes had cavity wall insulation and double-glazing compared with 1996, meaning homes are becoming more energy efficient. Also, a greater proportion of homes had modern central heating systems in 2009, compared with 2003 (Department for Communities and Local Government, 2011). These improvements to homes may have altered the relationship between the weather outdoors and winter mortality. It is clear that the relationship between influenza, temperature and EWM is complex.

EWM by sex and ageIn 2010/11 there were 11,200 excess winter deaths in males and 14,400 excess winter deaths in females. The majority of these deaths occurred among those aged 75 and over in both sexes, with females aged 85 and over having the greatest number of excess winter deaths. A higher proportion of the female population are aged 75 and over (9 per cent compared with 6 per cent of males in 2010), which may wholly, or partially, explain the higher number of excess winter deaths in women.

In 2010/11 EWM actually decreased significantly in those aged 75 and over, but increased significantly in males aged under 65 and females aged under 75. The number of excess winter deaths in males under 65 more than doubled from 1,030 in 2009/10 to 2,400 in 2010/11. In females, excess winter deaths increased by 40 per cent from 1,070 in 2009/10 to 1,500 in 2010/11. This pattern is consistent with that seen for influenza-like illness, which affected younger rather than elderly people, so it is likely that much of the increase in EWM in younger people was due to influenza (Health Protection Agency, 2011). Influenza A / H1N1 (2009) and influenza B were the predominant strains circulating last winter. The Health Protection Agency (2010b) suggest that older people may have been exposed to influenza A (H1N1) prior to 1957 and so, unlike younger people, they already had some immune protection against the disease. This is a possible explanation of the unusual pattern of deaths seen last winter.

Figure 5. Excess winter deaths: by sex and age group, 2008/09''2010/11England and WalesSource: Office for National Statistics

Notes:Figures are based on deaths occurring in each period.Data include non-residents who died in England or Wales.EWM by regionFigure 6 presents the EWM index and confidence limits for English regions and Wales for the last three winters. More detailed data showing the number of excess winter deaths and the excess winter mortality index (EWM index) by age and region of England, and Wales from 1991/92 to 2010/11 is available in Reference Table 2 (42 Kb Excel sheet) .

For England and Wales overall, excess winter mortality remained similar to the levels seen in the previous year, but this pattern varied between regions. Five areas showed an increase in EWM between 2009/10 and 2010/11, with the largest percentage point increase occurring in the North East (3.4 percentage points higher). However, this increase in 2010/11 followed very low levels of EWM in the North East in 2009/10. Moreover, EWM in the North East was similar to the England and Wales average in 2010/11. In contrast, five regions had a decrease in EWM between 2009/10 and 2010/11; the region with the largest percentage point decrease was the South West (2.7 percentage points lower).

Wales had the highest EWM index in 2010/11 and was significantly higher than the England and Wales average. Wales also had a large percentage point increase in EWM in 2010/11 (2.7 percentage points higher). Reference Table 2 (42 Kb Excel sheet) shows that this increase occurred in people aged under 75. Furthermore, under 65s in Wales had the highest EWM index of any age group in any region, whereas usually people aged 85 and over have the highest EWM.

Overall there were substantial year-on-year changes in the rank order of regions for EWM. For example, the North East had the lowest EWM index in the winters of 2008/09 and 2009/10, and the South East had the highest, but in 2010/11 these regions were ranked mid-table and had very similar EWM. Research examining EWM among the elderly found little evidence for any consistent variation by geographical region within the UK (Wilkinson et al, 2004).

Figure 6. Excess winter mortality for regions of England, and Wales, 2008/09''2010/11Source: Office for National Statistics

Notes:Figures are based on deaths occurring in each period.Figures for English regions and Wales include deaths of persons usually resident in each area, based on boundaries as of August 2011. Figures for England and Wales combined also include deaths of non-residents. Final EWM in 2009/10 by underlying cause of deathInformation presented earlier in this bulletin refers to provisional EWM figures for 2010/11; this section provides final 2009/10 EWM figures by underlying cause of death. Table 1 shows the number of excess winter deaths and the EWM index by age group for circulatory diseases, respiratory diseases, injury and poisoning and dementia and Alzheimer's disease, in England and Wales for the winters of 2007/08 to 2009/10.

For all of the causes examined, both the number of excess winter deaths and the EWM index decreased between 2008/09 and 2009/10. Circulatory diseases caused the most number of excess winter deaths compared with other causes in 2009/10, accounting for 37 per cent of all excess winter deaths. The number of excess winter deaths from circulatory diseases was about 23 per cent lower than in 2008/09, but about 10 per cent higher than in 2007/08. Table 1 also shows that excess winter mortality from circulatory diseases increases with age.

Respiratory diseases also caused a large number of excess winter deaths in 2009/10 (32 per cent of all excess winter deaths). Moreover, respiratory disease had the largest seasonal effect of all of the causes included in Table 1, as it had the highest EWM index for all of the winters analysed. In 2009/10, 43 per cent more people died from respiratory diseases in the winter compared with the non-winter period. This was similar to 2007/08, but significantly lower than 2008/09 when 74 per cent more people died from respiratory diseases in the winter compared with the non-winter period. The majority of excess winter deaths from respiratory diseases occur in the people aged 75 and over. However, the EWM index shows that a greater seasonal effect is sometimes shown in the youngest and oldest age groups.

Dementia and Alzheimer's disease was one of the leading causes of death in 2010 (ONS, 2011), and also displays marked seasonal effects. In 2009/10 there were 2,420 excess winter deaths from this cause, 22 per cent lower than in 2008/09, but 36 per cent higher than 2007/08. The number of excess winter deaths from dementia and Alzheimer's disease were much higher in people aged 75 and over, but the greatest seasonal effect was seen in people aged 65 to 74. The reasons for the seasonal pattern in deaths from dementia and Alzheimer's disease are not clear. However, it may be related to the greater vulnerability of people with these conditions to respiratory diseases, difficulties with self-care, and falls, all of which may be more important in winter months.

Injury and poisoning deaths include accidental falls, which can be affected by wintry conditions '' for example, icy pavements. However, external causes usually only account for a small proportion of all excess winter deaths. Despite the snowy weather in winter 2009/10 the overall number of excess winter deaths from injury and poisoning fell slightly compared with 2008/09. However, in the oldest age group (85 and over) excess winter mortality from injury and poisoning did increase in 2009/10 compared with 2008/09.

A more detailed version of Table 1 (46 Kb Excel sheet) broken down by sex and age group is available to download from the ONS website.

Table 1. Excess winter mortality by age group and underlying cause of death, 2007/08 to 2009/10England and Wales2007/08 2008/09 2009/10 EWMEWM IndexEWMEWM IndexEWMEWM IndexCirculatory0''6477012.884014.662010.8diseases65''741,07013.91,30017.91,17016.7(ICD-1075''842,90016.14,33026.13,15020.0I00''I99)85+4,01018.86,00028.84,67022.5All ages8,74016.512,47024.79,61019.5Respiratory0''6472045.91,13074.347028.3diseases65''7497035.51,52055.986031.4(ICD-1075''842,49036.74,26067.32,54041.9J00''J99)85+4,17046.57,11083.34,29050.0All ages8,36041.614,02073.48,16042.9Dementia &0''64108.55071.63041.8Alzheimer's65''7412038.918056.214042.8disease75''8442020.787044.369034.3(ICD-1085+1,22028.41,99046.91,57033.9F01, F03, G30)All ages1,78026.33,09046.82,42034.5Injury &0''64200.8-30-1.0-10-0.5poisoning65''745011.28021.65011.3(ICD-1075''8413015.123030.616021.5V01''Y89, 85+23019.232027.834029.6U50.9)All ages4208.060011.953010.6All causes0''642,3708.52,95010.92,1007.865''742,93011.33,96015.62,62010.375''847,45014.911,38024.07,83016.985+11,94021.718,16033.613,26024.3 All ages24,69015.636,45023.725,81016.8Table source: Office for National StatisticsTable notes:Underlying cause of death is defined using the International Classification of Diseases, Tenth Revision (ICD 10). From January 2011 ONS have used an updated version of ICD 10, which will affect the assignment of underlying cause of death for deaths registered after this date. A small number of deaths that occurred in 2010 will have been registered in 2011, so will have been coded using the updated version of ICD 10. More details about the impact of this change are available on the ONS website: www.ons.gov.uk/ons/rel/subnational-health3/results-of-the-icd-10-v2010-bridge-coding-study--england-and-wales--2009/2009/statistical-bulletin--results-of-the-bridge-coding-study.pdf Figures are based on deaths occurring in each period.Figures for England and Wales include deaths of non-residents.Causes of excess winter mortalityA study by Healy (2003) showed that EWM varied widely within Europe, with England and Wales both having slightly higher than average EWM. Finland, a country with very cold winters, had the lowest EWM, and Portugal, a country with milder winters, had the highest EWM.

Research suggests that EWM may be higher in countries with a warmer winter climate because people there tend to take fewer precautions against the cold. These countries tend to have homes with poorer thermal efficiency (for example, fewer homes have cavity wall insulation and double glazing), which makes it harder to keep homes warm during the winter (Healy, 2003). It has been shown that low indoor temperature is associated with higher EWM from cardiovascular disease in England (Wilkinson et al., 2001). The Eurowinter group (1997) reported that compared with people living in countries with cold winters, those from warmer countries were less likely to wear warm protective clothing in cold weather.

Although EWM is associated with low temperatures, conditions directly relating to cold, such as hypothermia, are not the main cause of excess winter mortality. The majority of additional winter deaths are caused by cerebrovascular diseases, ischaemic heart disease and respiratory diseases (The Eurowinter group, 1997 and ONS, 2010). Although cancer causes more than a quarter of all deaths annually, previous research (Johnson and Griffiths, 2003) found that there was no clear seasonal pattern for these deaths.

The cold can have various physiological effects, which may lead to death in vulnerable people. Woodhouse et al (1993) found that colder home temperature was associated with increased blood pressure in older people. The Eurowinter group (1997) noted that cold causes haemoconcentration, which leads to thrombosis, and that cold can also lower the immune system's resistance to respiratory infections. Additionally, the level of influenza circulating in the population increases in winter and in vulnerable groups, such as the elderly or those with pre-existing health problems, influenza can lead to life-threatening complications, such as bronchitis or secondary bacterial pneumonia (Health Protection Agency, 2010a).

Previous research has shown that although mortality does increase as it gets colder, temperature only explains a small amount of the variance in winter mortality, and high levels of excess winter mortality can occur during relatively mild winters (Brown et al, 2010). Curwen and Devis (1988) showed that both temperature and levels of influenza were important predictors of excess winter mortality. Thus, the relationship between temperature, influenza and winter mortality is complex.

Policy contextThere are a number of policies aimed at tackling excess winter mortality, such as winter fuel payments (Directgov, 2011), and the seasonal flu vaccination programme (NHS Choices, 2011). Nevertheless, in his 2009 annual report the Chief Medical Officer noted that although excess winter deaths have declined over the last 50 years, the number is still too high (Donaldson, 2010). He argued that many of these deaths are preventable and that more needs to be done to protect vulnerable people during cold winter months.

This prompted the Government to develop the Cold Weather Plan for England, which was launched on 1 November 2011 (Department of Health, 2011). The plan aims to minimise the health impact of severe winter weather, thus reducing the number of excess winter deaths. It uses a system of cold weather alerts, so that when severe winter weather is forecast (or occurring) health and social care services are prompted to take action. For example, they should contact people identified to be at risk and ensure that rooms are adequately heated and that people are receiving all the benefits and services to which they are entitled. The plan also aims to raise public awareness of the potential harm caused by severe winter weather, and contains advice about the measures individuals can take to protect themselves.

The Government has also announced that it will be establishing the 'Warm Homes, Healthy People' fund for winter 2011/12. This will make money available to local authorities and charities to help them reduce illness and death caused by living in cold homes.

VIDEO: Deep freeze sweeps through Ukraine

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Source: BBC News - Europe

Wed, 19 Dec 2012 11:14

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Gitmo Nation

National Strategy for Information Sharing and Safeguarding | The White House

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Thu, 20 Dec 2012 12:49

The White House

Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release

December 19, 2012

Below is a link to the President's plan for how the Federal Government will responsibly share and safeguard information that enhances national security and protects the safety of the American people. You can read the plan ''National Strategy for Information Sharing and Safeguarding'' here: http://www.whitehouse.gov/sites/default/files/docs/2012sharingstrategy_1.pdf National security depends on our ability to share the right information, with the right people, at the right time. Anchored on the 2010 National Security Strategy, the NSISS provides guidance for more effective integration and implementation of policies, processes, standards, and technologies that promote secure and responsible national security information sharing.

Customs Reauthorization Bill on Agenda - General News - News | Kent & O'Connor

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Tue, 18 Dec 2012 23:02

Customs Reauthorization Bill on Agenda Reproduced with permission from InternationalTrade Reporter, 29 ITR 147 (Jan. 26, 2012). Copyright 2012 by The Bureau of National Affairs, Inc. (800-372-1033) http://www.bna.com

Customs Reauthorization Bill on Agenda, but CBP Enters 2012 With Acting Chief

A customs reauthorization bill remains on the agenda of both the House Ways and Means and Senate Finance committees for 2012 but such a measure could once again get sidelined by a crowded legislative agenda.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection, meanwhile, has a new leader at its helm, with recess appointee Alan Bersin stepping down as CBP commissioner Dec. 30 after the Senate failed to confirm his nomination. Bersin had moved the agency toward greater emphasis on trade facilitation and modernization and worked to usher in closer ties with the trade community.

Congress failed to take any action in 2011 on a customs reauthorization measure to reform and modernize U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) processes. No such measure was introduced last year although both committees were working on the issue.

Draft legislation is being reviewed in the House Ways and Means Committee with the goal of taking a less heavy-handed approach toward trade and security, a House aide told Bloomberg BNA. Work, which continues on a bipartisan basis, is trying to better integrate trade with security, reinforcing initiatives implemented by Bersin, the aide said.

On the Senate side, customs reform has been a long-standing priority of Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (D-Mont.) A Senate GOP aide told Bloomberg BNA that Republicans want to get a customs bill out as soon as possible. The Senate Finance Committee is close to the final draft of its bill, according to a source. The committee's bill will improve trade enforcement and facilitation, a Finance Committee aide told Bloomberg BNA.

The House Ways and Means and Senate Finance committees are expected to have their drafts of the customs reauthorization legislation out around the same time, Jon Kent, a partner at Kent & O'Connor and Washington representative for the National Customs Brokers and Forwarders Association of America (NCBFAA), told Bloomberg BNA. He predicted a ''fair'' chance that such a measure could be passed in 2012.

''I don't think it's terrifically controversial '... it's one of those housekeeping functions that the committees of jurisdiction are supposed to do,'' he said. ''If they can't do anything else [on trade] they may be looking to move customs reauthorization.''

American Association of Exporters and Importers (AAEI) President Marianne Rowden said in a phone interview with Bloomberg BNA that if the customs bill is not introduced in the first quarter of 2012 it could fall victim to a crowded and abbreviated legislative session.

''Anything beyond that [time frame], there's no way they're going to have that bill through,'' she remarked. ''The calendar is against us if it doesn't get introduced in the first quarter.''

Rowden said that she expected the House bill to be broader than the bill the Finance Committee is developing and will provide a framework for CBP trade operations going forward, including on account management.

Aguilar Won't Step Back

Bersin's successor'--David V. Aguilar, CBP acting commissioner'--has signaled that CBP would not step back from Bersin's trade facilitation efforts.

''I think it is an understatement to say that innovative efforts have been undertaken over the last couple of years,'' Aguilar told a small group of reporters. ''We are setting a path forward to ensure that we do not step back in any way. The foundation has been set, now we continue to build on it.''

Aguilar had previously served as CBP deputy commissioner and was the nation's highest ranking Border Patrol agent.

Continuing to find the balance between expediting legitimate trade and ensuring that the global supply chain is at its highest level of security is ''critically important,'' he said. In recent years, CBP has moved in lockstep with the trade community to identify problems and arrive at solutions, Aguilar said.

Aguilar told reporters that consistency and modernization will be very important to CBP's efforts in 2012. In addition to continuing work on simplified entry procedures, CBP will move forward with decommissioning the aging Automated Commercial System (ACS) and moving to the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) in 2012, he said. ACE is the new import and export processing system that CBP has been working on and deploying in stages.

''One thing has to be clear'--we are the regulators,'' Aguilar told reporters. ''But at the same time we have a responsibility to build toward efficiencies, toward identifying means to drive costs down to the industry and trade community.''

As part of the effort to facilitate low-risk trade and ensure consistent enforcement, CBP opened the Center of Excellence and Expertise'--Electronics in Los Angeles and the Center of Excellence and Expertise'--Pharmaceuticals in New York last October. CBP is expected to establish additional centers for excellence and expertise in 2012. According to CBP, the centers will continue efforts to increase consistency of practices across ports, facilitate the timely resolution of trade compliance issues, and improve agency knowledge on key industry practices.

Expansion Eyed for C-TPAT

Another area that Aguilar flagged as ''critically important'' was building on CBP's trusted partner programs'--such as the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT), which Aguilar said CBP wanted to expand into an ''all threats'' program.

Under C-TPAT, participants agree to heightened security measures for their supply chains in exchange for benefits from CBP, such as expedited clearance. C-TPAT is a voluntary government-industry partnership to guard the security of the global supply chain as part of CBP's response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks against the United States.

One of the issues CBP will explore going forward is taking C-TPAT beyond its roots as a security-specific program. While the program historically has been focused on security aspects, CBP is looking at making it all encompassing for all threats'--everything from security, intellectual property, counterfeit goods, narcotics, weapons, and money smuggling, Aguilar said. ''How quickly? As quickly as we can,'' he said.

C-TPAT is foundational to the security of the supply chain, Aguilar remarked. ''Is it an all-threats program? The answer should be yes. '... How do we work with the trade community to make it an all-threats program?'' Aguilar asked.

The acting commissioner said that CBP was looking at working with the Commercial Operations of Customs and Border Protection Advisory Committee (COAC) to ensure that information flows are protected in every way they should be protected. ''We're looking to co-create this [with the trade community],'' he remarked.

CBP will also be very heavily focused on trade enforcement moving forward, Aguilar told reporters.

CBP plans to take all of the ''pillars'' put in place over the last several years and build on that foundation, Aguilar said. With the foundation having been set, outreach to the private sector is absolutely critical in deciding on how to build on that foundation, he remarked.

NCBFAA's Kent welcomed Aguilar's commitment to continue Bersin's stepped up outreach to the private sector.

NCBFAA and CBP have achieved consensus on most of the revisions CBP is considering on the role of the broker, Kent said, speculating that this could be an area for CBP rulemaking in 2012.

Rowden said that an another possible area of proposed rulemaking would deal with certain data elements for carriers when non-vessel operating common carriers are involved. This is more in the nature of a clarification, she said.

The government's global supply chain policy could be released in January, Rowden speculated.

C-TPAT for Exporters?

CBP is also exploring opening the C-TPAT trusted shipper program to exporters'--a change that could be made in 2012. C-TPAT members include importers, brokers, carriers, and certain foreign manufacturers, but not exporters. CBP is expected to rollout a C-TPAT pilot program for exporters in 2012.

In 2012, C-TPAT will continue to work with its industry partners on the program, a CBP official told Bloomberg BNA on background. C-TPAT will continue to engage with other government agencies to examine and qualify like processes in agency programs to reduce redundancies and further cooperation, the official said.

MRA With EU This Year

No major policy changes will take effect by the time a mutual recognition arrangement with the European Union is signed in March of this year. Both parties agree that this is a reciprocal understanding and that benefits will be afforded to members of both programs, the CBP official said.

C-TPAT is engaged with the following countries with the objective of signing mutual recognition arrangements with each of them: Singapore, Taiwan, and Switzerland. The best possible candidate at this point for a mutual recognition arrangement in the Americas is Colombia, which has had an operational program since September 2011. A pre-mutual recognition pilot program is being conducted with Colombian Customs, the official told Bloomberg BNA.

AAEI is also closely watching ACE development going forward, Rowden said. With the nation in a period of fiscal austerity, Rowden expressed concern that appropriators might balk on appropriate funding for the project.

ACE will facilitate collection and distribution of standard electronic import and export data required by all federal agencies participating in the International Trade Data System.

On ACE, Aguilar told reporters that it was no secret that budgets are tight in 2012. Cindy Allen, executive director of the ACE business office, CBP Office of International Trade, will look at the ACE processes that may need to be adjusted or improved upon and the processes that will be developed as ACE moves to new functionality, he said.

According to Aguilar, one of the issues is ''how do we find efficiencies with what we have today'--recognizing that ACS has to be sunsetted'--but how do we do more of that as quickly as possible to redirect more [resources] toward ACE development?''

A CBP official told Bloomberg BNA on background that full implementation of ACE e-manifest for rail and sea (MI) is planned for March 2012. MI provides a consolidated view of rail and sea shipment manifest and entry data at the bill of lading or container level to facilitate the identification of shipments that may pose a risk and expedite the pre-arrival processing of legitimate cargo.

An ocean carrier and a rail carrier are currently participating in an M1 pilot program. Additional trade participants will be added on a regular basis beginning in mid-January 2012. The M1 functionality is currently being used at 17 CBP ports, the official said.

Testing on simplified entry'--an initiative to streamline the release of cargo and to reduce the number of duplicative data elements required to obtain release of products for cargo, eliminating the current entry (CBP Form 3461)'--is slated to begin in late January 2012. The initial pilot is scheduled for March 2012, the CBP official said.

The Environmental Protection Agency and National Marine Fisheries Services have volunteered to join in the CBP pilot test of the Document Image System (DIS) in 2012. DIS allows trade members to electronically supply documentation needed during the cargo release process to CBP and other federal agencies, the CBP official said.

Rowden predicted that 2012 could be the year that CBP, the trade community, and the other government agencies dealing with imports come to some sort of understanding or partnership. She said that CBP was not a problem for many companies but that they encountered difficulties with the Food and Drug Administration, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Department of Agriculture, among other agencies responsible for imports.

Retrospective Duty Collection

With respect to CBP's shortfall in collecting antidumping and countervailing duties, Rowden said that said that the problem was the retrospective system of duty collection. The Commercial Operations of Customs and Border Protection Advisory Committee (COAC) will take a close look at that issue in 2012 and come up with recommendations for the commissioner, she said. However, change is not anticipated in 2012, as any change would require legislation, she said. At its last meeting, COAC backed a recommendation for a prospective system to assess and collect antidumping and countervailing duties. -- by Rosella Brevetti

CBP has also launched pilot programs to test the feasibility for advance electronic data for air cargo shipments'--an area CBP is likely to devote continued attention to in 2012.

While Bersin no longer heads CBP, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano announced recently that President Obama appointed Bersin to the newly created position of DHS assistant secretary of international affairs and chief diplomatic officer. In that role, Bersin will oversee the strategic development and execution of DHS's international plans and policies and will forge new partnerships with foreign governments and international organizations.


Caltech wizards develop terahertz-radiating chips, eye homeland security and 'touchless gaming' applications

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Mon, 17 Dec 2012 17:38

A duo of electrical engineers (or mad scientists, if you prefer) at the California Institute of Technology have developed chips that could very well end up in the next James Bond movie. Or, you know, real life. The newfangled chips are capable of generating and radiating "high-frequency electromagnetic waves, called terahertz (THz) waves, that fall into a largely untapped region of the electromagnetic spectrum." They can penetrate a host of materials without the ionizing damage of X-rays, and apparently, can be integrated into small, handheld devices. The university is already dreaming of potential applications -- everything from homeland security to wireless communications to health care, and even touchless gaming. In theory, this kind of work would eventually lead to noninvasive cancer diagnosis as well. The technobabble can be seen in full at the source link.


VIDEO-BBC News - Greek football sponsors: The brothel and the undertaker

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Mon, 17 Dec 2012 22:33

16 December 2012Last updated at20:23 ETBy Mark LowenBBC News, LarissaPlease turn on JavaScript. Media requires JavaScript to play.

Their goalkeeping is competent, their teamwork solid but it is not their skills that make Voukefalas FC stand out on the pitch, it is their shirts - bright pink and emblazoned with the words "Villa Erotica".

In tough times, who else to turn to but the local brothel? For this amateur club in the central Greek city of Larissa, it was the last option available to save them from bankruptcy.

The team's coach, Yiannis Batziolas says there is nothing to be ashamed of, and that the game is full of far shadier sponsors.

"When you see that, in professional football, betting companies and alcohol are advertised, I think that's far more immoral," he says.

"In Greece, it's not peculiar to visit a sex house. I think most young people have been to these places because it is a human need.

Continue reading the main story''Start QuoteWhy shouldn't a poor football team come to me to help make ends meet?''

End QuoteSoula AlevridouBrothel madam"And I'm proud of the woman who owns this brothel, proud that she helps our dreams of playing football come true."

The woman in question is Madam Soula Alevridou who sits in the stands, proudly watching the team show off their tackling skills.

Petite, with cropped grey hair and dressed in a jacket and tie, she has built a reputation in the city as a wealthy businesswoman.

Telling myself there is a first time for everything, I pay a visit to her brothel on the outskirts of Larissa.

Inside the ordinary-looking building, the rooms are bathed in red light, with gold gilded mirrors on the scarlet walls. The decoration is suitably kitsch with purple velvet thrones and multi-coloured crystal lamps. The suite is even equipped with a jacuzzi and minibar.

In Alevridou's apartment within the Villa Erotica complex, I ask her how she came to support the team.

"It's because I love Greece and I like helping young people," she says.

"The authorities here don't give money for sports, for education or anything. So why shouldn't a poor football team come to me to help make ends meet?"

Her attempts at philanthropy have not always been accepted.

Recently she sent money to a school in the western Greek city of Patras to fund a much-needed photocopier but the cheque was returned.

"I just want Greece to move forward in these difficult times," she says.

"We all have to stand behind our country. This is a legal brothel and I want to help. Why can't I do it?"

Continue reading the main story''Start QuoteThe cross makes our opponents fear us''

End QuoteHaris BakogiannisPalaiopyrgos midfielderNot everybody in Larissa sees it that way.

The local football union has lodged a formal protest, insisting that selling sex should be kept out of sport. It has ruled that for matches, the team must wear darker shirts, although they can still bear the brothel logo.

"It's not acceptable to promote prostitution," says the head of the union, Marios Spiratos.

"We know it's a part of life but we think it's not the right thing for young amateur athletes. Some of the players are under 18 years old."

In the next-door city of Trikala, the football authorities also have some concerns about the new patron.

The amateur team there sport black, not pink, and the logo is a cross - it is a funeral parlour that has given a new lease of life to Palaiopyrgos FC.

Continue reading the main story''Start QuoteI hope the help from my business will save them from relegation''

End QuoteChristos PanagiotouUndertakerBecause of objections from the local authorities, the large purple cross must be covered with masking tape for matches, although it frequently peels off and nobody complains.

"I like the outfit," says midfielder Haris Bakogiannis.

"The cross makes our opponents fear us - and nobody has ever worn something like it, so we're famous now."

The funeral business is a tiny little shop in the centre of the city, piled high with artificial flowers and Orthodox Christian icons.

The young undertaker, Christos Panagiotou, says the idea of sponsorship came up over late-night drinks with friends from the team.

"At first the players thought it was a joke, but now they've got used to it," he says.

So does the cross give them extra luck?

"So far, unfortunately not," he says.

"I hope the help from my business will save them from relegation. But it's sad that teams have to turn to us to support them - that we are going through this tragic situation in our country."

At an amateur and national level, Greek sport is indeed in dire straits. With funding slashed and barely any investment, athletes face a bleak future.

Just eight years ago, Greece hosted the Olympics and the national team were crowned the football champions of Europe.

Now facilities are falling into disrepair and teams are resorting to desperate measures to survive.

But at least in this region, two clubs have been spared, thanks to their unconventional new backers.

In this unusual story, perhaps both sides win. Local football is given a much-needed boost, while a little more custom is drummed up for the undertaker, and for the madam.

Bonn Bomb Triggers Calls for Greater Use of CCTV Surveillance in Germany - SPIEGEL ONLINE

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Mon, 17 Dec 2012 18:39

Germany's former capital narrowly escaped a deadly bombing last week when a device placed on a train station platform failed to detonate. The authorities suspect radical Islamists, but they are having trouble finding the perpetrators due to a lack of recorded surveillance images. The case has reignited calls for greater use of CCTV in Germany.

The first surveillance camera at the main train station in Bonn records visitors in the entrance hall. It's on the right-hand side, above the information desk, and it seems to be capable of monitoring everything that goes on. Just a few steps outside the entrance hall, a circular camera covers Platform 1. In total, there are seven cameras installed at this train station, and they are all connected to Deutsche Bahn's main office for service, safety and station cleanliness in Cologne. The employees there monitor everything that happens in the station and on the platforms live, and they can even move the cameras in Bonn using a joystick. It's as if Big Brother were always keeping an eye on things in Germany's former capital.

But one thing the cameras didn't capture was the person who placed a blue gym bag containing a bomb on Platform 1 last Monday, and at what time this occurred. At that moment, the electronic eye was pointing at the emergency call box. But even if it had captured the crucial images, they wouldn't have helped investigators.

That's because the images taken by the security cameras in Bonn are not stored in memory. As a result, there are no images of the platform that could help authorities reconstruct the near-catastrophe and identify the culprits. Nevertheless, the Federal Prosecutor's Office, which took over the investigation on Friday, suspects Islamist involvement.

The failed attack in Bonn is fueling a dispute that has been smoldering for years between security officials and the management of the German national railway company, Deutsche Bahn. Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich, a member of the conservative Christian Social Union (CSU), has now waded into the controversy, saying the bomb discovery in Bonn, together with the recent brutal killing of a young man on Alexanderplatz square in Berlin, "show that we need efficient video surveillance and video recording in public areas and train stations."

The German Federal Police, who are responsible for security in trains and stations, want to use far more electronic eyes, and they cite Britain as a model to follow. Extensive recorded video surveillance tapes enabled authorities there to identify the perpetrators in the July 2005 London bus and subway bombings within six days. In 2006, it took German authorities using video surveillance images taken at the Cologne train station three weeks to track down two would-be bombers.

Images Are Only Recorded at Major Stations -- Not Bonn

Deutsche Bahn and the federal police blame each other for the fact that nothing was recorded at Bonn station. The police claim that Deutsche Bahn didn't want to pay for additional cameras and comprehensive surveillance. Deutsche Bahn argues that it is the federal police who decide which images have to be recorded.

Interior Ministry officials in Berlin have no patience for the bickering between the two organizations. "Violent criminals could be deterred and crimes and planned attacks cleared up with increased and improved video technology in public spaces," says Friedrich, noting that there is a "need for action" at train stations. Deutsche Bahn and the federal police should "move forward quickly with the necessary modernization of video technology," he adds.

In truth, both sides are responsible for the fact that there are no images available from Bonn. Deutsche Bahn and the federal police agreed only to connect the cameras to recording devices at major train stations. The consensus was that the Bonn station is not a major station, as if Islamist terrorists only attacked major cities. Ironically, the radical Islamist community in Bonn, a mid-sized city, is considered especially militant.

Nevertheless, the attempted bombing did not come as a surprise to the security services. For months, it seemed as if they were expecting a terrorist attack by Islamists. Al-Qaida and other Islamist groups are believed to have changed their tactics in Germany following a series of failed attacks in recent years.

New Focus on Lone Wolf Attacks

In video appeals, they call upon supporters to commit autonomous, decentralized acts. The messages state that anyone who feels committed to jihad should strike wherever he can, irrespective of instructions coming from terrorist centers in countries like Pakistan, Yemen and Mali.

Arid U., who shot and killed two American soldiers at Frankfurt airport in March 2011, was one of these satellite terrorists, who took action even though he had no connection with like-minded individuals. It seemed obvious that others would try to imitate him.

In addition, there are combatants in Germany who have joined Islamist organizations in Pakistan, North Africa and Somalia. Law enforcement officials are monitoring more than a dozen Islamists in these groups, who they believe are capable of committing attacks in Germany.

There are some indications that people who were either acting independently or had contacts in North Africa were behind the bomb in Bonn. The trail leads to the Salafist community. Investigators believe that Somali-born Omar D. is a key figure, and he is currently the top suspect. His attorney denies that D. has any connection to the attempted attack.

Police officers arrested D. at a call shop on Klnstrasse in Bonn at 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday. According to their report, a witness had "recognized him and stated that he was "very likely the person who left the bag at the Bonn train station," the investigators' report reads. Two young people had told the authorities that a dark-skinned man had pushed the bag containing the bomb in front of their feet.

Suspect Released Due to Lack of Evidence

When they searched Omar D.'s apartment, the police wrote in their report, they found "a large number of SIM cards, as well as amphetamines and a significant amount of cash." D. was born in Mogadishu and grew up in Bonn. The authorities classified him as a threat after he was prevented from leaving the country for Uganda in September 2008. His friend Abdirazak B., who had tried to leave with D. at the time, is believed to be active with the Al-Shabab militia in Somalia today.

The evidence was insufficient and the eyewitness accounts deemed too unreliable to issue an arrest warrant against D. for the Bonn bomb. However, a few clues lead to people associated with D. One of them is a German Islamist who is currently active in Somalia, and who announced, in late November, that it was time something happened in Europe again.

From Somalia, Abdirazak B. still maintains close ties to fellow Islamists in Bonn. The Federal Prosecutor's Office sees the pieces of the puzzle as "reliable evidence," and that D. "has connections in radical Islamist circles." In addition to Omar D., investigators have at least two other suspects on their radar, including the man who carried the bag intermittently and was filmed doing so.

The only surveillance images that could help the police in the hunt for the Bonn perpetrators come from the McDonald's fast food chain. Unlike Deutsche Bahn, the McDonald's restaurant on Platform 1 did record activity with its surveillance cameras. The videos show a light-skinned, bearded unknown person wearing a cap, a beige jacket and dark trousers. He entered the fast-food restaurant on Monday at 12:49 p.m., carrying the blue gym bag in which the bomb was later found. He looked to his left, walked toward the counter, turned around, looked in the same direction again and left the room.

The nine seconds of film have helped the police fill a gap in their knowledge of the course of events. According to the McDonald's tape, at 1:03 p.m. a young man told a Deutsche Bahn employee at the information booth about the bag. Soon afterwards, two boys who had been sitting on a bench on Platform 1 called officials with the federal police to report the bag, saying that they had seen wires inside.

The authorities focused their investigation on the radical Islamist community from the start. At the beginning of the week, they were already observing a dozen individuals in the Cologne metropolitan area. They had their sights set on a Jordanian who had been sentenced to several years in prison, and had been a follower of Al-Qaida terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. Meanwhile, investigators were examining surveillance photos of Salafist activists associated with the banned group Millatu Ibrahim in the nearby city of Solingen.

The notion that the would-be attack was politically motivated is supported by the belief that the bomb on Platform 1 could have been built, at least partially, using plans posted on the Internet by Al-Qaida. It contained an alarm clock, butane gas cartridges for camping equipment, batteries, a filament and a tube of ammonium nitrate.

Bonn escaped a disaster due to the dilettantism of the bomb builder, according to the reconstruction of the scene by investigators with the State Office of Criminal Investigation in the western state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Gunshot residue indicates that the fuse had already been activated before a bomb squad tackled the bomb with a water jet. The bomb did not ignite, apparently because the electricity coming from the batteries was too weak. Because of another design flaw, if the ignition had worked, there would have been no detonation, just a potentially deadly explosive flame.

Shut Up Slave!

TSA Wants to Know if Airport Body Scanners Are Nuking You | Threat Level | Wired.com

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Thu, 20 Dec 2012 09:42

The Transportation Security Administration is deciding to determine, once and for all, whether the so-called ''nude'' body scanners being deployed at airports nationwide are nuking passengers at unacceptable radiation levels.

The TSA is commissioning the National Academy of Sciences '-- a private non-profit filled with engineer and science scholars '-- to set the record straight. The academy's mission is to review three other body-scanner studies '-- which have come under fire from the scientific community '-- and to also study passenger screening and manufacturing procedures ''to estimate radiation exposure resulting from backscatter X-ray advanced imaging technology.''

A small community of scientists have raised health alarms over a type of ''advanced imaging technology'' scanner installed at U.S. airports. Already controversial on privacy grounds, the AIT scanners emit radiation to allow airport screeners to see through a passenger's clothing to check for concealed explosives and weapons.

The move to satisfy the public and even congressional concerns that the machines are safe comes after millions of passengers have gone through the machines, and a whopping five years after TSA began deploying them.

The development also comes a year after a federal appeals court said the TSA breached federal law in 2009 when it formally adopted the airport scanners as the ''primary'' method of screening. The judges said the TSA violated the Administrative Procedures Act for failing to have a 90-day public comment period, and ordered the agency to undertake one.

That notice-and-comment period is expected to begin in the coming spring. The academy's involvement is likely to head off, at least temporarily, allegations that the government has not adequately addressed health concerns.

The TSA is not commissioning further privacy or efficacy studies. Last year, Threat Level published a three-part series on whether the machines were effective, constitutional and safe.

At issue are the so-called backscatter-technology body scanners produced by Rapiscan Systems, which expose travelers to a small X-ray dose. A competing scanner deployed at airports '-- those deploying millimeter-wave technology produced by L-3 Communications '' do not expose travelers to X-rays.

The TSA and Rapiscan say the machines are safe and expose passengers to a minuscule amount of radiation. But in a 2010 letter to the White House, academics argued the government did not adequately study the backscatter X-ray devices. They also noted the failure of the Centers for Disease Control to recognize the risks of blood transfusions at the outset of the AIDS epidemic.

The TSA has ordered about 500 of the Rapiscan devices at about $180,000 each.

The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, which analyzed the Rapiscan 1000 at the company's Los Angeles office, has published the leading and most often-cited study (.pdf). The 49-page report, released in a redacted form, concludes that the machines leak virtually no radiation to TSA staff and nearby passengers, and expose the traveler being scanned to only a fraction of the maximum exposure level deemed medically safe.

The Food and Drug Administration and the Army Public Health Command came to similar conclusions.

To be sure, the scientific debate has played out in the statistical hinterlands. Many critics of the technology agree that the increased cancer risk to any individual traveler is infinitesimal. But U.S. airports handle 700 million passengers annually '-- a large enough number that a small uptick in overall cancer risk can scale to a real-life concern.

If the scientist critics are right, it boils down to the cold calculus of whether more lives are saved by the marginal increase in security than are put to risk by the marginal dangers of the technology.

Follow the Pipes

Kenya Spends $25 Billion on Bond-Backed Port for Oil: Freight - Businessweek

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Thu, 20 Dec 2012 09:29

Kenya, East Africa's largest economy, is moving to spend $25 billion on a second port, a crude pipeline and roads that will open up export routes in a region luring investors with oil and gas discoveries.

The Kenyan government has agreed with oil-rich South Sudan to build a 2,000-kilometer (1,243-mile) pipeline to the northern Kenyan coastal town of Lamu. Early-stage construction began in March to clear the way for a deepwater port that will serve Kenya's underdeveloped north, South Sudan, Ethiopia and Uganda.

The planned northern corridor may provide South Sudan with an alternative route for its oil exports, other than via Sudan, after a dispute earlier this year over oil-transit fees brought the neighboring states to the brink of war. The two nations together hold 6.7 billion barrels of crude reserves, the third- largest in sub-Saharan Africa after Nigeria and Angola.

''This a massive project, equivalent to about two-thirds of Kenya's annual gross domestic product,'' said Mark Bohlund, a sub-Saharan Africa economist with IHS Global Insight who in July attended a conference on Lamu in London. It ''could boost growth in the entire region because the overdependence on the Mombasa port has held it back.'' Lower transport costs and faster goods movement could help both agriculture and industry, he said.

Kenya's $34 billion economy, which earns most of its foreign exchange from tea and tourism, is forecast to withstand the global slowdown and expand 5 percent this year and next, from 4.4 percent in 2011, according to the World Bank. Abundant rains this year have boosted agriculture, an industry that generates a quarter of Kenya's output, and curbed inflation to 6.1 percent in August from a 20 percent peak in November. Kenya is the world's largest exporter of black tea.

Infrastructure BondsThe Kenyan government last month opened a tender for the design and construction of the first three berths at Lamu, to be financed by the annual sale of 13 billion shillings ($154.4 million) of infrastructure bonds over five years.

Kenya sold 37.2 billion shillings of 12-year infrastructure bonds between September 2011 and February, the most recent auctions of the debt, at an average yield of 16.64 percent, according to the central bank. That compares with a rate of 12.959 percent for 8.13 billion shillings of 30-year savings development bonds sold in February 2011.

''Right now our interest rates are extremely attractive in a global context to bring investors in,'' Aly-Khan Satchu, chief executive officer of Nairobi-based investment company Rich Management Ltd., said by phone.

Projected DemandThe bulk, container and general cargo docks are scheduled to be built by 2016, expanding to 32 berths capable of handling 24 million tons of cargo a year by 2030. That would meet 40 percent of projected local demand by shippers, according to a 2011 report by the 19-nation Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa.

Private operators will eventually be hired to run the Lamu harbor, Peter Oremo, a project manager at Kenya Ports Authority, said in a phone interview. Plans to expand the congested Mombasa port, which handles shipments for businesses in Kenya and other East African nations, aren't keeping pace with increasing trade demand, while the port's maximum depths and narrow layout restrict the size of the vessels that can safely enter, he said.

The planned pipeline has drawn interest from companies including Toyota Tsusho Corp. (8015), a unit of Japan's Toyota Motor Corp., which has bid $5 billion to build it, according to the Standard, a Nairobi-based newspaper. State-owned China National Petroleum Corp., one of three companies that pump most of South Sudan's oil, may also participate, the newspaper said.

Toyota East Africa Ltd. Chairman Dennis Awori wasn't available for comment when Bloomberg contacted his office. Li Zhanbin, a spokesman for CNPC in Beijing, didn't answer his mobile phone when called yesterday for comment.

Production HaltSouth Sudan, which kept three-quarters of the former unified country's crude output of 490,000 barrels per day after seceding from Sudan last year, relies on oil for almost all of its government revenue. It halted crude production in January because of the dispute with Sudan over transit fees. While the country is preparing to resume production after reaching a provisional agreement last month over the payments, the friction has injected new impetus into discussions to build the pipeline.

South Sudan has also raised the possibility of building a pipeline via neighboring Ethiopia and Djibouti. Feasibility studies are being conducted on both proposals over the next six months, South Sudan Oil Minister Stephen Dhieu Dau told reporters on Aug. 30, without saying who will fund construction. The goal is for a new pipeline to be operational by 2015.

Tourist AttacksWith virtually no industry or infrastructure in place across Kenya's north, investors may be reluctant to put their wealth in a territory better known for ethnic conflict and kidnappings. The Lamu archipelago, a tourist destination near the border of war-torn Somalia, was the site of an attack last year that left one British tourist shot dead and his wife taken hostage. Kenya blamed al-Shabaab, al-Qaeda's affiliate in Somalia, and its army began an incursion into the warn-torn Horn of African nation.

''There are definitely risks with these projects,'' said Bohlund. ''And it's probably one of the reasons why Kenya intervened in Somalia.''

Environmentalists and coastal residents have also raised concerns that the project may harm the environment in an area that boasts the Swahili settlement known as Lamu Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Lamu project is part of a wider plan, known as the Lamu Port-Southern Sudan-Ethiopia Transport corridor, to furnish northern Kenya with roads, airports and a refinery in Isiolo, and help spur economic growth of at least 10 percent by 2030.

'New Frontier'''We are moving to a new frontier of the world and these types of investment opportunities of this scale are fast- dwindling,'' Silvester Kasuku, an adviser in the prime minister's office overseeing the project, said in an interview.

Kenya's government is in talks with funders, including Export-Import Bank of China, for a $1 billion loan to lay highways and rails to South Sudan and Ethiopia, where infrastructure development is bolstering economic growth, Kasuku said.

The transit route may also provide farmers in southern Ethiopia who grow crops including coffee and corn with access to international markets and lead to further investment in Kenya's Turkana region, the site of the country's first oil find. It was announced by London-based Tullow Oil Plc (TLW) in March.

That discovery, along with the expected start of crude production in Uganda later this year, and natural gas finds off the coast of Tanzania and Mozambique, has boosted competition among oil and gas companies for a greater role in exploring.

''Uganda will need more imports with its oil discovery, South Sudan and Ethiopia are landlocked and are developing,'' said the Kenya Ports Authority's Oremo. ''We have to be able to serve these growing markets in the hinterland.''

To contact the reporter on this story: Sarah McGregor in Nairobi at smcgregor5@bloomberg.net.

To contact the editor responsible for this story: Nasreen Seria at nseria@bloomberg.net.

Map Room: Hidden Waters | World Policy Institute

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Wed, 19 Dec 2012 15:31


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From the Winter Issue "Africa's Moment"

By Adam Scholl

Across Africa, deep beneath a host of varied terrains, vast groundwater reserves lie almost untouched. These aquifers are some 410,000 cubic miles thick and contain 100 times the freshwater that exists on the continent's surface. As Africa's population expands, these aquifers could prove critical in increasing food production, reducing poverty, and adapting to climate change.

Last April, scientists published the first comprehensive map of African groundwater reserves in the journal Environmental Research Letters. In the image above, World Policy Journal shows these water resources alongside historic drought conditions in an effort to define the enormous scope of this vital resource. Much of the groundwater lies beneath the Sahel belt, one of the most drought-prone stretches on the planet. Since water scarcity in the Sahel will remain a problem, tapping these hidden freshwater reserves could become a priority.

Some countries have successfully exploited these gigantic fossil reserves in the past. In 1984, Libya's surface freshwater was becoming contaminated with saltwater, so Muammar Gaddafi ordered construction of a $25 billion ''Great Man-Made River'' project to extract water from beneath the Sahara and bring it to cities near the sea. Some estimates suggest that despite its price tag, this method was still one-tenth the cost of the alternative'--desalinating water from the Mediterranean. Though the ''river'' works for now, large government subsidies are still the only way most Libyan farmers can afford water to irrigate their crops. And contrary to Gaddafi's claim that the aquifer would last 4,625 years, independent research has indicated that it will run dry in just 60 to 100.

Many specialists say drilling fossil reserves should only be a last resort. They are costly to tap, and once they are gone, they are gone forever. Still, last-ditch options like the Libyan strategy could appeal to countries suffering from droughts when there is an abundance of clean freshwater beneath their feet.

Alan MacDonald, a hydrogeologist at the British Geological Survey and the lead author of the groundwater study, argues that it is more important to tap smaller, shallower reserves. The Saharan fossil reserves are far underground, making their water expensive to extract and deliver. Furthermore, unlike their shallow cousins that refill with rainfall, these deep aquifers are not renewable'--they have not recharged in 5,000 years.

The shallow aquifers outside the Sahara, on the other hand, are relatively abundant and easy to access. Though they do not have enough water to support large cities or the type of extensive irrigation systems used in regions like the American Midwest, the map displays countless places where extraction is possible for drinking water or small-scale irrigation. Since groundwater does not fluctuate much with rainfall, aquifers of any depth can be a lifesaving asset'--especially as climate change increases the likelihood of drought.



Adam Scholl is an Editorial Assistant at World Policy Journal.

Ministry of Truth

Qatar-Based Firm To Produce $1 Billion Movie Series To Defend The ''Prophet'' Mohammed From Western ''Insults'''...

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Source: Weasel Zippers

Thu, 20 Dec 2012 05:17

Will debut at number one in Berkeley, everywhere else, not so much.

DOHA '' Following repeated insults by Western media on Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him), a Qatari-base company is planning a movie series about the life of the Muslims' spiritual leader.

''The team of experts has finished writing the scenario after overcoming numerous artistic and dramatic challenges,'' chairman of Alnoor Holding Ahmed Al-Hashemi said in a statement cited by Agence France-Presse (AFP).

The seven-part series will have a budget of $1 billion.

It will be produced in English and will be translated into several different languages ''to correct the wrong image Western societies have of Islam,'' the company said.

A host of prominent Muslim scholars are helping in producing the film, including Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, the president of the International Union for Muslim Scholars (IUMS).

''We are aware of the fact that this (film) is a difficult and a challenging task,'' the company said in September.

''This is why we have consulted many famous Islamic scholars, among them Dr Al-Qaradawi, who will guide us on the Shari`ah aspect of the film.''

The movie follows repeated insults of the prophet by western media.

In September, massive protests swept the Muslim world over a US-made film insulting Prophet Muhammad.

Twitter and Nielsen pair up to publish new "social TV" ratings

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Source: Reuters: Technology News

Mon, 17 Dec 2012 23:55

A Twitter page is displayed on an Apple iPhone in Los Angeles October 13, 2009.

Credit: Reuters/Mario Anzuoni REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

By Gerry Shih

SAN FRANCISCO | Mon Dec 17, 2012 6:42pm EST

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Nielsen Holdings NV, the television viewership measurement company, said on Monday it will partner with Twitter to publish a new set of ratings that measure chatter on Twitter about TV programming.

The new measurement, dubbed the "Nielsen Twitter TV Rating," seeks to tap into the stream of viewer commentary and armchair musings generated on "second screens" - the smartphones and tablets perched on Twitter users' laps while they watch, say, Monday Night Football or the latest episode of "Homeland" on their TVs.

The new ratings, to be launched next fall, arrive at a moment when media and advertising industry executives say they are observing a shift in TV viewing habits that include the rise of "second screen" use.

But significant questions remain for advertisers over how best to interpret the data and whether a Twitter ratings system is meaningful at all.

In September, Nielsen ratings showed that TV viewership for Viacom Inc's MTV Video Music Awards, which coincided with the Democratic National Convention, plummeted by more than 50 percent from a year ago. Yet social media chatter tripled, according to the research firm Trendrr.

Brad Adgate, an analyst at Horizon Media, said advertisers will view the Twitter ratings as a useful layer of information about a show's popularity, but it is "not going to be close to the currency" of existing ratings metrics.

"It lets producers and creative directors know if the storyline is working, like a huge focus group," Adgate said. "But I don't think you can translate comments to ratings for a show. Right now I think the bark right now is bigger than its bite."

The new ratings will measure the number of people discussing a show on Twitter, as well as those who are exposed to the chatter, to provide the "precise size of the audience and effect of social TV to TV programming," Nielsen said.

"As the experience of TV viewing continues to evolve, our TV partners have consistently asked for one common benchmark from which to measure the engagement of their programming," Chloe Sladden, Twitter's vice president of media, said in a post on the company blog on Monday. "This new metric is intended to answer that request, and to act as a complement and companion to the Nielsen TV rating."

Mark Burnett, executive producer of NBC's hit "The Voice," argued that advertisers should value programs that can attract a high level of social media engagement from viewers. Deeply embedded social media elements, such as live Twitter polls, were critical in driving "The Voice" to the top of the Tuesday night ratings among viewers between 18 to 49, Burnett said.

"If you're an advertiser, wouldn't you want to know whether people are watching this show passively or if they're actively engaged in the viewing experience?" Burnett said. "Five years from now this will make traditional television ratings seem archaic."

For Twitter, the partnership with a recognized measurement company like Nielsen emphatically punctuates a year-long effort by its media division to bring second-screen usage into the mainstream.

Twitter's convergence with television has been on display during sporting and major news events, which have provided some of the biggest viewership moments for both broadcasters and the social media company.

During the Summer Olympics in London, Twitter set up a page for the event that displayed photos from inside an event venue or athletes' tweets to complement what was being broadcast on NBC. Advertisers like Procter & Gamble Co, for instance, which advertised heavily during the Games, tried to bridge the two mediums by airing an ad on TV, then sending out a tweet soliciting viewer feedback about the ad.

As news organizations tallied votes on election night in the United States on November 6, worldwide Twitter chatter hit a peak of more than 327,000 per minute, the company said this month.

(Reporting By Gerry Shih; Editing by Steve Orlofsky and Diane Craft)

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Ben Affleck Doesn't Deny Reports He's Thinking Of Running For Kerry's Senate Seat'...

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Source: Weasel Zippers

Wed, 19 Dec 2012 23:00

Don't they usually laugh these things off when there's nothing to the story? I'm scared.

Via Politico:

Actor Ben Affleck refused to comment on reports that he's being touted as a possible senatorial candidate in Massachusetts.

In Washington to raise awareness about the violence plaguing Congo, Affleck was also scheduled to meet Wednesday with other lawmakers including Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.), who is widely believed to be replacing Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, opening a special election for a Senate seat in Massachusetts.

''That's not what I'm here to talk about,'' Affleck told POLITICO. ''I'm here to talk about what role we can place in making the Eastern Congo a better place.''

Earlier this week, reports surfaced that he was being touted as a possible candidate for Senate in Massachusetts. Affleck campaigned for Sen.-elect Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) when she beat freshman Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) in November. There is also speculation that Brown would be interested in running again.


Porter: Transat Holidays returns vacationers to Haiti after 23 years - thestar.com

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Tue, 18 Dec 2012 15:06

Michaelle JeanFRED CHARTRAND/CANADIAN PRESS FILE PHOTOMichaelle Jean, then Canada's Governor General, overlooking the city of Port-au-Prince in May of 2006. Jean and her family are vacationing in Haiti this Christmas.

I have been to Haiti 13 times and have never once met a tourist there.

I have met Haitian-Canadians and Haitian-Americans returning to their former home to reconnect with family, entrepreneurs and planeloads of aid workers in matching T-shirts, usually on a Christian mission to rebuild a church or orphanage . . . but not one single flip-flop-attired tourist.

The earthquake had something to do with that, of course. And the cholera outbreak that followed. And what pointy-heads call the ''political instability'' '-- shooting and tire burning protests in the streets.

When people picture Haiti, they do not typically conjure a sandy beach beneath coconut trees, although I visited one of these last September and can tell you, it was breathtaking.

Before the earthquake, there were other tourist bogeymen '-- the United Nations tanks, two coups, a line of eager voters being mowed down by military gunmen. And before that, there was AIDS.

The cruise ships that bravely continued to pull into the country's northern ports told their languid sunbathers they were visiting ''Hispanola'' '-- the name of the island Haiti shares with the Dominican Republic '-- for fear of triggering strokes on board.

All this might be changing though.

Last week, Transat Holidays announced, for the first time in 23 years, it will offer week-long holiday packages from Montreal to Haiti starting January. Tourists will spend two nights in upscale hotels in Port-au-Prince before being whisked to the coast for some of that beach I mentioned. They will visit the new iron market, a rum factory, a wonderful look-out over the city and none of the earthquake carnage, Transat's spokesperson Debbie Cabana told me.

''We want to show people Haiti as a tourist destination,'' she said.

They are offering only 30 spots on the plane a month. (Others can join from Port-au-Prince for the beach portion.) But it's part of a growing trend.

Earlier this month, a new swanky 128-room hotel, with a $1,300-per-night presidential suite, opened in the upscale Port-au-Prince suburb of Petionville. Before that, the international airport's $4 million reconstruction was finally completed, with baggage carousels and passport control booths not made out of plywood!

Haiti's Tourism Minister told the Caribbean Journal a tourist information stand will go up there too.

Oh, what joy that will bring me.

A quick anecdote: Two of my bosses decided to come with me to Haiti two years ago. I wanted, of course, to make sure everything went smoothly. Renting a car in Haiti after the earthquake was impossible '-- the big aid groups had cornered the market. So I booked a driver to pick us up at the airport. His car broke down ten minutes after our departure.

At the time, you could not call a taxi in Port-au-Prince. You simply had to spot one, picking out the telltale red sash hanging from the rear-view mirror inside the cab.

I flagged down a United Nations car driven by an African soldier who flagged down a Haitian cop who flagged down a limping van with no gas in its tank. We lurched through three closed gas stations before rolling to our hotel. The wise driver charged us a fortune which we gladly paid in our relief.

The hotel was one of the few undamaged by the earthquake. But it felt more like a backpackers' dive than a high-end holiday destination, with ants on the beds, groaning bathroom pipes and an old piano missing most of its ivory keys.

The night before we were due to return home, I stopped at the front desk to order an airport car. The concierge asked to use my cell phone. The phone on the desk beside him clearly didn't work. After making some calls, he instructed me to come back in an hour.

When I dutifully returned, he announced: ''We don't offer cabs to the airport.'' I begged a ride from a kind friend.

All of this makes for a great story and a lousy vacation. My point: It will take much work to build back Haiti's tourism industry.

I spoke to Michalle Jean yesterday, Canada's former Governor General, now UNESCO's special envoy to Haiti.

She told me the Haitian Tourism Ministry's plan is a thing of beauty, with training for hotel workers, expanded regional airports and reconstructed historic sites around the country.

She's so taken with the idea she's spending Christmas in Haiti with her family. She booked the flights herself, hired a driver and rental car '-- there are some now! '-- and booked hotels in three places, including a southern beach, where they'll spend a week.

''The service is good, the water falls are majestic, the caves are beautiful,'' she said breathlessly.

She promised to report back after her trip.

I hope her optimism is well-founded. If some of the 4.3 million tourists who visited the other side of Hispanola last year decide to venture across the border, many Haitian jobs will be created.

Almost three years after the terrible earthquake, that's what most Haitians say they need the most.

Catherine Porter's column usually appears on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. She can be reached at cporter@thestar.ca

Fiscal Cliff

Obama Has Proposed A Tax Rate Threshold Of $400k - Business Insider

The Associated Press is reporting that President Barack Obama has made a new budget offer to House Speaker, including a significant shift from a previous sticking point in their negotiations to avert the so-called fiscal cliff.

Obama's latest counteroffer raises the threshold for tax increases up to incomes above $400,000. That's an increase from previous demands dating all the way back to the presidential campaign, in which Obama had called for taxes on incomes above $250,000 to return to Clinton-era rates.


Federal Reserve System - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

36 UBS Bankers To Be Implicated In Liborgate, Criminal Charges To Be Filed

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Tue, 18 Dec 2012 00:25

As the fallout of Liborgate escalates, the next big bank to be impacted in the fallout started by Barclays civil settlement "revelation" is set to be troubled UBS, already some 10,000 bankers lighter, where as many as three dozen bankers are reported by the implicated in the fixing of the rate that until 2009 was the most important for hundreds of trillions in variable rate fixed income products. Only instead of attacking the US or even European jurisdiction, where the next big settlement is set to hit is Japan: a country whose regulators as recently as half a year ago promised there were no major issues with Libor, or Tibor as it is locally known, rate fixings. And while this most recent development will have little material impact on UBS' ongoing business model, the one difference from previous settlements is that it will likely include criminal charges lobbed against some of the 36 bankers.

From the FT: "UBS is close to finalising a deal with UK, US and Swiss authorities in which the bank will pay close to $1.5bn and its Japanese securities subsidiary will plead guilty to a US criminal offence. Terms of the guilty plea were still being negotiated, one person familiar with the matter said on Monday, adding that the bank will not lose its ability to conduct business in Japan. The pact between the bank and the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission, US Department of Justice, UK's Financial Services Authority and UBS's main Swiss supervisor Finma is expected to be announced on Wednesday, although last minute negotiations continue."


Not all of the three dozen individuals will face criminal or civil charges and the level of alleged misconduct varies among them. While it also is not clear how many bankers will be criminally charged, people familiar with the investigation said the settlement documents will document an intercontinental scheme to manipulate the Yen-Libor interest rate over several years involving desks from Tokyo to London.

The UK FSA has also notified at least five individuals linked to UBS that they are being personally investigated in connection with Libor. The watchdog has the power to impose fines and ban people from working in London's financial services industry.

Criminal and regulatory investigations of individuals often take significantly longer than cases against institutions. The global settlement reached with Barclays over the summer did not include any charges against individuals, but several bankers are under criminal investigation, according to people familiar with the matter.

To a big extent, the reason why so many banks have given up on Libor and are now eager to settle comparable allegations, is because in a world in which not banks are primary counterparties to other banks, but central banks onboard all the counterparty risk, especially in Europe, Libor is now an anachronism - an unsecured lending rate remnant from another time, a time when there was risk a bank may fail without dragging its host central bank. That time is now gone, and as a result the only relevant metric now is how effectively can banks flush to the gills with excess reserves courtesy of various central banks, use said capital to generate a return on (central bank) capital, and a high enough ROE to keep shareholders happy.

Which is why even as banks are settling Libor allegations left and right, and even willing to throw some low-level traders under the bus because just like Fabulous Fab Tourre, nobody else had any idea of the criminal rate manipulation that was going on, and certainly not the corner office, what banks are really doing is learning from the master of trading - that would be none other than Steve Cohen - and experimenting with becoming the best hedge fund out there. Because in the new zero NIM normal, where money can not be made by traditional lending verticals, the only option left is to outsmart the competition.

And with retail investors leaving the marketplace in droves, the only ones left to be outsmarted are other banks. In other words, the cannibalization phase is almost upon us. Which means that just like the Knight Capital "fat finger" led to the collapse of one of the biggest market makers, so more and more banks will soon set their sights on their peers (think Bear and Lehman circa 2008), in an attempt to turbocharge their returns in a field in which there are simply too many competitors for everyone to make the needed returns.

Of course, if in the meantime some lowly attorney general can score some brownie points by amputating a division that is no longer needed, and throwing some janitors in minimum security prison for 12-24 months, so much the better for their political career. Sadly, nobody at the top, certainly nobody at HSBC or any of the other big banks, will ever see true justice, at least not until they too suffer the fate of Dick Fuld and suddenly find themselves as the main dish at the ever shrinking predators' ball.

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Drone Nation

'Did We Just Kill A Kid?' '-- The Six Words That Ended A US Drone Pilot's Career

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Source: Yal's linkblog feed

Mon, 17 Dec 2012 23:25

The New Mexico desert gets blistering hot, but inside the small windowless container where Brandon Bryant worked as a drone operator for the U.S. Air Force it stays a cool 63 degrees all year long.Nicola Ab(C) at der Spiegel spoke with Bryant, no longer in the Air Force, who relays a disturbing and tragic scene from his time inside that isolated container in the American desert.

Sixty-three finger numbing degrees and Bryant describes sitting with a group of other pilots looking at more than a dozen computer monitors. The crew are directing drones over Afghanistan 6,250 miles away and the screens jump with a two to five second delay, as infrared video sent from the UAVs whips through the air to New Mexico.

When the order to fire on a target arrives, Bryant paints the roof of a hut with the laser that will guide in a Hellfire missile fired by the pilot beside him.

"These moments are like in slow motion," he says to Ab(C).

No doubt, because on this occasion Bryant says a child walked from behind the building at the last second. Too late for him to do anything else but ask the other pilot, "Did we just kill a kid?"

From der Spiegel:

"Yeah, I guess that was a kid," the pilot replied.

"Was that a kid?" they wrote into a chat window on the monitor.

Then, someone they didn't know answered, someone sitting in a military command center somewhere in the world who had observed their attack. "No. That was a dog," the person wrote.

They reviewed the scene on video. A dog on two legs?

The article follows another widely publicized story from the Marine Times about children killed by Americans on Afghan soil published just weeks ago. While obviously a tragedy for the victims and their families, Bryant describes the incredible toll taken on U.S. troops required to obey orders producing such dire results.

From his mother's couch in Missoula, Montana Bryant talks of his 6,000 Air Force flight hours and says he used to dream in infrared. "I saw men, women and children die during that time," he says. "I never thought I would kill that many people. In fact, I thought I couldn't kill anyone at all."

The three part article digs deeply into the life of a troubled former servicemember and the war-fighting policies that don't look to be changing anytime soon.

Read it in full here.

SEE ALSO: Why China's new MIRV ballistic missile is a very big deal

Now learn about Israel's Defense System:

&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;div&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;gt;Please enable Javascript to watch this video&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;/div&amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;gt;


Bill Gates baffled by TV Tokyo show's rumor of world control via vaccination

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Source: WT news feed

Tue, 18 Dec 2012 22:58

Microsoft Corp. founder Bill Gates expressed annoyance over a Japanese TV program that spread rumors he was "conspiring to control the world population" through his efforts to promote vaccinations.

Microsoft Japan Co. asked TV Tokyo Corp. for a meeting to explain the thinking behind the Nov. 2 installment of "Yarisugi Toshi Densetsu Special 2012 Aki," saying the company was deeply shocked by the misleading content.

The variety show discusses details about unfounded rumors and urban legends.

On the Nov. 2 show, the emcee entertainer spent about 12 minutes floating such theories as "Bill Gates has devised a ghastly program on humanity" and "Rumors say he is attempting to use vaccines to control the world population."

Gates told The Asahi Shimbun he is doing the exact opposite.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation said it has sponsored programs to vaccinate 330 million children across the world against polio, pneumonia and other diseases, an effort that has saved 5.5 million lives.

Gates said that dispelling such misinformation about vaccinations would help to save the lives of millions of children. He said he wants TV viewers to understand the real situation.

TV Tokyo in December told Microsoft Japan that it would remove the questionable parts from rebroadcasts and DVD releases, Microsoft Japan officials said.

"Our approach of having entertainers use their storytelling art to present urban legends has gained a certain level of currency among our viewers," a TV Tokyo representative said. "We will draw on the latest feedback for our future work."

However, some viewers apparently believed the rumors about Gates presented on the show.

Many Twitter users and bloggers posted messages that called on people to refuse vaccinations against uterine cervical cancer on the erroneous grounds that the shots would cause sterility.

Medical workers criticized those posters for obstructing efforts to prevent cancer.

"The variety show crossed the line," said Hiroshi Yamamoto, a science fiction writer well-versed in conspiracy theories.

The Science is IN: chicken pox outbreak in Indiana - over 96% were VACCINATED!

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Source: Dr. Jones reports

Tue, 18 Dec 2012 14:56

Health Impact News

Vigo County of Indiana is currently experiencing the country's largest outbreak of Chicken Pox, with 92 cases so far. Out of these 92 cases, only 3 were never vaccinated. That means this may be the nation's first case of a serious Chicken Pox outbreak among children who were actually vaccinated for Chicken Pox. The Indiana Coalition for Vaccination Choice reports on their Facebook page:

Placed another call to the Indiana State Department of Health. Was able to reach the epidemiologist working the chicken pox outbreak. There are a total of 92 cases so far. Only 3 were never vaccinated. 10 had received one vaccine and 79 were fully vaccinated. They are seeing fewer lesions in the fully vaccinated. Zero deaths. Possibly one hospitalization but not sure off the top of their head. Zero complications from chicken pox. We were told that only one chicken pox vaccine was supposed to provide lifelong immunity but this did not turn out to be the case. A booster was added and yet we are seeing a very high rate of fully vaccinated children contracting chicken pox. We asked if another booster will be mandated and told possibly. We asked about vaccine failures and were told this is not vaccine failure because the severity of lesions in the fully vaccinated was less than if never vaccinated and that no vaccine is 100% effective. We were told that if vaccines save one life they are worth it. We asked how many children died from chicken pox before the vaccine. This epidemiologist was unsure.

Vaccine Epidemicby Louise Kuo Habakus and Mary Holland J.D.

FREE Shipping Available!

More Info


At the EU Children of Peace Prize ceremony - the President's Videos

VIDEO-GMA Doubles Down on Gun Control Advocacy | MRCTV

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Thu, 20 Dec 2012 12:53

MRC TV is an online platform for people to share and view videos, articles and opinions on topics that are important to them -- from news to political issues and rip-roaring humor.

MRC TV is brought to you by the Media Research Center, a 501(c) 3 nonprofit research and education organization. The MRC is located at: 325 South Patrick Street, Alexandria, VA 22314. For information about the MRC, please visit www.MRC.org.

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VIDEO-ISRAEL did Sandy Hook, Newtown CT School Shooting Massacres says Michael Harris - YouTube

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Thu, 20 Dec 2012 09:52

VIDEO-Connecticut Police Spokesman Newtown Will Prosecute Independant Journalist Whistleblowers - YouTube

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Mon, 17 Dec 2012 22:59

VIDEO-Expert: Asperger's Syndrome Unfairly Scapegoated For School Massacre CBS New York

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Mon, 17 Dec 2012 22:23

Newtown School Shooter Adam Lanza (credit: CBS 2)

EDISON, N.J. (CBSNewYork/AP) '-- The head of a New Jersey non-profit vehemently disputed the notion that Asperger's syndrome drove Sandy Hook Elementary School shooter Adam Lanza to commit Friday's massacre.

''I don't think that whatever caused him to do this had anything at all to do with Asperger's,'' Lori Shery, the president of the Asperger Syndrome Education Network, told 1010 WINS' Steve Sandberg.

1010 WINS' Steve Sandberg Reports

Those who knew Lanza described him as a bright, but painfully awkward young man. Some even said he had Asperger's syndrome.

''Whether or not that's true, it has no bearing on the heinous crime that he committed,'' Shery said.

Shery believes the condition is being unfairly scapegoated and that those who have Asperger's are typically passive and never driven to violence.

''People who are on the autism spectrum need understanding and acceptance, they don't need to be ostracized and they certainly don't need to be blamed,'' she said. ''We don't see violence in individuals with Asperger's syndrome.''

Kim Stagliano is the managing editor of Age Of Autism, a daily newsletter about autism spectrum disorders.

''I think until we see proof that he was formally diagnosed by a professional with Asperger's, the conversation can really only be harmful to families who have children and adults who are anywhere on the spectrum right now,'' Stagliano told WCBS 880 on Monday.

Stagliano wrote on her website Monday, reacting to a person described as a family friend of the Lanzas telling CBS News' ''60 Minutes'' that Nancy Lanza said her son had Asperger's.

''It may have been a way for a mother to explain something that's very difficult to explain and she didn't realize she would end up in this position where we would be having a conversation about his formal diagnosis. Diagnoses of any condition are personal and private and here we are talking about it,'' Stagliano told WCBS 880.

LISTEN: Age Of Autism Managing Editor Kim Stagliano Weighs In

Stagliano has three daughters with autism but said she is an advocate for all autism spectrum disorders.

''I don't want people to hear Asperger's and think mass murderer,'' she said. ''If anything, people with Asperger's tend to adhere to rules, adhere to laws. They prefer order so this anarchy that Adam Lanza created is anathema to what typically would be an Asperger's diagnosis.''

She said she would be interested to see what medications Lanza may have been taking so medical professionals could try to determine if they played any role in triggering the rampage.

''We really do need to look at the medications. Pharmaceuticals tend to be left out of the equation and I think they may be a very big part of it,'' she added.

Much is still unknown about what drove Lanza, who killed 26 children and adults at the elementary school Friday morning, to commit the second-deadliest school shooting in U.S. history.

Lanza took college classes when he was only 16, a spokesman for Western Connecticut State University said Monday.

Paul Steinmetz, spokesman for the Danbury school, confirmed that Adam Lanza earned a 3.26 grade point average while a student there. He dropped out of a German language class and withdrew from a computer science class, but earned an A in a computer class, A-minus in American history and B in macroeconomics.

He participated when called on by the teacher in his evening course on introductory German, according to Dot Stasny, who was one of about a dozen other students in the class in the spring of 2009. She said she and a classmate once invited him out to a bar but he declined, saying he was only 17.

''We attributed him being quiet to him being so much younger than the rest of us,'' said Stasny, 30. ''I assumed he was this super smart kid who was just doing extra course work.''

Stasny said she saw him later when he came in as a customer at a video game store where she was working. She said she shared a laugh with him about how difficult the German class was. She told him she failed one of the exams, and he mentioned he got a D.

''I just remember him as a nice, quiet kid,'' she said.

Gretchen Olson, who shared an introductory German class at Western Connecticut with Lanza, said Monday she also believed he was quiet because he was so young ''in a class of 20-year-olds.''

''We never really knew much about him,'' she said. ''We said hi to him from time to time. He smiled sometimes.''

Lanza was among a small group of 16-year-olds among the school's 5,000 undergraduates, Steinmetz said.

Police are also working to better understand the Lanza family dynamics.

His parents, Nancy and Peter, divorced in 2009. They had joint custody of Adam, but he remained with his mother.

Share your thoughts in the comments section below'...

(TM and Copyright 2012 CBS Radio Inc. and its relevant subsidiaries. CBS RADIO and EYE Logo TM and Copyright 2012 CBS Broadcasting Inc. Used under license. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. The Associated Press contributed to this report.)

Reports Of Child Sex Abuse At US Military Day Care Center

Top US Security Officials Resign After Report On Benghazi Attack In Libya

Ninth Healthcare Worker Working On Polio Vaccination Campaign Killed In Pakistan

"Why Did We Spend US Tax Dollars To Open The Door For Al Qaeda In Libya?" Dennis Kucinich

Warning About Fake Facebook Pages Claiming To Be Victims Of Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting

Man Gets 10 Year Prison Sentence For Hacking Celebrity Emails And Posting Naked Pictures Of Them

More Movie Openings & TV Shows Canceled In Wake Of Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting

"You're An Unbelievably STUPID Man Aren't You!" Piers Morgan To Pro-Gun Guest

Judge Rules Military Officials Can Be Sued For Violations Of First Amendment Rights & Illegal Spying

Piers Morgan: America's Gun Problem Has 'Nothing to Do With The Second Amendment' | MRCTV

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Wed, 19 Dec 2012 22:59

CNN's Piers Morgan ranted against "military-style assault weapons" used in the Aurora and Newtown shootings.

"And so you have to deal with the primary problem that America faces, which is guns. Guns. Guns. Guns. And it's nothing to do with the Second Amendment right to defend yourself, and everything to do with military-style weapons that could slaughter," an emotional Morgan insisted.

"One Of The Things They Know Is He Was Playing Violent Video Games" Profile Of Gunman Adam Lanza

In The 1950s It Was Comic Books Making Our Children Turn Violent Now It's Video Games

VIDEO-Pelosi Rails Against ''Assault Magazines'' On MSNBC'... | Weasel Zippers

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Wed, 19 Dec 2012 09:46

Assault magazines? '-- Could she be any more clueless?

''How does something like this happen? Because a person with impaired judgment had access to firepower that should be outlawed. There is no reason why these assault magazines '' and that's what they are. We've got to call them what they are.''

Via Mediaite

Maddow Explains How To Make Your Own Assault Rifle At Home


Pensioners protest in Spain. (Euronews video)

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Source: WT news feed

Tue, 18 Dec 2012 22:42

With 50 percent youth unemployment in Spain these days we are used to seeing the younger generation protesting on the streets.

But this time it is pensioners.

Worn out by waves of austerity measures, news that their pensions would not be increased in line with inflation was the final straw.

''The Spanish government has broken their electoral committment and the promises they made to the citizens,'' said Ignacio Fernandez Toxo of the CCOO union.

''This is not about whether the government is to blame, he says. It is about the suffering this is imposing on the Spanish people.'' added Candido Mendez, leader of the UGT.

The centre-right government of Mariano Rajoy is committed to reducing the public deficit by 150 million euros between 2012 and 2014.

The protesting pensioners are the latest social group to show their anger, following in the wake of doctors, teachers and court officials.

More about:Austerity, Economic crisis, Protest, SpainCopyright (C) 2012 euronews

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